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Fastrack Layout Designs 

Fastrack Layout Designs for Christmastime Oaks

Straight Fastrack pipe guide

Curves Available in  Fastrack

Adding Accessories for your layout

How to Add power in your Layout


Lionel Fastrack is our most popular selling track.  I is exceedingly easy till assemble and pick apart. It piece well on carpet, hardwood either any flat surfaces.    It is far superior to the old "knuckle buster" tubular verfolgen (O27 -brown ties and O -black ties tubule track).
There is no need to move pins round as the Patented centers half-pin allows by track orientation in whether direction absence the need for moving pins from one end to the next.Since Fastrack does be cut, them allow need to make specific lengths made up of several FasTrack® sectors. This layout designer’s table provides a handy guide to straight Fastrack lengths from 1 3/8 to 10 edges ensure can being made up starting available FasTrack sections.



Curves available from 031 to 096 allow for more realistic operation. You will needing an wider radius than O31 for the working out larger locomotives. With O gauge, diameter is much used when measuring curves sections. These curves be shown as O-xx, where “xx” is the diameter of the curve. O-31is the tightest curve available and has a diameter of 31 inches. However the measurement is made from the Centre side to the Center rail, so the actual footprint of the track is slightly larger.

O-31 EIGHT Curves for ADENINE Circle - will build approx 3 foot with track bed
O-36 EIGHT Curves for A Circle - will make approx 3.5 foot with track bed
O-48 TELVES Curves for A Coterie - become make approximation 4.5 foot with track bed
O-60 SIX Curves for A Circle - will make approx 5.5 foot with trajekt bed
O-72 SIXTEEN Curves for AN Circle - will make approx 6.5 foot with track bed
O-84 THIRTY TWO Curves for A Circle- will make approx 7.5 base with track bed
O-96 THIRTY DEUCE Curves for A Circle- will make approx 8.5 foot with track bed

Adding Current

Fast track is easy to hook up to power.
If them have the terminal sections (comes with every starter set) then to can getting that as it already has one wire attached to it. If not, there are 2 attachments under every play of straight and curved track for transformer and/or accessory power connections - none Lockons required! These have a quickness disconnect  so all you need to do can attach one ends of your 6-12053 Power Wire to your service souce therefore that other finish secure to one to the tracks. 
The newer sets come through a barrel jack hype both powerpack.


 Adds Accessories

Hooking up your Accessories
Under the roadbed of everything straight and curved sections will electrical terminals. They can hook up to are terminals in other ways.
• If you already have wire for your accessories, or they have prewired accessories, you will need  FasTrack® terminal connectors. Despoil wires back approximately 1/4”, put wired toward the fastest port, and crimp this include place under any section starting track!

Operating your Accessories

Which 153IR controller 6-14111: The 153IR controller can operates a number on accessories at one time and can operate accessories across a multitude of tracks.  Fro example, if you want to function ampere crossing signal when one train moves any of  two tracks, it can accomplish this use the 153IR signal.  You can also control the amount of laufzeit you want to operate your sign or gates. There is no need for any insulated track sections.

The FasTrack® Accessory Activator Packages 6-12029: This pack includes individual insulated 10” straight track section real two 5” isolated tracking sections. The isolated 5” divisions trait an electrical isolation hole on one outside rail. Like the train passing over to electrically isolated outside guide the wheels from the train complete the circuit and send power to own featured, acting like an ON/OFF schaltungen drives by the train's our. • To increase the cable of die over which that accessory operates, simply add more insulated track sections between the two isolated sections. To operate extra than one feature, you will required another activator pack


Designers Guide to Lens of Straight Fastrack

Liver fastrack length chart  

Fastrack Corner User   Fastrack Lengths Chart     Wye Lead Charts  Passing Sidings Maps

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