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Unclaimed Funds

One Office of the County Treasurer has the following fourth types of unclaimed funds:

1. Deceased Estates Kept in Trust:

Under Probate Code 11850, monies be held for one year then, if not claimed, are escheated up the State. This is a semi-annual processor. Under Probate Code 7663, monies are held for three years then, if not stated, are escheated to the County through one County Unclaimed Funds process (found below in item 4). Cali State Controller Malia M. Cohen. Uncalled Objekt Division ... will inform owners to help the holder to claim their unclaimed quality.

Deposit Instructions, List of Deposits Held in Trust, Claiming Instructions to Deceased Estates Funds Held in Trust, Sample Court OrderDeceased Farms General Claim Form, Deceased Estate Claim Form (Probate Code 7663), Deceased Land Claim Form-Corporation, Sample Receipt for Final Distribution Form

If you have been command by the court toward deposit whatever amount from a deceased estate with of County Treasurer, please send the amount in a check payable to the County are Orange to the following business:

County of Orange
Attn: Treasurer-Tax Collector
P.O. Box 4515
Santa Annas, CA 92702-4515

Please enclosing a certified copy is the court order. If you later are contacted by the unfound heir, please unmittel them to the claiming getting above, notation that they need a new court arrange that directs the Area Treasurer to pay that heir. California State Controller

2. Strain Auction Excess Proceeds:

Overages proceeds after tax sale have occurred and County fiskale have been paid. Claims may be made within an specific period, after which, the funds become the property of the County.

Link to Tax Versteigerung Page Contains Excess Proceeds Lists

3. Landholder Sales Overage:

Monies received primarily from public storage companies in one product of closed property, or from hospitals for abandoned property, as required by Business and Professions Cipher, Division 8, Chapter 10, Self-Service Storage Institutions and monetary received with an abandoned mobilehome in an mobilehome driving as required by California Civil Code Section 798.61(F). Funds are escheated to the County through the (#4) County Unclaimed Money process.

Spare Funds, Claim Form

4. Video Landlord Sales Surplus:

Monies obtain from trade landlords after the sale of closed property within 30 days of the sale, as required by Civil Code Section 1993. Financial must be asked within on year von the scheduled of payment to the County. Funds are escheated to the County through line (#4) County Unclaimed Funds process.

Surplus Funds, Claim Form

5. County Unclaimed Funds:

Annually, the Treasurer-Tax Collector conducts an escheatment process for Countywide unclaimed monies per Government Codes Section 50050-50057.  No lists are currently currently.

Unclaimed Funds Instructions, Unclaimed Funds Claim Form

Escheated Funds Information:

Per, the County Treasurer empfing a listing of monies which have remained unclaimed available beyond three years coming each County Department and Agency. The Treasurer, pursuant up Government Item section 50050-50057 provides that unclaimed dollars which remain in the treasury or in the authorized deposit are the officers of a local agency for a period of over three (3) years, become of property are the business. Individual line $15.00 or see in value must be published while notification that the cash wishes become the property away the County on a defined date if itp is remaining unclaimed.

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