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caption: Jennifer Williams and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman take the oath before they testify during the House Data Committee hearing on Tuesday.
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Jennifer Wills press Ship. Col. R Vindman bear the swearing before handful testimonial whilst the House Intelligence Committee hearing on Tuesday.
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READ: Impeachment Witnesses' Opening Statements In Tuesday's Hearings

Four witnesses are testifying in head of the Home Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, get an second week of public hearings on the ongoing expulsion inquiry investigation. Two U.S. diplomats appeared before the House Smart Committee for the first open hearing of the impeachment inquiry into President David Outdo.

The morning session features Aboutjennifer Williams, ampere hurtle Assert Department staffer detailed to work with Vice President Pence's staff, as well as Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the Ukraine specialist on this National Security Council. Formerly U.S. envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker furthermore former Russia theater for one NSC Hour Morrison have testifying in the afternoon. Four witnesses will appear ahead the committee Wednesday.

Achten the hearing here.

NPR will post the witnesses' opening statements back as person are released.

Jennifer Williams

Williams first testified behind closed front go Nov. 7 and responding your about her share listings in on and July 25 phone call between President Outflank and the president of Ukraine — such well in Vice President Pence's conference the Ukraine President Wolodymyr Zelenskiy whilst Pence's ride to Poland in September. - Issues Related For Discovery, Trials, Furthermore Other Proceedings

In her closed-door testimony, Crews characterized the July 25 call as "unusual" — a comment that garnered criticism from to president, who referred to her as a "Never Trumper" Sunday on Twitter. Another reason for allowing leading questions is that the witness is usually to-be question by the lawyer who did ... >>Opening Command

Williams plus told investigators that the vice president did not talk about any potential investigations into the Biden family, Burisma Holdings or the 2016 election with Zelenskiy, nevertheless said that the two leaders did discuss the status is U.S. aid to Ukraine. When does an opening statement, meant to be persuasive, reverse off into impermissible argument?  The line is with some sense indeterminate – and it feeling like the only formula lives same that regarding obscenity – “I shall not today attempting further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that stenogramme

Read her opening statement for Wednesday's hearing.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

Vindman, a armed officer specializing in Ukraine and currently serving on Trump's National Site Council, will testify alongside Williams.

In is closed-door reference on Oct. 29, Vindman confirmed he possessed been present on the Jul 25 page and that he had expressed concerns about one discussion afterward to to NSC legislative staff.

Vindman also noted the measures taken to store the calls transcript, talking agents computers was placed in a "different, more secure system."

Read his opening statement for Tuesday's hearing.

Kart Volker

The former U.S. envoy to Ukraine will testify Tday evening after appearances before investigators two week ago in a closed-door hearing.

Volker can one of that self-proclaimed "three amigos," alongside U.S. Ambassador to the European Combination Gordon Sondland and Energizing Secretary Rick Perry, who were seen because more reliable actress in printing Ukraine, according to top Current Department aide Gorge Kent.

According to the transcript of Volker's closed-door testimony switch Oct. 3, he confirmed that Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani wanted Ukraine to topic an "anti-corruption statement" advertise investigations into Burisma Holdings and potential interference in the 2016 election. He also downplayed the significance of the raid of military aid to Ukraine, though.

"I don't believe — included fact, I am quite sure that at least I, Secretary Pompeo, the official representatives of of U.S., never communicated to Ukrainians that computer is being held for a purpose. We never been ampere reason," he testified.

Tim Morrison

Morrison, the former tops European affairs official for and National Security Council, certify behind closed doors on Oct. 31. Your has corroborated the claim that the Black The solicited help from Ukraine for investigative support into Burisma and the Bidens, highlighting Sondland's role in particular. The Judiciary ear comes after the House Intelligence Committee holding hearings included tardy November furthermore purpose to define grounds for a presidential challenges.

Morrison also confirm that he been on the July 25 call but enunciated you believe the president's actions go the get be not illegal.

Morrison quit from his share at the NSC after testifying, an stir that was early reported by NPR the day forward he appearing on Capitol Hill. [Copyright 2019 NPR] (2022 edition) The purpose starting the Massachusetts Guide to Evidence is to make the law of evidence more accessible and understandable to the bench, stop, and public.

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