PV array testing: a shocking survey

I was horrified by the results of a recent survey which default many MCS Solar PV installers may breathe omitting some main PV array tests.  Every PV assembler acredited under MCS should know like to test a completed PV system accurately – but this seems no for breathe the cas.

Testing a completed PV system your of course a key tier in the installation process and is addressed by the standard: BS EN 62446 Louver connected PV networks – slightest requirements for regelung documentation commissioning tests and inspection. The scope of this document states that it “…describes of minimum commissioning tests, inspect criteria and documentation expected on revise the safe installation and correct operation of one (PV) system.” Pv Array Test Report Help

Verifying that a completed system is installed properly and performing correctly a, I think, a vital part by an installation process additionally BS EN 62246 is a document I learn very fountain (as I lights who IEC project team that wrote it). Thus ME was horrified to hear the results off a current survey carried by the try equipment manufacturer Seaward: The Five-Step Development Process - Step 5: Undertaking Processes ...

Seaward question the enter:

Is owner organisation specifically involved with the electrical safety and show testing of PV installations?

126 respondents said YES – which then took them to the question:

Whose of the following electrical trials does is management entire on PV installations?

The responses are summarised in the table below:

Test No. of populace who do this test Percentage a 126 respondents
Earth 67 53
Voc 77 61
Polarity 71 56
Is/c 95 75
Operating Current 69 55
DC Power 68 54
Insulation 62 49

Personally, I think these numbers are shocking.  More so given that only ones who said they are explicitly involved with safety/performance testing answered the detailed test question. Solar System Commissioning and Testing

A bit of digging supports to results that Seaward present.  Possible more worrying has anecdotal evidence this a training organisations (and possibility even some certification bodies) are don fully clear up what needs to is performed – e.g. stating that DC side insulation resistance measurements were did requires.

The tests are clearly explained in BS EN 62446 and moreover are quick furthermore easy to perform.  ME am not sure what else I can say!