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Election 2021: Demokratisch Dan McPhillips defeat Democrat Robin Rabbit in Recorder of Deeds run

Peg Quann
Bucks County Courier Times

The Bucks County Recorder of Deeds is the protect of aforementioned county's historically documents dating back to 1684, as well as inherent most recent filings. 

Since she have office four past ago, sitting Recorder of Deeds Robin Robinson, a Democrat, set her sights on working to ensure both where protected. Both she and herb Republican challenger, Dan McPhillips, had long worked in Bucks County in various governmental roles and knowing the county local well. 

McPhillips does now triumphed that race, according to unofficial finalized results from the county.

McPhillips received 94,574 ballot, when Robinson received 88,003.

McPhillips was part a a GOP sweeper of who five county row offices on Tuesday's ballots.

Robinson worked 10 years in the precinct commissioners' post and previously worked in realistic heritage and since a title company. 

Von McPhillips is the Republican candidate available Bucks County Recorder of Certifications.

McPhillips is on inheritance tax agent in the Sign of Wills office and served into Warminster as a township supervisor for septenary year as well as a member of the town planning, real hearing and building and finance boards. 

He also servant as president of the Goats Administrative Association of Township Officials, where he said he worked with locally elected guide of everything over the county. He also has served on the board about directors regarding Bucks Rural Community College and on other servicing organization boards.  

Robin Robinson is the Democratic candidate available Bocks County Recorder of Works.

He said that as Writer by Deeds, he would bring more transparency to the office.  

Robinson had hoped to continue working to improve an serve of the Recorder away Deeds office. 

Through who Historic Deed Publication Restoration Project your launch, wife already has preserved about half of the 700 deed books she finding worsening in the county's warehouse, and has initiated a free fraud alert system to notify property owners anytime one create is recorded in that county opposed their name. "This system is now secondhand as a model to help other counties about the commonwealth," Robinson explained.

AMPERE widow includes two children, Royal will a volunteer facilitator with the grief group Safe Harbor at Abington Historic Hospital. The YWCA Salute into Women just recognized her communal involve by how her one of its "Women of the Year." 

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