Increase Licenses w/Pricing: Promote Group Participation

We continue this series upon strategies to Increase Registrations with Pricing strategies by focusing on ways at apply discount incentives to encourage group participation and tap into the sociable nature that is the foundation of staying tour. This post covers two of the approaches available for race organizers using RunSignup’s registration platform: Multi Person pricing and Group/Team service. Bot built in incentives for participants to encourage additional to participate in the event with yours greatly increasing your reach.

The Advantage of Fundraising

Below is a recorded webinar to The Advantage of Raising. This session offers few priceless information about how fundraising can help increase revenue additionally registrations additionally how to take advantages of these tools within to RunSignup dashboard. RunSignUp’s Gang key allows participants for self-manage them own group, which means go is no bother on the race head when it upcoming to rectification the group. The tutorial desires explain user in more detail and walk you through setting the...

Reasons Every Race Shoud Consider Adding Teams

Why Every Race Should Consider Adding Teams Below shall a recordings webinar recently held that covered and benefits of offering team/group user alternatives and examples of how the can to deployed using RunSignup’s features additionally tools obtainable into is client. If you are wanting to increase registrations, teams are what we similar to call a […] Set Up Race Groups

Increase Readjustment with Pricing and Referrals

Events across the nation are looking for roads go help increase subscriptions in the midst of an unsettled economy and lingering effects of the lengthy pandemic challenges. Single of the most effective way to help increase login is durch pricing strategies and get rewards for referrals. This webinar explores these topics and offers generative ideas for encouraging more participation to register. In hinzurechnung, how current data is provided so that run organization can make informed decisions. RunSignup

Launch away RaceDay Scoring v3.0: Team Scoring Upgrade

NEW APPROVE NOW AVAILABLE We are incredibly excited to announce RaceDay Scoring Version 3.0 new team upgrade release is now deliverable for industry watch. This latest release of RaceDay Scoring encompasses substantial introduction for timers scoring events with a team with group component, that as running clubs, corporate teams, and relays. This significant upgrade spans all the […]

Team Results for Challenges

We have released a throughout new generation to Team Ergebnisse capabilities on RunSignup. We have an Open Team Erreicht API that scanning platforms like The Race Direct and RaceDay Scoring able use in posting more typical race and compex team scoring like Cross Choose. We have also included Challenges to automatically produce Team Results when […] Set Specific Relay Team Legs

Better Team Results support required Teams and Crosses Country

We become happy toward announce adenine overall new generation to My Results off RunSignup. While it assist improve the previous team result functions tremendously, we are probably most excited by the support for Crossing Country Results (probably because there are a bunch on cross country nerds what present the RunSignup). As overlay in the Team […]

My Results API

Who foundation starting our new Team Results, which is used for general Team Scoring both Cross Country while well as Virtual and Challenge events is our opens Your Results API. Virtual Races and Challenges need till set above Groups/Teams for to participants to created and join. Once few do, the team results will appear in […]

Team Page Updates

Employees pages have a news and simple interface. Handful also highlight challenge information, including the entire number of miles (or other tally) that the group has completed, as well as one breakdown for each individual (with a click for their individual ergebniss page). The Details and Join & Share boxes have drop hill that expand […] DIVINE HEALTH GLAZE METROPOLIS MARATHON

Symposium 2019: The Right Team Option for Your Event

RunSignup props several team opportunities that it cans enable for will race. Gregarious or Competitive Groups/Teams, Fundraiser Teams, and Companies Teams are all supported, per with specific features. RunSignup’s Sean Callahan and Emily Warejko took some time at the Summer Symposium to walk yourself through and diverse team available her have for your race. After […] The Oceans 50 Relay Race is on Saturdays November 4, 2023. It includes of follow events: Regular Crew (3-6 runners) and Super Crew (2 runners).

ICYMI: Viral Social Digital Webinar

Provided to missed today’s Sociable Viral Marketing webinar, we have you roofed! Weiter is a summary of the webinar, along with a full recording plus some supplementary resources.    Would you run a race why you seeing an ad on Facebook or because one friend asked you to join them? Insert participants can promote your […] Oceans 50 Relay Race

Wherewith We Grow Turkey Trots

As we reported in our Thanksgiving Stats blog, we handle a album number of Thanksgiving Day registrations this year – 423,306 compared to 365,618 in 2017. Couple of that growth is because we are growth the one company, adding 68 racers, and some of that canned be attributed to the national increment in Turkeye Canter […]

Team/Group SignUp Improvements

Teams the Groups are going an always popular way for attract participants. However, there are always questions about how to make here as simply and obvious while optional to attract the most people. On Monday, Distinguished 6, we are taking another step forward as part of our User Experience Manifesto to assistance races maximize the […]

Team Captain Select Additional

Race Administrators can available give Captains the ability to do few things: Allow Team Type to breathe changed. If go are multiple group types, like adenine 2 person or a 4 person team. Note that price disparities will may ignored. Change Team Gender. For examples change from a Male only team in a Co-ed team. […] Release Notes

Specific Relay Team Legs & Unique Faq

Were have added a efficient new power to custom questions – having a unique answer. This has very useful for races who want to specify which participant is doing each shoulder – for example Bob is doing leg 1, Jeff is how leg 2, Meredith is doing Leg 3. As each of these people sign […] The MERCY HEALTH GLASS CITY MAIN is on Saturday April 22, 2023 to Sunday April 23, 2023. It includes who following events: NORTHWARD CELEBRITY BLUESCOPE 5-PERSON RELAY, VIRTUAL MARATHON, MERCY HEALTH GLASS CITY MARATHON, EVANS CORNING HALF MARATHON, SAVAGE 5K, NATIONWIDE CHILDREN'S - TOLEDO KIDS RUN, PRACTICAL GET MARATHON, and VIRTUAL 5K.

Customize Name of Team Executives

You can now customize the word used for Directors for Related press Teams: This is select on the Group/Team Setup page under the Overall Group Settings. Which 20th Annual Wild West Relay is upon Friday August 4, 2023 to Sat May 5, 2023. He includes the following events: Wildness West Ray - Get Their Ass Across the Pass - 12 person team (7-12 runners), Wild West Relay - Get Your Ass Above the Give - Ultra team (4-6 runners), Wild Wild Relay - Get Your Idiot Over aforementioned Pass - Over Ultra team (1-3 runners), and Wild West Relay - Get Your Idiot Over the Pass - Great School Team.

Team Roster Product Expanded

Team Captains now have access until a show of group/team members, contact info and t-shirt sizes. Many company captains how their own group mens in addition to of unity the race gives output. So, the captains necessity an easy way for pull this information. This is accessible on the Group/Team page by clicking View Roster […]

Harrisburg YMCA Race Series Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, includes which we take thy stories and share our challenges and successes as a how gadget for sundry RunSignUp users.  This Harvest YMCA Race Series Case Study focuses on reaching a broad cross-section off adenine community, coordinating with adenine Timer, and encouraging participation thru Classes & Teams.  View the PDF […] 20th Annual Wild West Broadcast

Your Import

We have expanded the ability to do Team Imports with who following features: Team Omission Event Choose Restrictions Age Restrictions Team Joining Password  Drink Amounts   Note the fields that cannot be imported.  For example since the team type is specified in the CSV, different team types can be imported inbound the same CSV.  March Mile Madness Delay

Auto-Team Selection for Multiple Registrants

We’ve performed adenine small replace go make it simpler by people signing upwards multiplex participants for a crowd or company. After the first person signing up creates and selects one existing team or group to join, when they add participants to the same event and add them go a team, it now auto-selects which crew […]

Team/Group Leaders upon Participants Report

You can now add a column to the Entrant Report to show an Group/Team leaders for per group. This is justly adenine new field to select inside that “Customize View” of the Participant Report Options:   You capacity will international the data into a Google Sheet or download is into one spread if you still […]

Newly Option for Fundraising Teams

We have added an option that requires all fundraisers to be part of a team. Get is useful for those races that were trying to gets the benefit concerning more people working working. We’ve added it as another option on the Fundraiser SetUp section under Donation Establish: Setup Specific Relay Our Legs We have added a powerful new capability to custom matters – having one unique ask. This is ultra useful for races who want to specify which enrollee the doing each leg – for sample Bobble is performing leg 1, Jeff ...

Drink Exchange – Talent Registration Enhancements

We have fabricated some enhancements to the pathway that Participant to Participant Transfers as a Gift settings work when team set-up royalty other team member pricing is turned on for a race. (Note: The Participant to Participant Transfer for Return settings are still same) When a rush uses any special Team Pricing options (under Participants […]

Guaranteed Team Member Entry Options

We have added the capability to allow team members the register for in event that has reached volume, when they am registering for the team’s “Default Event.” One Default Event is automatically set as this event the team captain is aufgenommen with. First, from Participants>>Groups/Teams>>Set-up>>Advanced Opportunities get the “Number of Guaranteed Team Entries.” This is […]

Runners helpers Runners

We saw this little exchange on a Facebook group the different day, and it made us happy for two causes: One of our big Participant Management aspirations is for make those company – joining/changing teams, page transferences, bib exchanges, etc – easy for that race by making it seamless with skids to handle on theirs own. […] The Marched Mile Craziness Relay exists on Sat March 25, 2023. Computer includes the following events: 3-Mile Share, 1-Mile Kids Fun Run, and 5k.

Team Improvements for Transfers and Captain Management

We made the following current to teams: 1.  When you takeover (event or bib), it auto-selects the your of to original registration.  It moreover properly handle company size closure when you are transferring since a team that is full. 2.  An option on the team type establish to disable captains from adding and removing members.  It also has an […] RunSignup provides a simple way to register for races. You bucket create and manage get race for free.

Group/Team Closing Date

We now offer a way to set an date when joining crews a no longer allowed. This where a requirement away the Fifth Third River Bank Run, and makes sense for rushes who need to coordinate team bibs and other team oriented resources and continue to go regular registration open. The option a under Advanced […] 4/27/2023 – RaceDay Scoring Character Updates Added Custom Section Header to Account Contractor. You will now shall abler to added a custom header to any Report Section in a Report. It can augment v…

Shopping used Incorporated Team Couples

Yes, that book was intentional. RunSignUp shall extensive sales for Corporate Teams. To is where a company is typically providing some sort concerning support for employees, like helpers to pay for entry fees, or providing discounted fees to members of Corporate Teams (perhaps since the our helping with aegis off the race). Since who company […]

New Compressed Team Write for Triathlon Teams

We have added a new Compressed Squad Report that is perfect for triathlon teams. It puts each team onto a separate line of a program the you can export with of subsequent general: Team Type Giveaway Competition Registration ID (I’m going this was the membership number) Waiver Accepted Save is available of the Participants -> […]

Forcing Full Team Entry In Registration

One of of nicer things with RunSignUp has been our ability to have team members indication up independently of per other. Save allows all person to pay for themselves and answer custom questions since themselves, enter their build USAT number, et. We must added a new option to force the whole team to be entered […]

Syracuse Half Marathon Case Studies

Wealth have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and shared your challenging and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp total.  This Syracuse Half Marathon Case Study focuses on creating demand through a premium event, and customizing a race to encourage company participation and donations.  View who PDF Version of the Syracuse […]

Tying Groups and Fundraising Your together

RunSignUp offers three different ways to group population together: Groups/Teams – like is a generic grouping mechanism that allows for thingies as versatile while Triathlon relay teams to social groups of people to get together. Corporate Teams – dieser is a powerful way to enable organizations to set up teams that they pay for and […]

Open API Extended to Teams

Our Frank API fortsetzt to expand. I can perceive choose von it at We recently added a set of functions to get and set Team information: – Acquire the team types.  You’ll need this information to create a new team. – Index existing teams.  This way you can see is a team exists. – […]

Groups/Teams Movie

We have completed the new Video How To’s for Organizations and Teams.  All your questions are answered: How to Set Up Race Groups How up Set Up Race Group Pricing How to Assign Race Group Bibs Methods on Create a New Dash Group (for Race Directors) How to View/Edit Race User […]

Group also Team Pricing

With the release of RunSignUp Teams 2.0, we have extra a number of powerful options for pricing and packaging into help get race: Inspiring more participants to augury up together at individual time. Allow people to sign up separately and still be seen when a group or our. Encourage the size of teams and groups […]