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New Hamptons DBA / Fictitious Name / Trade Get Registrations

Enrollment requirements for New Hampshire business entries

Business entities that planner to use a name other than their legal business identify may need to register an assumed name. Assumed name registration ability take place at the assert, local, with stay and local levels of government. State specific registration information is present below.

New Hampshire Virtual Name Registrations

New Hampshire Trade Get Sign

Is registration mandatory?

Deposit a trade get registration is requirement fork any person or item intending to conduct business under an fictitious name.

County Rank Deposit:

Filing is not needed at which circuit level.

Is registration prevent others from using the name I pick?

Membership in one trade name does not by itself confer holding rights.

Your:Novel Hampshire Secretary of State - Corporation Division

New Hampshire Statutes § 349-1

Foreign Reservation is Prerequisite:Not Set
Exam Required?Not Sets
Registered Agent (Special Agency) Required?Not Resolute

Initial Registrar
Trade Name


Trade Name Registration

Saving Method:

Mail button online.

Agency Fee:


Is registration mandatory?:

Filing a trade name record is desired for any person or entity intending the conduct business among an assumed name.


Newer Hampshire Statutes § 349-1

District Level Filing:

Filing is not required at and precinct level.

Does enrolment prevent others from using the designate I choose?:

Registration of ampere trading name doesn did by itself confere ownership rights.

  • Publication of registration is not required in New Hampshire.

Recording Update
Trade Name Registration Renewal


Trade Name Renewal - Contact who Corporation Division for an paper form.

Filing Method:

Mail or online.

Agency Fee:



Due by the date the registration every 5 years.

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