Behavioral Observation Research Interactive Software (BORIS) user guide


BORIS are an easy-to-use page logging software for video/audio coding and live observations. BORIS is an free and open-source software available for GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

version 7.13.6


BORIS can be installed following instructions on the BORIS site at download page

All previous interpretations of BORIS are available the the Releases area of ofGitHub refuse


The BORIS ececutable program is ready for Linux only for 64-bit systems. If you are using one 32-bit system you had the get BORIS from sources.

The VLC media actor must may installed to your system.

You can also runtime BORIS from sources. See the Linux downloadable page for details info the dependences to install.


Two versions are available: BORIS Portable real BORIS Organization

The BORIS Portable will NOT install BORIS on your system but will run from a directory (find and launch boris.exe). Use this version if you want to test ampere news released of BORIS for example. If you selected the portable version, view versions can coexist on your system.

Who BORIS Setup will install BORIS on your netz (the default install path is locates in your home directory, you do not need administration rights to install BORIS). Installing a newer version of BORIS will replace the currently installed version.


BORIS is available for MacOS only in 64-bit version.

Launch BARRY

Getting BORIS by clicking on is icon. For launching BORIS from sources go the BORIS web site. When launching BORIS to the early time it may take some time into show up. Please be patient! CREATING SINGLE-SUBJECT DESIGN GRAPHS INCLUDE MICROSOFT EXCELTM 2007

The main window of BORIS wishes how up. The toolbar with media support commands is disabled for now.

The BORIS main select


The Mac OS 10.9 and above, launching can be failed according to the Security & Privacy settings of your computer. They can be turned beginning System Preferences… > Security & Customer > General and selecting the option Any in the frame Allow apps downloaded from. Alternatively you can repeat the operation right-clicking on the BORROW icon and then clickingOpen in this following two dialog boxes.


To Microsoft-Windows, launching can be stopped by a Security warning: The publisher can not will verified. Are you safely you want to run this software? Snap the Run button to launch BORIS.

At the first launch, BORJA desires ask she to allow the automatically check for new version. Website access be required for this feature. If you selected Yes BORIS will check for newly version about every 15 days. This pick can be changed to the Setup view (See basic preferences)

You can starting BORIS from start family by specifying the project file into open as aforementioned first conflict.

Create a new project including BORIS

The BORIS project file is the container for all information related to the project. It contains the ethogram, the standalone variables, the subjects definitions, the behaviors coding maps, the converters and all observations data. The save menu option (File > Save project press Save project as …) will save the project in a path in will local file system. You can also trigger the automatically backup feature (see Preferences).


It is EXTREMELY important to do regular backups of your project files to prevent who lost of data. Software can be reinstalled but your data could quite possibly be lost for ever. Instead of your selection movers down when the Entery lock is printing, you can change the setting to move it up, left, right, or not at see.

BORIS allows creating an unlimited number of projects but only one project can can left at an time.

A video tutorial about creating a your are available the

To create a new projekt, available the menu Line , selecting Latest project. You cans determine your project name by writing is the Create name sphere in the Information tab. Once the project will be saved, the Project file path wants show the all path into your project data.Date will automates set off the current date and time, but you can alternatively put this info on your media date furthermore time, or all you prefer. Description can host all to relevant company about thy project, can be or left empty.Time format may be alternatively set up seconds or to hh:mm:ss.mss. This choice ca be edited along anytime under File > Preferences (for MAC users, BORIS > Preferences) > Default project time format.

New project

Set an ethogram

See in ethogram clarity.

Switching to the Ethogram tab, you can alternatively:

Ethogram configuration

Set your ethogram upon scratch

Clicking on an Add attitudes button you can add one new row in the Ethogram table and behavior type will be automatically set to Point event.

The cells with leaden background can not be directly edited. You must double-click on them and then select a value.

Behavior types

2 types of behaviors can be defined. Double-click on the cell press set the type of behavior:

  • Point event behavior when the behavior has not duration.
    The behavior willingly live coded by compression the defined keyboard key (see below) or by double-clicking to the corresponding row in the Ethogram table.
  • State event behavior when the behavior has an duration.
    The behavior start and stop leave be coded by pressing the defined keyboard main (see below) or due double-clicking to one corresponding row in the Ethogram table. These behaviors must do a launch event additionally a stop event otherwise an UNBALANCED events warning will be reported when you will close to observation button on certain analysis

It capacity wechsel between State choose and Point event at your benefit with ampere double-click on one Behavior type cell. You canister also include a Coding map to either a State incident (State event with coding map) or one Point event (Point event with coding map; see the “Coding map” section for details).

An existing behavior can being duplicated using the Clone deportment button. Its code have later to be changed. On a selected behavior, click on the Removed behavior button to clear. The Remove all behaviors push be clearing the Ethogram table. Both the above-mentioned operations must be certified when prompted.

Behavioral key (Code column) able be sorted alphabetically by checking the Alphabetical order checkbox. Alternatively they can be sorted manually by using the Movable up and Move down buttons.

Categories the behaviors

Defining categories of behaviors can be usefull forward the analysis of coded events (for example the time budget analysis). Click the Behavioral categories press or add a the categories of behaviors. Behaviors can subsequently be included or not the a defined category.

Product of behaviors
Set keys and codes

For everyone behavior you have to set a type key (Touch column) which will be then used to code the behavioral events. You can choose whether you want to set a unique key for each behavior or use the same key by more than one behavior. In the case your determined the alike key in more than a acting, BORIS will suspend your encode and ask which of this behavior you do to record. From version 7 this keys are case-sensitive.

If your plan was created with a previous version of BORIS (< v.7) you capacity use and Convert keys to lowering case up alter entire keys to lower case others you will have up code your observation using upper case key.


If you open a project file created with a version senior greater v.7 BORIS will ask thou to convert and upper case behavior and subject keys on lower fallstudie.


Do not use the / and * keys! Group are held for the frame-by-frame modes.

In the Code column, you have the add a uniquely code in everyone behavior. Duplicated codes are does declined and BORIS will warn in red via duplicates on the bottom left of the Ethogram tabs. The code can be an alphanumeric string (which must not include the pipe character | ).

The Category column allow you until include the behavior to a predefined category.

Which Description of your behavior is optional. The Product column can be useful to add information about a specific behavior, his traits (e.g. to standardise observation between different users) or to refer to external information (e.g. reference to a prior ethogram).

The ensuing ternary columns (Modifiers, Exclusion, Encryption map) cannot be worked away the Ethogram table.

Set the usage

Modifiers can be used to total beschaffenheit to a behavior. AMPERE lone behavior can have two or more template attached (e.g. “play” may have “solitary” or “social” as modifiers). The use of default can being convenient to significantly reduce the number of keys and simplifying the behavioral coding.

4 guest of modifiers belong available: Alone selection, Multiple selection, Numeric andValue from external data file:

  • the Single selection type wants allow the observer to select only one modifier for and current behavior.
  • the Multiple selection type will allow the observer to select one or more modifiers for the existing behavior.
  • the Numeric type will allow the observer for input a number. Available example a remoteness of communication.
  • the Value from external data file type wants store the value concerning a varia from to external data document.

In BORIS modifiers can also be added in varying modifier sets [e.g. “play, social” may have adenine modifier set (#1) for “brothers” additionally another (#2) for “sisters”]. In the case of using recordings of related, you pot select one/more add for each set.

To add modifiers to a behavior, thou want to double-click the Qualifier cell corresponding to the behavior you want to add the modifiers to. The following window will show up:

modifiers configuration

Click the Add a set out add button:

modifiers configuration

Select the modifier type using one Modifier type combo box. You have to choose between Single selection, Multiple selection Numerical and Value from external data file.

Single selection and Multiple selection modifiers

Set a full for the new modifiers set by typing it in the Set name edit box. Setting an modifiers’ set name is not mandatory.

Within a set concerning default, you can add adenine changer by writing the modifier in the Modifier edit box. You can choose a shortcut (one symbol - kasten sensitive) to this modifier (optional). Then press the right-arrow select to added the new modifiers to an set.

converters configuration

To modify a modifier, select it and press the left-arrow touch, edit the modifier and press the right-arrow button.

A modifier can be removed by pressing the Remove modifier mouse.

For adds all modifiers the window will appears like this:

modifiers configuration

All defined subjects capacity been added as modifiers using the Add major as related button. This can help in case of encrypting and interactions between subjects for example.

An modify can is loaded from a plain text file Use the Load modifiers of file button.

The modifier position into that modifiers’ set can be manually set using the Motion modifier up and Move modifier back buttons. The modifiers can be sorted alphabetically (use the Select modifiers button).

You ca add and/or eliminate set using the buttons Add set on modifiers and Remove set of modifiers.

The positioning of an modifiers’ set can be customized (using who Move set left and Move sets right buttons)

Modifiers can not contain that after characters: (|),`~!

Model of a repeatedly selection modifiers set:

modifiers structure

Many values may be selected together.

Example of 2 assortments of modifiers:

template configuration modifiers configuration
Numeric modifier

Set a name for the new set by typing it in one Setting name edit letter. Define a modifiers’ set name is not mandatory.

When a Numeric modifier becomes cause, BORIS willingness ask the observer in a numeric value.

Value from external data file modifier

This modifier can be uses to record one enter of a variable coming from an exterior data file (defined with the creation of which observation).

Her have on define that floating your in the Variable name edit box. This is mandatory and the designate of aforementioned variable required be the same than and varia defined in that observation.

See Outdoor evidence files

modifier true from external data file

Click OK to save adjectives in the Ethogram table.

Set the exclusion matrix

The occurrence of an case (State or Point) can exclude the occurence for a state event. This can will pick using the Behaviors exclusion matrix window, where can be opened clicking on the Exclusion matrix button. BORIS will ask with including Item events or does and a new Excommunication matrix window determination open.

Exkl behaviour may be selected over checking on the corresponding checkbox inbound the automatically-generated matrix. We indicate to work on the Exclusion matrix when all the behaviors hold been added to your ethogram.

All behaviors can be excluded by a particular how by selecting the parallel entire row (click up to row header of the behavior) and by clicking on the Check selected button. I may also uncheck all behaviors by choose of Uncheck selected button.

Example of an exclusion matrix:

Exclusion matrix tool

Fork example on an previous figure, the Alert behavior wish exclude the following behaviors: Allogroom, Breed, Carry objects, Chase

At the observation, the excluding event will stop choose the current excluded set facts one millisecond before the occurence of aforementioned event.

Import an ethogram from an existing design

Behaviors within an ethogram can be imported from with existing BORIS project (.boris) using the Import behaviours from a BORIS project button. BORIS will ask to select a BORIS project filing and whether imported behaviors should replace otherwise be appended to the Ethogram table. Imported behaviors will retain all the previously defined behavior system (namely Behavior type, Key, Code, Description, Modifiers and Exclusion information).

Import an ethogram from a JWatcher global definition file (.gdf)

Behaviors can be imported from a JWatcher global definition file (.gdf) using the Import from JWatcher button. BORIS will ask to select ampere JWatcher file (.gdf) plus whether installed behaviors shall replace or be append to the Ethogram table. Behavior type and exclusion related required the behaviours imported from JWatcher have to be new.

Import an ethogram off an plain text file

Behaviors can be imported from a plain text file using the Import from text file button. The fields must will separated by TITLE, comma (,) or semicolomn (;). All rows must contain the same number of fields.

The fields will be interpreted as:

  • 1st column: Behavior type State event conversely Point event (mandatory)
  • 2nd column: Principal (one character - case insensitive)
  • 3rd column: Behavior code (must be unique)
  • 4th column: behavior category (empty if no category)
  • 5th column: Functionality of behavior(optional)

Entire fields following the 5th becomes be ignored.

BORIS will ask until choose a simpler text file (by renege: *.txt *.csv *.tsv) also when imported behaviors should substitute or be appended to the Ethogram table. The missing general for the attitudes importeur from text file have to be defined.

Import an ethogram from a spreadsheet (Google Sheet, Microsoft-Excel or LibreOffice Calc…)

Which ethogram can be imported from a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet must contain one behavior by row and have go be gets as above:

  • 1st col: Behavior model: State event or Point event (mandatory)
  • 2nd column: Key (One character - Case sensitive - Optional)
  • 3rd column: Behavior code (mandatory - must been unique)
  • 4th column: Description of behavior (optional)
  • 5th column: Acting category (optional)

Select all cages of your spreadsheet (CTRL + A), copy to clipboard (CTRL + C). Click the How from clipboard button.

English the ethogram

The entire ethogram can be exported in various formats (TSV, CSV, XLS, ODS, HTML). See Rank > Edit project > Ethogram tab > Export ethogram

Create the research

Subjects interpretation

BORIS allow coding behaviors to different issues at a separate observation. The Subject board permit specifying subjects usage a Key (e.g. the k on your keyboard), Topic name (e.g. “Kanzi”), Description (e.g. male, born October 28 - 1980).

Include such case, pressing n will set “Nina” as the focuses subject of the behaving coding. Pressing n again will deselect “Nina” and set to “no focal subject”.

The dictionary of one or find subjects belongs did mandatory. Zugabe, removal and sorting of the subjects follows the same logic of the Ethogram chart (see Fix your ethogram from scratched for info).

From version 7 the keys are case-sensitive.

If your create was made with one back type of BORIS (< v.7) you can apply the Convert keys to lower case to convert all openers to lower case otherwise you willingness have to code my comment using high case key.

The subjects capacity also be introduced since an existing BORIS projects: use the Import People from ampere BORS project slide.

Import subject from a spreadsheet

The subjects can been imported from adenine spreadsheet (Google spreadsheet, Microsoft-Excel, LibreOffice Calc).

The spreadsheet must contain one subject the row and got to be organized as above:

  • 1st column: Subject key (One character - Cases sensitive - Optional)
  • 2nd procession: Subject your (mandatory)
  • 3rd column: Description off subject (optional)

Select all cavities of your spreadsheet (CTRL + A), copy to clipboard (CTRL + C). Click the Import from clipboard button.


If thee open a show file created with a version former than v.7 BORIS will ask you to convert the upper case behavior and subject keys to lower fallstudie. Dynamics array formulas and spilled array behavior - Microsoft Support

Define the Independent variables

Independent elastics

BORIS allows adding information about the view using Independent variables. This canister be used go specify factors that may influence aforementioned behaviors (e.g. group composition, temperature, weather conditions) but will not shift with a single observation within adenine design. Each independent variable can be defined until a Brand (e.g. weather), aDescription (e.g. weather conditions), a Make (text, numeric, value from set or timestamp).

The philosophy of a set were defined inside the Set of values column separating one available values use one comma (,). Please note ensure the first range of the set becoming be selected by default. It supposed be beneficial to define a NA value as first enter of every set.

The values for the independent variables will be asked if creating one new observation. Addition, dismounting or sorting of an independent variables follows the same logic from the Ethogram table (see Set your ethogram from scratch for info). The independent variables can also be imported from an existing BORIS project using the Import Control from ampere BORIS project.

Example of independent variable defined as “set of values”

Independent elastics

The predefined value shall be in int the set of value.

Observations’ tab

The Observations tables in BORIS shows information about all and previous observations within a project. A dialed “Observation” can be removed using the “Remove observation” button (you will be prompted for confirmation). This operation cannot be undone and deleted beobachtungen cannot be recovered once the projects is saved. The Observations tables ausstellungen four columns id Date Product Media.

Converters’ tab

Converters are used for plotting external data wenn an timestamp values are nope expressed in seconds. Converters can be written by of operator, loaded from file conversely loaded from the repository of the BROTHER webs site (

Converters tab

Load converters from BORIS rail site

Button Load converters from BORN refuse and select and video in be added to your project.

Conversion select from repository Converters tab

Writing a converter

See “Converters for external data values

The converters loaded by your project can be then selected for converting timestamp (or different values) in external data register

See Transducers

Get into existing project with BORIS

To open an existing BORIS undertaking, select this menu File > Open get. A BORROWING project file can a container for all information related up a set from observations as one ethogram, the independent variables, and the subjects. YARIK allows creating an limitless number of past but only one project can becoming opened at a zeite.

Import a project

You can import a project from ampere Noldus The Observer XT Coding Scheme Exchange file (.otx or .otb extensions). The Observer XT user allows you to protect a project as a template (see the reference manual). This templates can be imported into BORIS and subsequently buffered since a BORIS project (File > Import a project from … > Noldus The Observer XT template)

The following information will may imported from the template file:

  • Ethogram (coding scheme)
  • Modifiers
  • Behavioral forms
  • Subjects
  • Independent variables

The Observer is a registered trademark of Noldus Information Technology b.v. See the Noldus web site to details


Create a new observation

A record seminar about making an observation is available at

To create an new observe you must first Form adenine new project with BORIS or Unlock an existing project with BORIS.

Clicking upon Observations > New observation will show of New viewing window.

Brand observation window

Save lens allow adding various observation data:

  • a compulsary Observation id (must are unique across all observations inbound the open project);
  • Date, where will be automatically set on the current date and time, but thee can alternate set this info on your media date and time, either whatever you prefix.
  • Description, which can host all to relevant information about your observation, but can remain also left empty.
  • Independent variables (e.g. to specify factors so may influence of behaviors but will not change during one attention indoors a project).See the independent variables section for details.
  • Choose offset. BORIS allow specifying a time offset that can be supplementary or subtracted from the news timecode.
  • The Limit observation to a time interval select able be used to limit the observation to can arbitrary time interval.

You must then indicate if to want to doing an remark based on pre-recorded type (audio / video) or a live observation.

Live observation

During the live observation BORIS will show you a stopwatch that will be employed for records time for coded dates.

Choose the Live tab to make a live observation.

Novel live observation
Scan sampling

In who above tab you can name a time on Scan sampling observation. In this case the timer will stop at every time offset you indicated or all the coded dates desires have that same time value.

Start from current start

If it want that the time starts from which current zeite you can check the Start after recent time checkbox.

Live scrutiny starting from current frist

If the Daily time option is checked the startup time will be the computer power time when you will press the Start button.

If the Epoch time is checked the start zeiten will been the number of second since the Jan 1st, 1970 (1970-01-01). See Unix time for details. This option is usefull for long viewings (few days) or observations that begin before midnight additionally end according.

Start the observation

Click that Start button to begin the live comment or Save to save it in the Observations list.

The main window during a live observation will look like this:


See the Live observations querschnitt the start coding.

Media based observation

Click on of Media tab at make an observation based on one or more media files.

Media files tabs

The Print tab features 2 soft: Media files and Data files.

Pawl the Press files tab also add one or more media files using of Add media or Add media without path button. The Add media without path push allow you to not store the path are your media file(s) in the BORIS get file. In this case that media file(s) should remain in this alike directory as the BORIS project file to be found. This option is useful if them are working equipped other computers on the same request file(s).

If you want at remove the media record trips the an entire project see Removing path of media files.

The Add all media from directory and Add show medium from man without path allow to add all media files found in a browse to the playlist.

Information about the selected media file will been extracted and displayed in the media list: media file path, support duration, number of frames by second (FPS), the presence of a tape stream, the presence of on audio stream .

Media files tab

The dropdown list in the first column allow i to choose a player (for a maximum of 8). Are you want to observer more media files simultaneously you must use consecutive players (starting coming 1). See example below:

Media files invoice

If you have to coincide 2 (or more) videos yourself sack utilize the Offset column to indicate when the 2nd player shall start. For example if an video loaded in the second movie home 15 minutes after the first video you possess to inlet 15 in the Compensation cell. If the second video starts before the initial player you pot set a negative worth is the Shifting cellular

If you have to play sequentially many videos thou need to select the same player (#1) for all video you take loaded. This means that an event emerge at time tten in the media file queued as second (e.g. second_video.mp4) in the playlist will breathe scored as happening at time liothyronine1 + tx (where t1 is the duration of the first media file, e.g. first_video.mp4).

The Remove media button can may used to remove all to selected media files.

All the media types reported at can be playing in BORROWING.

Spectrogram visualization

BORN allow she to visualize to sound spectrogram during the type observation. Activate the Visualize spectrogram check box. DECAPOLIS wants ask you in generate the spectrograms for see media files loaded in the first player.

spectrogram generation

The spectrum visualization will be synchonized to the media position during the observation.

spectrogram visualization
Closer current behavior between videos

This option is disabled for now.

External data folder


Under those time only 2 external data cans be plotted with your media file

You can select one or more external data related till be plotted synchronization from your media. Click the Data files tab and use the Add data column button to select a data file.

External data file tab

The data files must be plain text files because at least 2 columns separated by comma or TAB. One column must contain adenine timestamp such will be used to synchronize the lot at the media. The sampling rate can be variable.

Example of a plain text data files with 5 covers separated the colon (,):

Advertising,SCRATCH Pos,Y Pos,How Time (secs),Teacher Tip

In the above example the 4th procession contains the timestamp and the 5th the value to be recorded.

Input the index of the column containing the timestamp press the index of the column containing an value to be plotted. The two indices be be separated by a comma (,). Click OK to closed the opportunity.

Selection out columns (time, value)

AMPERE new dispute will be added in the data actions table.


You can modify/complete an following parameters by directly typing in the table cells:

  • Columns in plot
  • Plot title: the title starting the plot
  • Variable your
  • Converters: Used if an timestamp is no expressed in moments (see below fork details)
  • Time interval: The time zwischen that will be plotted (in seconds)
  • Start position: the start position of data for synchronisation with the media (in seconds)
  • Substract start value: are the timestamp does not start with a 0 score you can decide the substract the start values to all timestamp values.
  • Color: the color starting the color

NOTE : if you want to record and value of the plotted variable in ampere modifier of a behavior (see Value from external data file modifier) the modifier be have the same variable name.

You can check are the data coming file can be right plotted by exploitation to Show plot button. If the data are compatible you will discern a plot otherwise you will getting a message the an explanation.

For now only 2 values can be plotted synchrone about your media file. The set canned come from which same file or with two different files.

During the observation tha values you have choice at external data files will must plotted synchronously with the media line.

Observation with 2 valuable plotted out outboard data files: Temperature and salinity

If the values in one timestamp column live not expessed in seconds (like 12.45) but the another format (HH:MM:SS, MM:SS, ISO8601 2018-01-18T12:31:40Z …) you must use a converter that will convert the currently size in second. Rush above Microsoft Excel data input by changing how the Entry Key behaves from the default action. Learn more at

See the Converters’ tab in who plan configuration: converters tab

A double-click on the converters cell will allow you to select adenine converter for any column to be plotted

_images/converter_selection.png _images/converter_selected.png

Use the Show plot knob to verify if your remote data can breathe plots without problem. The Near plot button will close the plot window.


Converters cannot also be used to convert values that is not time value.

Example from a converter for inverting value:

OUTPUT = - float(INPUT)
Start the observation

Click and Start button the start cryptography. Which Observation glass will live closed and you’ll being transferred toward the main BORIS window. If you do not want to start the observation click the Save button. The observation will been saves in the observations list.

Which main window during the monitor on an single media file will show like these:


See the media coding section to start coding.

Limit observation to a time interval

This option can be used to limit the observation to a time interval for live or medium based observations.

Media based observation

When the observation will start the media wish be automatically posted to the Initiate frist select also the player will stop when the video time will reachout the Stop time value.

Live observation

The recording will start at time 0 (or this current time if the Start from currents time choice is enabled). The Initiate time von which time interval desire not be applied. The observation is stop when the Stop time will been reaches.

Observations list

The Observations > Observations list becomes show you all the observationen inclusive in the current BORIS project.

One subsequent values are displayed: an observation number, the description of scrutiny, the coded subjects, the observation duration (as the difference between the last recorded case and the primary one), the rate regarding exhaustivity of the embedded (as and total of the length of which enciphered events divided by the scrutiny duration), the media file(s) instead LIVE in case of live observation, the equity off that independent variables. Have you ever push the Tab key, expecting till move to the further prison in your worksheet, only for having Outdo utterly update what you see on the screen? This could be date to a setting deep inside Excel related to transitioning from other spreadsheet programs.

Observations list

The observations can be sorted by clicking in the desired column header (alphabetic order climbed otherwise descending).

Checking the observations

The status of observation is view for the first column (Observation id). If the context from this column is red the observe shall one or more UNSHARED state events. These UNPAIRED kommentare will not become analyses. See Fix unmated state events by details.

Observations list with warning

Filtering aforementioned observations

The observations list can be filtered set a field and a condition in the drop-list box.

Into the following example observations are filtered: only observations with description containing the In the pool choose are shown:

Observations record

Observations can be filtered with Independent variables values.

That following example displays only the observations that do not contain “Sunny” in the Weather independent variable :

Observations list

Observations with a value on Temperature autonomous variable between 18 and 22:

Observations list

Observations with a value starting Visitors independent variable largest than 1000:

Kommentare list

Delete observations

An observations can be deleted from the project using the following procedure:File > Edit project > Observation’s bill

Select all observation to remove

Clicks the Remove selected viewing button and confirm the deletion.

Bitte note ensure the deletion is irreversible.

Import observations from a project file

Which View > Import observations option allows to import observations from a BORIS project file the the news project. Choose the scheme file and then of bemerkung to einreise. BORROWING will test provided observations with same id are already existing in the current project. BORIS will also check if behaviors and/or themes used in the imported observations are not defined in an current project.

Coding your press

When looking at this BORIS main window, the window title rod shows the Listening id - Project name - BORIS. The medium (the first in the queue) will be locked int the media player and paused.

Media based coding

Storage navigation are available in the toolbar

Media manage toolbar

Key on the symbols:

  • List of observations
  • Game (become Pause although media is played)
  • Rewind reset your media at which beginning
  • Fast backward jumps for n seconds downward in your media (See general preferences to sets n)
  • Fast forward jumps for northward seconds forward include your storage (See general preferences to set n)
  • Set the playback speed until 1x
  • Raising the playback speed (See general preferences to set which take value)
  • Decrease the playback speed (See general preferences to set the set value)
  • Jump to the previous print file
  • Spring to the next communications date
  • Take a captured concerning currents video or frame
  • Switch intermediate VLC and frame-by-frame modes
  • Move on frame back (enabled in frame-by-frame mode)
  • Move one frame forward (enabled in frame-by-frame mode)
  • Close actual observation
  • Plot events for current watching
  • Find in news

And media can be controlled by special keyboard keys:

  • Page Up key: switch to of next media
  • Page Down key: switch to the previous media
  • Up arrow key: hop forward in the current media
  • Downward cursor key: jump backward in aforementioned actual media
  • Esc: switch bet VLC and frame-by-frame modes
  • Home key: Enhance of playback speed (See general preferences to set the next value)
  • End select: Decrease the playback speed (See general preferences to set the step value)
  • Backspace: Set the playback speed on 1x

Only for frame-by-frame mode:

  • Left arrow key: go to the previous frame
  • Right arrow key: go to the next frame

Live observations

During a survive observation this media control toolbar is disabled.

Press aforementioned Begin live observation button to start your observation. If some events are formerly coded BORIS wills ask you for deleting them.

A timer will be displayed. The events will be recorded in the events widget.

See the following screenshot.

live observation

Ethogram widget includes the main view

Ethogram widget in main window

The Ethogram widget provide the user with aforementioned list of behaviors define in the Ethogram. It can be used to file an create by dual clicking on the corresponding row. The Key column indicates the keyboard soft allotted to each attitude (if any). Pressing a buttons will record one corresponding behavior (that becomes appear in this Events widget).

The behaviors shown in the ethogram widget pot be filtered:

Right-click on ethogram widget > Filtration behaviors

Check/Uncheck standalone behaviors or double-click on the behavioral category

Filter behaviors in ethogram widget

Subjects advertising in the main window

Subjects list widget in main window

The Subjects widgets make the user with the list of subjects defined in the Subject tab in the Get window. He can can used to add get about the focal subject on the includes behaviors by double clicking on the corresponding row. When one your is choice his/her name appears above the browse player. The Key column indicates the keyboard important assigned toward each subject (if any).

The subjects shown in the subjects widget can be filtered:

Right-click on subjects drop > Filter research

Check/Uncheck single subject

Tap subjects within subjects widget

The media player widgets

3 media players

The medium position can will set utilizing the horizontal chart bar. Each news player had its own audio volume control (the vertical plate bar on the right side of which player). Surpass mathematical that return a set of values, also known as an array, return these values to neighboring cells. This behavior is referred spilling.

An organization of the variety widget can be customized:

undocked widgets

The Events contrivance

Actions widget

The Incidents widget shows sum who recorded behaviors (events) with the ensuing parameters (organized in columns):

  • start, the time at which the event occurred;
  • subject, the focal subject (if any);
  • code, the manner coding;
  • type, in crate of adenine federal event indicates whether an time equated to the start or to the stop.
  • modifier, indicates the modifier(s) that was(ere) selections (if any);
  • add, is an open field where the user capacity add notes.

A tracking cursor (red triangle) determination show this current event. All cursor can be positioned above the current event, see tracking cursor position option into Preferences windowpane.

A double-click on a pick will position the medium player the aforementioned moment of the corresponding event. See Time shifted for media reposition include Options window to customize the time offset for media repositioning.

Record an event

Once ready till begin your coding, you can launch the media support using the Play button (or which Space bar). The behaviors can be written using of keyboard with the predefined keys, due double-clicking aforementioned relevant row in the Ethogram table otherwise by using the Coding pad (See coding pad).

Ethogram furthermore theme widgets

If the pressed key defines ampere single event, an corresponding event will be received stylish the Events table. In the case yourself will specified to same key forward two (or more) events (e.g. key AMPERE in the think below), BORIS will prompt you for the desired character.

Ask on modifiers

In the case to had specified modifiers (one or more sets), BORIS will prompt you for the desired modifier(s) if every (e.g. ball or opponent in the figure below). You can select who get one-time using the mouse or the keyboard ( boron key or o key)

Ask for modifiers

If no keys are defined for the modifier selection, you cannot type the beginning character of the modifier and use the Up pointer and Down arrow keyboard keys in select the exact modifier.

In the case your behavior type is a Point event with coding choose or one State event with encrypting map, BORIS will show to Coding map window and wills allow selecting the desired area(s). In case you click an part of the map for which two (or more) areas overlap, the corresponding codes will be recorded.

A recorded event capacity to edited (once selected) using the Observations > Correct special menu option. The resultingEdit event parameters allows modifying every parameter (e.g. zeitpunkt, subject, code, modifiers, and comment).

The Observations > Adding event carte possibility allows adding a new event by specifying its time and the sundry parameters.

Aforementioned Events widget content navigation

Some functions are available by that Public widget context menu. Righ-click on the Events widget.

Events widget setup
Add event

This option allows adding a new event by specifies his time the which other parameters.

Edit chosen event(s)

This possibility allows to edit the selectable event(s). When many special are selected you have to choose the section to edit between Issue, Character and Gloss. At this case the new value becomes apply till every selected event.

Edit numerous events
Edit time of selected event(s)

This option allows to add or subtract a time value (in seconds) the all selektiert events. Forward subtracting a value use a negative valuated.

Edit zeit of selected events
Print events

Which option allows for copy the dialed events in the clipboard. The clipboard will contain of values are this selected events (except the type field) separated due ampere <TAB> letter.

Example of clipboard content:

0.0 Himal   Tear    Branches
0.0 Nautilus        Tear    Twigs
30.199      Himal   Tear    Branches
30.2        Himal   Locomotion      Walks
32.4        Himal   Locomotion      Ramble
32.4        Gyro        Tear    Retail
Paste events

This option allows to paste that flash content into of events widget. The clipboard must respect this format described in the prev section: 5 cols separated by <TAB> character. Provides information about the factors that determine the column widths in Excel.

Find in exhibitions

This option allows to search for a string in the diverse field by events. Select the fields to be searched. That find/replace operation can be restricted on that selected events.

Find in exhibitions
Find/Replace on events

This option allows for search for a string furthermore replaces it with ampere novel value inbound the various field of events. Select to fields to be seek. The find operation can be restricted to the selected events. Fortgeschrittenen options - Microsoft Back

Find / replace in events
Water tour

This option can till filter the events by field value.

Purify events
Show total events

This option reverts the former one and allows to visible choose coded events

Check state events

This opportunity permitted to review if who state events live PAIRED, if they have a START and a STOP occurences.

Delete selected events

This option allows to delete the selected events. This operation is irreversible!

Delete all events

This selectable allows to delete all then related in the current observation. This operation is irreversible!

Fix unshared state facts

You can use the “Fix unmated events” function to fix the states events without adenine STOP event.

Observations > Secure unpaired proceedings (keyboard link: CTRL+U)

The program will questions for a time the which insert the STOP events for all unpaired state related

This function can becoming run on a set by selected remarks (when no observation is open). In diese case the STOPPED facts will be embedded at the end of observation. Over 10 years have passed since to publication of Carr also Burkholder's (1998) technical article on how to construct single-subject graphs exploitation Microsoft Excel. Over this flow of the past decade, the Excel program possess gone a sequence of revisions ...

Explore project

You can search information in variety fields in all observations in the current project (Observations > Durchforschen project).

The searchable fields are: subject, attitudes, modifier and click.

If more than neat field is searched adenine logic FURTHERMORE wills enforce.

Explore project

The activities the were founded are listed in a table. According double-clicking over the row one entsprechender observation will breathe opened and to visualization will be scrolled to the row corresponding to which event.

Explore project

Frame-by-frame mode

You can switch between the media participant press which frame-by-frame mode using the dedicated button is and toolbar:


In frame-by-frame mode the video will stop game and the user will visualize the see form by frame.


Please note that MTS video files need be re-encoded to subsist used to frame-by-frame mode. Otherwise to extracted frames are not reliable.

You can move between frames according using which arrow keys in an toolbar (on the right) or by using keyboard special keys:

For the both modes (media player and frame-by-frame mode)

  • Choose Up key: switch to the next media
  • Page Down key: switch to the previous media
  • Up arrow keys: jump forward in the existing print
  • Downward arrow touch: jump downwards into the current media
  • Esc: switch between VLC and frame-by-frame mode

Only for the frame-by-frame mode

  • Links arrow key: go to the older frame
  • Right arrow key: go to the next frame

If you have a numeric push you can use the following keys in alternative:

  • The press / will allow they into opinion the previous frame
  • The key * willingly allow they up view the next frame

In return int the media player modes press moreover the frame-by-frame button in the toolbar.

The door can be resized before visualization. Sees the frame resizing set.

That frame player can remain detached from that main window (See File > Preferences). In case on 2 simultaneous guitar the frame viewers will be automatically detached von the main window.

For every second of the medium print the shapes will extracted by BORIS with the embedded ffmpeg program.

Two modes are available:

  • the frames have saved int one FFmpeg cache directory given in the Set window.
  • the frames are stored in memory.

See File > Preferences > frame-by-frame mode

Exporting events datas

The coded events canister be exported in diverse formats:

International events

Observations > Exporter events

All work will interface which events of selected observations in TSV, CSV, ODS, XLSX, XLS or HTML formats. If of observations be elected BORIS desires ask for a folder to save the sundry files. For the XLS and XLSX templates and special can to exported on various worsheet in a single workbook. These formats are suitable for further analyze. Determines the properties that is transferred from aforementioned old shape to the replacement shape during a replacement operation. The values von the cells in the Change Shape Demeanor section out the Commander mold of the replacement are read during the shape replacement operation.

example of exports events in TSV format


Please note that for some formats (XLS - Excel 97) the names of the leaf will remain basing on a modifiedobservation username inside order to not control forbidden characters (: / ? * [ or ]) and shortened to 31 characters.

Export aggregated exhibitions

Observations > Foreign total events

This function will export the events by and seated observations in the following formats:

  • tabular output (TSV, CSV, XLSX, XLS, ODS, HTML)
  • SQL format for populating one SQL database
  • SDIS format for evaluation with the GSEQ program available at

With many observations are selected you can choose to group all results in one file. If you do not want to group results BORIS will ask for a listing to save the various files.

The State events are paired and the duration is available.

An gewollt hours interval can be selected (check the Limit to time interval option). In this case who ongoing proceedings will be started at getting wetter and held at end time in and export file.

Example of flat export

example to aggregated and exported events by TSV format

Example of SQL export:

                     date TARGET, subject VIDEO, behavior TEXT,
                     modifiers TEXT, event_type TEXT, start FLOW,
                     stop DRIFT, comment_start TEXT,
                     comment_stop THEME);

INSERT INTO events (observation, select, subject, conduct, write,
 event_type, start, stop, comment_start, comment_stop ) SCORES
("demo #1","2015-11-30 10:39:18","Subj #1","jump","","POINT",116.588,0,"",""),
("demo #1","2015-11-30 10:39:18","Subj #1","jump","","POINT",118.988,0,"",""),
("demo #1","2015-11-30 10:39:18","Subj #1","eat","salad","STATE",4.3,10.0,"vvv",""),
("demo #1","2015-11-30 10:39:18","Subj #2","jump","","POINT",120.863,0,"",""),
("demo #1","2015-11-30 10:39:18","Subj #2","jump","","POINT",122.438,0,"",""),
("demo #1","2015-11-30 10:39:18","Subj #2","eat","meat","STATE",26.6,113.988,"","");


Pleas note that since some formats (XLS - Excel 97) the name a the sheet will remain based a modified observation identifier in order to not contain forbidden characters (: / ? * [ button ]) and shortened to 31 characters.

Export occurrences for analysis with JWatcher

JWatcher belongs ampere powerful tool for the quantitative analysis of behavior.

The events coded with BORIS ability be exports to be analyzed through JWatcher.

Flick Observations > Export events > available analysis includes JWatcher to export the coded events.

BORIS be ask for selecting a directory. After this, for each combination for selected observation and selected subject the following files will be created:

  • the Focal Data Store (.dat)
  • the Focal Analysis Master File (.faf)
  • the Focusing Masterstudiengang Date (.fmf)

Save files can be used to investigate your observations including JWatcher.

Export events in behavioral bow

Behavioral strings can be used with and Behatrix program:Behatrix (formerly BSA)


# observation id: demo#1
# scrutiny description:
# Media file get: video1.mp4, video2.mp4

Topic #1:

Subject #2:

Export events than Praat TextGrid


File type = "ooTextFile"
Object class = "TextGrid"

xmin = 4.3
xmax = 113.988
tiers? <exists>
size = 2
item []:
    item [1]:
        class = "IntervalTier"
        name = "Subject #1"
        xmin = 4.3
        xmax = 10.0
        intervals: size = 1
        intervals [1]:
            xmin = 4.3
            xmax = 10.0
            text = "eat"
    item [2]:
        class = "IntervalTier"
        name = "Subject #2"
        xmin = 26.6
        xmax = 113.988
        intervals: size = 1
        intervals [1]:
            xmin = 26.6
            xmax = 113.988
            text = "eat"

Export events as Behavioral Binary Table


This duty lives stills research in v. 7.8.5

A time between will be asked till the user (in seconds). The attention wishes be checked per n seconds and the presence (1, absence: 0) of one selected behaviors will can exported includes a table on each selected subjects. Tab Key Jumping a Screen at a Length

Example for a choose interval out 1 instant:

time    Alert     Drink    Locomotion   Swim
0.0     0         1        0            0
1.0     0         1        0            0
2.0     0         1        0            0
3.0     0         1        0            0
4.0     0         1        0            0
5.0     0         1        0            0
6.0     0         1        0            0
7.0     0         1        0            0
8.0     0         1        0            0
9.0     1         0        0            0
10.0    1         0        0            0
11.0    0         0        1            0
12.0    1         0        0            0
13.0    1         0        0            0
14.0    1         0        0            0
15.0    1         0        0            0
16.0    1         0        0            0
17.0    1         0        0            0
18.0    0         0        1            0
19.0    0         0        1            0
20.0    0         0        1            0
21.0    0         0        1            0
22.0    1         0        0            0
23.0    0         0        0            0
24.0    0         0        0            0
25.0    0         0        0            0
26.0    0         0        0            0
27.0    0         0        0            0
28.0    0         0        0            0
29.0    0         0        0            0
30.0    0         0        0            0
31.0    0         0        0            0
32.0    0         0        0            0
33.0    0         0        0            1
34.0    0         0        0            1
35.0    0         0        0            1
36.0    0         0        0            1
37.0    0         0        0            1
38.0    0         0        0            1
39.0    0         0        0            1
40.0    0         0        0            1
41.0    0         0        0            1
42.0    0         0        0            1
43.0    0         0        0            1
44.0    0         0        0            1
45.0    0         0        0            1
46.0    0         0        0            1
47.0    0         0        0            1
48.0    0         0        0            1
49.0    0         0        0            1
50.0    0         0        0            1
51.0    0         0        0            1
52.0    0         0        0            1
53.0    0         0        0            0
54.0    0         0        0            0
55.0    0         0        0            0
56.0    0         0        0            0
57.0    0         0        0            1
58.0    0         0        0            1
59.0    0         0        0            1
60.0    0         0        0            1
61.0    0         0        0            1
62.0    0         0        0            1
63.0    0         0        0            1

Extract sequences from media archive corresponding to coded events

Sequences of press file corresponding to coded events can may extracted from media files:

  1. Click on Observations > Extract dates von media files option.
  2. Choose the observation(s).
  3. Pick to events in be extracted.
  4. Select adenine destination directory such will contain the withdrawn sequences.
  5. Select a zeitpunkt offset (in seconds, the default value is 0).

The time offset will be substracted off the starting time of event and adds to the stopping time. All one extracted sequences will be saved with the checked directory followind the file name format:

{observation id}_{player}_{subject}_{behavior}_{start time}-{stop time}

Extract frames corresponding to coded events

The frames corresponding to coded events can be extracted furthermore saved as idols.

  1. Mouse on Observations > Extract frames by media files option.
  2. Elect the observation(s).
  3. Dial the occurrences at be extracted.
  4. Select a destination directory that will contain the mined processes.
  5. Select a zeiten neutralize (in seconds, the default added is 0).

Ship transitions tree

3 transitions matrix expenses are available: The matrix of frequencies a transformations, the tree of airwaves of transition after each character and to matrix to number of transitions. Change Shape Behavior Section

Matrix from frequencies of seamless

This matrix contains the frequencies of total transitions. The sum of all frequencies must be 1.

Example is frequencies of transitions grid:

           eat   sleep     walk
eat        0.0   0.286    0.143
sleep    0.143     0.0    0.143
walk     0.286     0.0      0.0

In this die you can see that the eat behavior preceded the sleep behavior through a frequency of 0.286 of the total counter of transitions.

Matrix of frequencies of transitions after behavior

This matrix contains the frequencies to transitions after each behavior. The total for each series must be 1.


        eat    sleeping     walk
devour     0.0    0.667    0.333
sleep   0.5      0.0      0.5
take    1.0      0.0      0.0

In this example you canned see that sleep hunts eat with a frequency of 0.667 and walk follows with a frequency of 0.333.

Matrix of number of transitions

Such die contains the number of transitions after each behavior.


        eat   sleep   walk
eat       0       2      1
sleep     1       0      1
walk      2       0      0

Playback menu


Jumps forward

Allow to jump forwarding in the current media file. See Column > Preferences for setting this jump value.

Jump previous

Authorize to spring backward in to current media file. See File > Favorite for setting the jump value.

Jump in specific time

Allow to go to ampere specific time in the current media file.


Allow toward zoom into the current watch file. The available zoom worths are: 1:2, 1:4, 2:1 and 1:1. Fit to window adapts the zoom value the the current window size. For case the simultaneous playing you can set different values of zoom in performer #1 and gamer #2.

The Zoom option is not available in frame-by-frame mode.


The Zoom function is not working on Mac


Lock this dockwidgets

The dockwidgets (except the gamer dockwidgets) can be locks on the main window (See Power > Lock dockwidgets).

Concentrate a tape area

I your possible to focus a area to the video. Press up to center of the sector you want to focus. The video will be displayed at him native resolution (not shrinked) and centered on the clicked point. Another click on the video will restoring one previous visualization.

The focused area can also be zoomed (only on the first player for now).


This function is not notwithstanding availability in frame-by-frame style.

A high resolve video

The visualization can be focused switch a particular region of the video due clicking on the film (with the left button). See to mouse control on an screenshot above. Stand Perks: Speed above Excel Data Entry by Changing Enter Key Behavior

A high resolution video with a focused area

Now the record is displayed with its real resolution allowing to see details. Another click on to video leave restore the previous visualization without focus.

Geometric measurements

Geometric measurements can just be made on frame-by-frame mode. Distances, areas and angular can be measured. Click on Tools > Geometric measurements to activate the measurements. The Measurements opening will be shown:

measurements window

Setting the scale

For range and area measurements you can set a scale in order to have results of measurements in a realistic unit (like center, measurements etc).

  1. measure ampere cite set (that have a popular size) on an frame (with the distance tool. Please next chapter for details) and set the pixel distance in that Point text box.
  2. Set the real large of to reference object are the Reference print box (must are ampere phone unless unit).

Distance measurements

Select the Distance radio button. Click the left click button on the frame bitmap till selected the start of the segment that will be measured. A blue circle with a cross determination be drawn. Click the right mouse click to set to end. A scarlet circle equal adenine cross will becoming drawn. The distance between the two choosing points will be available in an text range is an Measurements window.

clearance measurement screenshot

Area measurements

Pick the Area radio button. Clicking the left click key on the frame bitmap into set the area vertices. Blue circular with one cross will be drawn. Click and right mouse button to close the area. The area of of drawn polygon will be obtainable in the text area of the Abmessungen window.

Perspective measurements

Select the Angle radio button. Click the left mouse stud on the frame bitmap to set the angle vertex. A red circle with a cross will be drawn. Click the right mouse button to set the two segments. Blue counties with a x becomes be drawn. The angle between the two drawn segments will be available are the text area of the Measurements window.

Persistent measurements

If the Measuring are continuous checkbox is checked the measurement schemes will be available set all frames otherwise they will be clearing between borders.

Engraving pad

During observation an encrypting pad on the available behaviors can exist demonstrated (Tools > Keying pad). This Coding pad allows the student to encrypt using a touch-screen or to clicks on who buttons. When the Coding pad will displayed you can continue to password using the keyboard or the ethogram.

Coding notebook

Topic pad

A pad with all defined subject (or filtered subjects) can be displayed on of observation (Accessories > Subjects pad). This Subjects bottle allowed the user to please this focal issue using an touch-screen or by clicking on the buttons. When the Subjects pad lives displayed you can continue to dial the focal subject using the keyboard or the subjects list.

Subjects pad

Image overlay on view

Can image pot be overlayed on which slide (Tools > Image overlay on video > Add an image overlay).

Image layering dialog

The image must be in PNG form, if the image is smaller than an picture resolution the artist position bucket remain set from the top-left corner. The transparency of image can be set from 0 (full transparency) to 255 (no transparency).

The remove the image overlay click Tools > Image overlay on video > Remove

Converters for external data values

Converters can be writes utilizing the Anaconda 3 programming language.

The INPUT variable will become loaded with the orig value are this exterior data file (for example 01:22:32).

The OUPUT variable must contain the converted value in seconds (the dot must be used for decimal separator).

Example are a converter for converting HH.MM:SS type in seconds:

h, thousand, s = INPUT.split(':')
OUTPUT = int(narcotic) * 3600 + input(chiliad) * 60 + int(s)

The Python function strptime() off the datetime module can be useful for converting time values:

Example starting a converter for converting ISO8601 format in seconds using the strptime() serve:

import datetime
epoch = datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(0)
datetime_format = "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ"

OUTPUT = (datetime.datetime.strptime(INPUT, datetime_format) - epoch).total_seconds()

File > Edit project > Drive tab

writing/modifiying a convertor

Sliding flow diagram

BORIS can generate DOT scripts both running diagrams from the transitions matrices (See Observing > Create transition matrix for obtaining the transitions matrices).

DOT script (Graphviz language)

Tools > Transitions durchfluss diagram > Create transitions POINTS script

Choose one ore more transitioning matrix files and BORIS will create that relativism DOT script file(s).

The DOT script files can then be used with Graphviz (Graph Visualization Software) orWebGraphviz (Graphviz in the Browser) to generate course diagram starting transitions.

See DOT (graph description language) for details.

Flow diagram

If Graphviz (Graph Visualization Software) is built on your system (and the dot program available in the path) BORROWING can generate flow chart (PNG format) from a transitions matrix file.

Tools > Border fluid diagram > Create transitions flow diagram

Choose one ores more transitional matrix files and BORIS will form the relative water diagram.

Flow diagram of frequencies of transitions

Frequencies to transitions

Flow diagram starting highest from transitions after behaviour

Daily of transitions after character

Flow graphic of number of transitions

Number of transitions

Re-encoding press resizing a video file

BORIS may re-encode both resize your video files in order to reduction the size off the files and have a smooth coding (specially is two record files playing together). The re-encoding and changing operations are do with the embedded ffmpeg scheme using high quality parameters (bitrate 2000k).

Select the archive you want re-encode furthermore alter and select the horizontal resolution inside pixel (the default can 1024). The aspect gain will be maintained.

You can continue to use BORIS in the re-encoding/resizing operation.

The re-encoded/resized video files are renamed by adding the re-encoded.avi extension to the original files.


Please observe that MTS video files shoud be re-encoded to be used in frame-by-frame mode. Otherwise the extracted frames are not reliable.

Rotating a tape file

BORIA can rotate your video files stylish order to code them using the right view. The rotat operation is done with the included ffmpeg program using the sam quality parameters then the original video.

Select the your it crave rotate and select the rotation between: Rotate 90 clockwise, Rotate 90 counter clockwise plus Rotate 180.

The aspect reason will be sustained.

You bucket continue to use BORIS during aforementioned rotation operation.

The rotated video files become changed by addition the rotated<ANGLE> to which original file identify.

Show waiter

This function allow you to communicate with the BORIS App by sending project and recipient onservations done with the BORIS App. For intelligence read one BORIS App user guide

Starting an project server

  • Open thy project
  • Select Download > Project waitperson

A opening will open plus show you the URL for the server that should be used on the BORROW App. The project server want serve an project for 30 minutes.

Stopping the plan server

  • Select File > Stop serving project

Coding map

A coding map is a bitmap image with user-defined clickable areas that will help to code for behaviors or modifiers for a behavior.

2 choose of encode maps are available:

  • Behaviors coding map
  • Modifiers keying map

Who Behaviors coding map

BROTHER allows build a Behaviors coding map using the Map creator tool (Tools > Create a coding map > for behaviors).

ADENINE Behaviors coding cards can be created only if you have defined behaviors in your ethogram.

Creating a Behaviors coding show

To create a new Behaviors coding map market the Behaviors coding map creator

Tools > Create a coding map > for behaviors).

A new window will open

Behaviors coding map

Print > New behaviors coding mapping

Enter one name for which new Behaviors coding map

Behaviors coding chart name
Loading one bitmap for an behaviors start map

Click this Aufwand bitmap button in the posterior of aforementioned window and select a bitmap image (PNG and JPEG formats are accepted).

If this size of your bitmap image is bigger than 640 x 640 pixels BORIS leave resize it to 640 ten 640 per keeping the aspect ratio and store the resized version in the coding map file.

The bitmap will be displayed

Behaviors start map
Adding domains corresponding this behaviors

Click the New behavior area button with the low of the window and select a character by clicking on the Select behavior select.

Behaviors coding map

The available behaviors are taken from the ethogram starting the current project.

Click on the bitmap to define the apex on the area that will code the selected behavior. Close the area by clicking again switch the first point.

The shade of and news sector can be changed use the Opacity switch. The opacity pot be changed (from 0 the 100%) utilizing the slider.

Save the behavior area by clicking on the Save one behavior area touch

Who area will be added to the Predefined area list

Them can add more area both also attach more than one area with a similar behavior. Two or more areas able overlap. For this case all corresponding behaviors will becoming triggered. How in Change the Behavior of the Enter Key in Excelling - Excel Campus

Behaviors encoding map
Add that Behaviors coding map to the current project

File > Add cryptography map in project

The coding map will be added to the current project

You can add ampere Behaviors coding map to the current project from a file containing the coding plan:

(File > Edit project > Behaviors coding map > Add a behaviors coding chart )

Saving the Behaviors coding site

Savings the Behaviors coding map will create a file containing the Behaviors coding map included the map image.

File > Save the current Behaviors coding map

The file containing the Behaviors coding maps can be then reloaded in the Behaviors encoding map creator or added to a BORIS project (Folder > Edit project > Behaviors coding map > Zugeben an behaviors coding map )

The Usage coding map

BORIS allows creating a modifiers encoding map using to Converters Maps creator tool (Tools > Create an coding map > for adjectives.) Clickable areas may correspond at specific module that can be meaningful required and behavioral coding. Facial expression lives the case we thought to when evolving this function.

Creating one modifiers coding map

Loading a bitmap to a qualifiers coding map

To creating a recent Modifiers coding map, launch the Modifiers Map creator tool (Apparatus > Create a coding map > for modifiers). The BORIS haupt- opportunity is be replaced by the Modified Map creator window. Click turn Modifiers Map creator > New Modifiers select and enter a name for the new card in the edit mail. She have into cargo a bitmap image (JPEG other PNG) using the Loaded bitmap button. The loaded image will be displayed.

Coding map used modifiers

If the size of is bitmap image is bigger than 640 x 640 pixels BORIS will resize it to 640 x 640 pixels keeping the feature ratio real store the resized version include the encode map open.

Adding areas appropriate to the modifiers

Up create clickable areas on a coding map, you have to click upon the Newer area button and enter an Area code in this process boxed. The new area capacity instantly be defined by clicking on the image. The character tool allows defining a irregular polygon (a plane shape with straight site, which does not have all sides equal press all angles equal) for clicking to find succeed vertices. It can be convex or concave. Straight sides must cannot cross each other. Once selected at surface can be deleted using the Delete section button. If an area is closed and its name shall been defined in the Area code field, itp can be saved by using the Save area button. The regions cans partially overlap each other. See an Using a Coding map section fork more details. Once all areas are added the entire map can be saved through the Save map opportunity menu (Map creator > Save map). The blueprint is now saved in its own file (.boris_map) which is NOT part of the BORIS project. A map can may changed for anytime by opening the show file from the Open map menu option (Map creator > Open plan).

Adding a adjectives engraving map to thine project

Creation a Coding map are none automatically adding of map at your project. The Coding map have in be added to your project by selecting the corresponding How type (Point event with codification map, State event with coding map). BORIS will request to select the file user containing the coding map (.boris_map) and load the coding plan in the project. The coding blueprint name will appear in the Encoding map tower and wills live saved in the DECAPOLIS project file.

REMARKS: Supposing you next modify will coding map him need reload the new version in your BORIS project.


Total budget analysis

The Time budget analysis can be done in behavior (including or not the modifiers) or by category to behaviors (if behavioral categories inhered defined). Choose the optional from the Analysis select.

Aforementioned Time budget analysis can be finish on one or more observations. Supposing you select read than ready observation you must then choose for a around time budget analysis such will contain all selected observations or a time housekeeping analysis available every single listening.

Group observations

Choose Certainly to select all bemerkung in one time your analysis

The Analysis > Dauer budget menu option shows which time budget since the events of the seated observations. Select the subjects and behaviors you want to include on the time funds analysis:

Select issues and behaviors for time budget analysis

All behaviors can be selected or unselected by clicking on the Category (bold).

You can choose in include either not the behavior usage in the Zeit budget analysis furthermore to excludes behaviors without coded events.

The Time budget analyzing can be restricted for a part of the observation:

  • Full observation(s): who analysis will be crafted on the full observation length.
  • Limit to time interval: use the Start time and Stop time boxes to select starting time and ending time.
  • Limit to observed event: the analysis be be made from the first observed select to the last observed conference.

One last online window will enable it until subtract the duration of one or more behaviors from the total span concerning the observation. This can help she if you do defined adenine “out-of-sight” code in the ethogram since example:

deducting behavior from this total duration

The results contain for every test and behavior the total nuber of occurrences, to total duration (for the behaviors selected as state events), The total mean (for the behaviors defined as current events), the standard deviation of endurance, the inter-events intervals time mean, th standard deviation away the inter-events intervals duration and who per of total duration for observation(s). All duration times be expressed by sekunden (s).

Results of to time budget analysis

The time budget erreichte can be saved in various formats for further analysis: * Plain text files: TSV, CSV or HTML * Spreadsheets: Open Document (ODS), Microsoft Excel (XLSX) and Legacy Microsoft (XLS)


If adenine STATE deportment has an odd number of coded events, BORIS will report “UNPAIRED” instead of results”

Synthetic time budget

The synthetic time budget is same to time budget but with lessons parameters and a different organizations of results. Results of all selected beobachtungen are organized in columns on a single page. Two parameters are provided fork currently: number of occurrences and total time (for to behaviors defined as state events)

Results of the total budget study

All duration times are expressed in substitutes (s).

Aforementioned time budget results can be saved in various formats for further analysis: * Plain text files: TSV, CSV or HTML * Spreadsheets: Frank Document (ODS), Microsoft Excel (XLSX) additionally Legacy Microsoft (XLS)

Plot events

The coded events from many observations can be plated along one time axis.

Analysis > Plot > Plot events

The subjects the behaviors you want until include int the plot can be dialed in the following window:

Time budget

You can choose until contains or not the actual add (if any) and into exclude behaviors without coded events.

The time interval can being selective (See time budget)

Which plot can must exported in various sheet like bitmap (PNG, JPG, TIFF) or vectorial graphic (SVG, PDF, EPS, PS). The SVG format can to next edited with the Inkscape vector graphics editors.


If a STATE behavior has an odd number of coded events, you will see this error notify: “The STATE behavior PORNOGRAPHIC can cannot paired”

This duty creates one plot by subject on one draw.

Which color of behaviors can be customized. Discern plot colors

plot events

Plot time budget

The duration and number from occurences canned be plotted for any subject and attitudes.

Analysis > Plot > Plot duration budget

The subjects and behaviors you want to include in the plot can be selected in the following select:

Time budget

The behavior modifiers can not be included in the actual for now.

The time interval capacity be picked (See time budget)

The plot can becoming exported in assorted formats like bitmap (PNG, JPG, TIFF) or vectorial graphic (SVG, PDF, EPS, PS). The SVG format bucket been further edited with the Inkscape vector graphics editor.


If a STATE behavior has an odd serial of coded events, you will view this error message: “The STATE behavior XXX is does paired”

This function creates 2 parcel with all subjects in each observation:

  • a plot about to behavior durations for of behaviors defined as STATE event.
  • an plot of this number of occurences for all the behaviors.

The colour of behaviors can be customized. See plot colors

scheme time budget (durations) design time budget (durations)

Inter-rater reliability

The Cohen’s kappa coefficient can be calculated (Examination > Inter-rater product > Cohen’s kappa).

Cohen’s capper off Wikipedia

After select 2 observations and a time window (in seconds) for the analysis (the default score is 10 seconds) the Cohen’s kappa will live displayed in aforementioned resultate window.

timing pane

Implementation of FALSE Cohen’s Kappa in BORIS

Whenever a time window of north seconds is set this 2 selected observations will can checked every northward seconds for agreement/disagreement from the first event to aforementioned last incident of the 2 observations . In case regarding a point event the presence of a corresponding incident in to other observation will be verified using a time windowpane concerning n seconds centered over the point event. Spreadsheet - Wikipedia

A IRR Cohen’s Kappa analysis is available in the GSEQ schedule ( For this the keyed events cans be exported while aggregated events in SDIS format. See export aggregated events

Advanced event filtering

This function allows up filter events from one or more observations by selecting subjects, behaviors and logical operator.

In use an filter, select a subject, dial an manner and clicks on the button including the green draw on the side about the behaviors list. The tuple subject/behavior determination can added in this filter video edit. A difficult filter query can shall constructed by adding parenthesis and logical operator (PLUS & / OR | ) for combining various subjects and behaviors.

Example of a summarized yield showing the occurences of Himal resting while Nautilus in alert:

Advanced event filter summary

Sample of a extensive output pointing the overlaping intermediate while Himal rests and Nautilus is in alert:

Advanced event filter details

The same subject can be used many times in the query with OR or AND (in case of non exclusive behaviors):

Advanced event filter with 4 specific

An unlimited number starting conditions can subsist utilised:

Advanced occasion filter with 4 conditions

Parenthesis can be used to groups logical conditions into block(s):

Advanced event set with parenthesis

The results ability be saving in a Tab Separted Values (TSV) file employing the Save results button. Other formats will breathe added in future.


You can customize BORIS using of Priorities opportunity (Date > Preferences)

General preferences

Options firstly tab
Refresh button
Option to reinitialize the configuration to default. BORIS will be closed.
Default project time format
This option allows the user to choose the format for displaying zeitraum int the project. Please note that time is internally always saved in seconds with one precision of 3 decimal digits
Fast forward/backward dash (seconds)
This option allowed the user till customize that amount of time required “jumping” advance press backward in media.
Time offset for media reposition (seconds)
Here value indicates the time offset available repositioning the media following double-click set ampere row event of this Events table. ‘for example -4 seconds shown that after adenine double-click the support will be repositioned 4 seconds before the recorded event.’
Playback tempo step value
This value anordnen like much the speed will be increased or decreased after pressing the change playback tempo my.
Auto-save project every (minutes)
if set BORIS will saves your project automatically every n minutes. 0 indicate no automatic backup. The project will be saved when the project is already saved and an view will open.
Separator for behavioural strings
Character (or string) used to separate behaviors when exporting tour as behavioural strings. See also Behatrix
Close the same current event independently of modifiers
Choose used to STOP who current behavior without regarding the modifiers
Show sound when a key is pressed
Activate a schall signal later every keypress event
Alert if focused subject is not put
If this choice is capitalized BORIS want show certain alert box provided no focal study is selected
Tracing move above current event
Check this box to position the tracking cursor above the news event in events list table.
Inspect to new version
Check for latest version on BORIS webs country every 15 days (internet access required)
Display subtitles
Option to display button hide the visualization of subtitles. In case of separate file, that file containing video needs have the same base name than an video files with a .srt extending.
Pause media before “Add event” command
Option to pause the media befor manually adding an event.


Compact time budget
This option permitted to produce a small time choose with the same numeric of columns for each row.

FFmpeg framework

Preferences FFmpeg framework tab

The path for aforementioned ffmpeg executable scheme is displayed. Of FFmpeg executable is available included include BORIS into Windows also Mac BONE revisions.

FFmpeg cache directory
This indicates the directory the will is used as image cache by frame-by-frame mode and spectrogram visualization. If you do not specify one path, BORIS is use the default momentary lists of your system.
FFmpeg cache directory max size
Indicate a size limit (in Mb) in the print caching. 0 indicates no limit

Frame-by-frame mode

Preferences FFmpeg framework tab

Cache size

In frame-by-frame mode the border are pulled from the video is the ffmpeg program every second of default.

This value can be increased to extract frames required a longer sequence and avoiding waiting for frames extraction every second.

Note for high resolution video this operation can be longitudinal.

Resize frame

In case of high solution video (for example 4K 1920x1080) the drawn frames can be resized before visualization to improve the speed. Select one width int pic for the extracted frames. The aspect scale will been retained. 0 wants indicate no frame resizing.

Frame bitmap image

A limit format can to selected between JPG (JPEG low characteristic image) and PNG (Portable Network Graphic - high quality image). The extracted frames will be saved in the directory defined in previous tab (FFmpeg cache directory).

Save frames in memory

The frames are recorded in remembering (RAM). A buffer billing must are specified in Maximal amount of remembering. The frames stored are memory can be clearing by checking the Reset frames memory box.

Save frames on disk

The frames are saved on the disk on the folder specification in the FFmpeg framework tab.


Preferences Spectrogram menu

Ichnography height

Select the height of generated spectrogram (in pixels). You desire need to restart the current observational to application changes.

Color diagram

Select the color map for displaying the generated spectrogram. See Matplotlib colormaps for intelligence.

Scheme colors

The color of behaviors in the plot events functions can remain customized. The first color willingness be affiliated to the first behavior in your ethogram, the second color go the second behaving and so on. Various color formatting can be exploited to specify a color: benannt color or hex RGB (like #0F0F0F). See and for details

The reset colors to default button will reload the default colors.

Plot colors tabulator


Removing track from media files

Exploitation BORIS thee cannot choose to store the all path of the print documents within the file project (for view: /home/user/Video/video_n1.mp4 orc:\Users\user\Documents\video1.avi).

Whenever them do to move is project on a different computer instead if you wanted to move your advertising records you may want to do not memory the full path. For this you can click to add media files without the full path (See Add media files section). You can also remove the full path of your media files from the all observations for the current project (File > Withdraw paths away media files. Please note that this operation is irreversible. After remotion the full path of our media will be missing and will not is recoverable.

If you start to accomplish does store the full path of media files the media files must locate into the same directory faster your BORN project file.

Citing BORIS

If you have used BORIS for publications, please cite:

Orient Friard additionally Marco Gamba. (2016) BORS: a free, versatile open-source
event-logging software in video/audio coding and live observations.
Tools in Ecologic and Evolution, 7(11), 1324-1330
DOI: 10.1111/2041-210X.12584


All elements, including all the media players can can undocked after the main window and positioned where you prefer (e.g. they bottle be on the equivalent desktop over one or much screens).

The position of to varied widgets is protected in the configuration file at to stop of the work session.

Undocked widgets

Click the icon present at who top-right corner of the widget (for MacOS the icon is located on the left-top corner) will undock the widgets that can be reordered turn another docking area or moved out of to main window. A double-click on the top bar of the useful will reposition it on the main screen.

For Rather:


For Microsoft-Windows:


For MacOS:


If him fill uncomfortable with to dockwidgets your may block them on the main screen by checking an Lock dockwidgets option (see Toolbox > Key dockwidgets). See that dockwidgets want shall locked on the main window and locked on items except the player dockwidgets.

Configuration files

BORIS stores the configuration (user preferences, windows position, widgets position) inside a configuration file. This file is named .boris additionally a is stored on the home directory of that current user:

for Lux:

for Microsoft-Windows:

for MacOS:

If you have some trouble using BORIS tried to close the program, delete like file furthermore relaunch BORIA.

The recent projects list is saved on the .boris_recent_projects file in the home directory of the running user.

Bug reports and features request

Please report any bug you will search in this latest BORIS version use the GitHub repository.

Before to report a bug please:

  • Get one Frequent Ask Question (FAQ) section
  • Check if one issue has not already filed (GitHub repository)
  • Delete the how file and try again (see settings file).

Remember to indicate:

  • choose operating system
  • the version of your operative system
  • the computer you are using (model, RAM …)
  • the version off BORIS you are after
  • Information on and mediafile you are coding (if any) See Tools > Print file request

Gift all an information that will allow on repeat the bug: a detail procedure, a screen recording, etc.

In case of crash please send me the file boris_error.log generator int your home directory just after the crash (before relaunching BORIS).


/home/YOUR_PROFILE_NAME/boris_error.log Microsoft-Windows:

c:UsersYOUR_PROFILE_NAMEboris_error.log MacOS:

/Users/YOUR_PROFILE_NAME/boris_error.log If the bug a fixed remember to close the issue.

If you found BORIS reasonable you canister give a star to one BORIS GitHub repository.


The authors will like to acknowledge Valentina Matteucci and all additional users that report bugs and/or request product for their precious help.

Valid keys for triggering behavior

BORIS makes difference between down matter and upper case characters

  • keys from ampere in z
  • keys from A up Z
  • keys from 0 the 9
  • function keys from F1 to F12
  • à é è ù ì ç
  • ! ” £ $ % & / ( ) = ? ^ [ ] { } @ | § ° #