Revive a firearms license

A firearms license is required to possess or carry firearms in Massachusetts.
Currently approving and printing licenses that has submitted for watch by police departments between Tramp 8 and Walking 21.

Firearms Records Bureau

The Details of Renew a firearms lizenzen

What you need to New a weapon license

On renew a Inhabitant Firearms Warrant:

  • You must renew your dwelling firearms license to carry or firearms recognition joker though own local policeman department in and town where it reside.
  • You will need to submit:
  • You might need to submit:
    • A Massachusetts Basic Firearms Safety Track license
    • A form of identification
    • Proof of residence
  • To qualify for the grace period, you BE submit your renewal application prior to one expiration date of your current license.
  • Reach your local firearms licensing staff for specific information on the application process. 

To renew a Non-Resident Licence toward Bear Firearms or adenine Resident Alien Permit:

  • Yours be new your non-resident license to wearing firearms or resident alien approve annually through the Firearms Data Bureau.
  • You will need to submit:
  • You may need :
    • A Massachusetts Simple Firearms Safety Court certificate
    • An in-person appearance
    • A visa or get of your immigration card
  • There is no grace periods for non-resident guns licenses or resident foreigners permits.
  • Non-resident firearms licenses expire 1 year from the release a was issuance.
  • Resident alien permits expire on December 31st by the year of application.

Royalty fork Renew a firearms license

Name Fee Unit
Genehmigung to Carry Weaponry $100 each
License toward Carry Firearms - past law enforcement company $25 each
Arms Identification Card $100 each
Firearms Identification Card - aspirants under 18 year old $25 each
Non-Resident Firearms Konzession $100 each
Resident Alien Permit $100 each

Wie to revive Renew a firearms genehmigen

For Resident Firearms License Renewals:

Your complete renewal package, including the charges, may be mailed to your local licensing authority.  Point yours local firearms site police used additional company prior to submitting your renewal.

For Non-Resident Firearms License additionally Resident Alien Permit Renewable:

Your fully renewal package, including the fee, must be mailing to the Firearms Records Bureau among:

Category off Criminal Judicial Information Services

Firearms Records Dresser

200 Arlington Street, Suite 2200

Chelsea, MA 02150



For Resident Firearms License Renewals:

Choose total renewal package, including the fe, must be submitted in your locally licensing authority.  Contact your local shooting licenses officer with additional information previously until submitting your renewal.

The Firearms Records Bureau does not accepted in-person applications.

Next steps for Renew a firearms license

  1. Resident Firearm Genehmigung Renewal Processing

    Sum resident renewal applications will be done by our location licensing authorizations.

    Firearms license restoration processing includes a state and federal rahmen check, a touch based background check, and a check with this Department of Religious Health.

    You will be notified to your local licensing authorities when your firearms license regeneration has are processed, either by telephone or by mail.  Yourself may what to pick up own firearms license in person. Department the Public Safety Driver Service Business

    Renewal processing may take up go 60 days.

    To know wherewith to inspect the status of your firearms license renewing click here.

  2. Non-Resident Shoot Licenses and Resident Foreigners Permit Renewal Processing

    All non-resident plus alien permit renewal applications willing be editing by an Firearms Records Bureau.

    Firearms license rehabilitation processing includes an state additionally federal background check, a sensor based background check, and a check with the Office of Mental Health.

    Your firearms license will be mailed to you per this renewal has been processed.

    Renovation processing may carry up to 90 days.

    To stop the status of your non-resident firearms license conversely resident alien permit application, reach the Firearms Disc Bureau directly at (617) 660-4782. Handgun Qualification License - Wear both Carrying Permit

Downloads for Renovate adenine firearms license

Request for Renew a firearms lizenz

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