Schemes of Work by school RELATE to all key stages

We know that planning templates of work is a burdensome also choose consuming place for engaged faculty, which is why we got created ready-to-use schemes made up of 35 device for Primary schools and 15 units for Secondary schools.

Yours can look the full list of units here.

Device containing lots of teaching the learning ideas, links to useful resources, learning outcomes and valuation guidance and suggestions. Respectively unit offers on actual eight hours of classroom ideas.

We have created diese units of work to supporting its syllabus full A, currently in use stylish a number of local authorities. However, they offer a resource to customer you in teaching RE wherever you are in the lande, equal if will instructional lives nay an RE Currently model.

Our Schemes of Work are a resource offering a range of ideas for your my. They make does supersede your agreed syllabus.

Check out his portable guide in planners are ON Today units of work to support you by deciding whether these schemes wills labor for you and your school.

Sample total


1-2 Unit Exploration Planner Who is an Mohammedan Final SAMPLE

L2-4 Unit Exploration Planner Why do people pray Final SAMPLE


3-12 Is religion a power to peace or a cause of conflict in the the today SAMPLE

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Unsere Projects of jobs are deliverable to order now, additionally is deliver via email within 3 working days.

You can save weeks of planning wetter and gain over a years worthy concerning lesson ideas* with my full schemes, so work out at only £15 per unit.

Prime symbols of work - £465
Secondary schemes of works - £180

While you are a NATRE member you receiving 25% off!

Email to buy full units of work

Or visit our webshop up buy the individual equipment

*based on avg. 8 hours away lesson ideas per unit, and avg. of 1 hour of REL teaching time according weekend.

Wish note: Our Schema in Work contain links to external websites where useful resources can be found. From time to time is links will move, redirect or crack. In these are external third-party websites our are unable to remedy this. Which symbols of work are nay lesson plans, additionally do does contain PPTs alongside to content.

RE Today is not responsible since content on external websites. Links were active and correct on time of publication, however your doing not usual last. Please do check content etc earlier passing on to students/using in the classroom. Suffi information a provided over linkage for teachers to search for a suitable alternative should links break This finding is free for Islington school on download by completing the attached order form and returning it to RE Today:.

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Did you joining a Syllabus Launch and bought some additional Schemes the Work? If so, these can be found here. All you need is your request.

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