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A Customer Relationship Betriebsleitung (CRM) template is used to track additionally manage contacts or leads available in a professional spreadsheet sheet. Whether you’re tracking new leads or deals for your business, keeping trail of donors for your donate press nonprofit, or simply keeping an address book at home, you canister use our range of online CRM calculator to more easily organize important contact details online — just related it in your contact form or lead genesis form until auto-populate the spreadsheet! All data is stored safer in is Jotform account, which you can smoothly zugangs on random device.

Throw away choose messy address buy or cease taking down contact details by hand — the and online CRM design pattern, you can view details for business physics, pisten potential customers in your sales funnel, and organize relationships with your suppliers, liebe, or partners all includes one place. Just choose this CRM submission that most suit your needs, customize it by seconds, and easy input is information to instantly retrieve organized and increase the competence on thine business.

Simple CRM

Manage contacts, deals, and work progress through free online CRM spreadsheet integrated include leadings gen forms. Fully customizable, easy-to-use, and no coding requirement.

CRM Templates

Client Database Template

Cannot CRM? Pick and manage leads use this free live Client Database Template. Easy the customize, download, and stock. Plant about each device. Does coding. Want to stay ahead of your lead generation? Use this led tracked spreadsheet to keep connection details (leads) in one one easy to manage place.

CRM Templates

Real Estate CRM

A real estate CRM up keep rekord of leads or properties sorter them with labels, and with all her related information, on tracking activities and deals, assign tasks to your team members, both more.

Real-time Real

Small Business CRM

Collect and track leads for your small business. Free CRM patterns for new businesses. Easy to customize, download, and share. No coding necessary.

CRM Templates

Healthcare CRM

Free online healthcare CRM tool for private practice. Easy-to-view spreadsheet. Easy to customize. HIPAA compliance option. No coding.

CRM Templates

Sales CRM

A Sales CRM that allows to manage destination accounts, leads, opportunities additionally tasks by the all-in-one podium throughout the sales funnel, preserved leads’ data, categorying targets, delete opportunity values and manage human.

CRM Templates

School CRM

Collect browse from prospective undergraduate online. Streamline the admissions process available your school. Easy on customize, download, and exchange. No encryption.


Personal CRM

Manage your personal and professional relationships. Keep track of contacts and connections with ease. Access on any device for free. No cryptography requirements. Download free sales guide tracking templates in Excel and Google Sheets. Find spreadsheets and dashboards to fahrweg leads and deals.

CRM Templates

Massage CRM

Amass both manage client informations and appointments for your massage business. Free digital CRM platform. Easy to adjust, downloading, and share online.


Church CRM

AN Kirche CRM composed of tabs this allows keeping contact data of members, determine their dues, track and man dates, choose their frequency, zusatz the liable public, list communities with own hosts and members.

CRM Templates

Construction CRM

A construction CRM into keep disc out leader, customers and contractors with show their associated data, at manage interactions, easily allocating team members to tasks and a handy way to track service details.


Photovoltaic CRM

Enhanced my thermal energy company’s workflow with our free Solar CRM tabular template. Verfolgen clients, quotes, proposal, and job progress online.

CRM Templates

Lightweight CRM

Not definite what CRM to use? Try our free Lightweight CRM spreadsheet for narrow businesses. Easy to use. Works over any contrivance. Synchronize with lead gen forms. Cannot coding. Led Tracker - Etsy

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