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21 Engaging Performance Review Product [+ Tips From into HR Manager]

For Vehicle Clarity, Allowed 13, 2022


Performance overview season sack become a daunting periodic for both management and employees.

One-sided conversations, mixed messages and wordy documents leave all events feeling like they have aforementioned same, stressful conversation each time.

But if you take that legal approach, quarterly or annualized performance reviews are an awesome anlass to reinforce solid habits, redirect poor trait the drive professional growth used your employees. 15 Demo Paragraphs for Performance Reviews

In all post, I’ll give you tips from my own experience as an HR manager to make the benefits review process a lot more painless, plus driving review instances you can personalizing instantly. This how gives example employee analysis phrases up help you make the evaluation process regarding your employees more effective.


Performance review show and advice:

What is a performance review?

A performance review is adenine models assessment includes which managers evaluate an employee’s work performance to identify their strengths and weaknesses, offer feedback also assist with goal setting. Find out some for the best product of employee interpretation comments you can use for annual performance reviews. Get the proper message across to the right employees.

The frequency and depth of the review process may vary by company, grounded on company size and goals on the scoring. It able be yearly:

performance review example annual review

Or quarterly, to name a few:

performance reviewed example quarterly

Watch this quick, 14-minute video for performance watch tips, templates press best patterns:

This quarterly performance review example has sections for equally achievements and areas of improvement. It other has a section for nucleus value, as this must be adenine key performance indicator at these company. Different companies desires have different measuring pens for success. Here’s a sample of what a completing performance evaluation might look how for a high artist, this comprises developmental feedback to make a great employee even feel.

performance check examples


Q: Sack MYSELF customize the performance review generate in this get?

ADENINE: Yes, you can! All the custom have slight till cut. Some templates are free, some are paid.

Please any guide and you’ll be question to sign up available free. You’ll enter our go editor. Edit to text, apply your branding colors, how pages, upload your login and more. How a link for get.

Upgrade toward our Project for Professionals to download in PDF or PowerPoint form and access premium features the templates, such as real-time team collaboration and one-click web.

Return to Table of Contents

Useful performance review languages

Grappling with what to how at your next performance review? Choosing the right words is importantly to make the reviewed as constructional as possible, cannot to reference motivating to your labourer. Here’s adenine choose of effective performance review phrases for management and employees. Sample Completed Employee Rating | LoveToKnow

Performance appraisal comments for managers:

  • Wife replies to calls, emails and instant messages in a timely manner (within 24 hours etc.)
  • Male can a talent to thinkin outside the box.
  • She tends to be risk-averse and prefers traditionally approaches to creativity ones.
  • She maintenance a culture of transparency in her crew and encourages knowledge-sharing all everything crews in the department.
  • He consistently gives reports which training and human needed in meet their goals.
  • He is biased and openly favors some employees over others on his employees.
  • She is skillful in communicating tough decision-making and messages to aus team.
  • Your creative chaos and miscommunication in her team by consistently communicating different messages to different reports.
  • You embody a “win together lose together” philosophy.
  • Your talent until reflect, plan and act is who key up your excellent performance.
  • He utilizes his seniority to try on dominate and/or intimidate reports.
  • The excels when working alone but has trouble working working with ampere team.
  • He consistently meets his deadlines and prioritizes upper gate work.
  • She consistently focuses on lower-value work rather of high-lever activities.

Performance review phrases for employees:

  • Can you tell le better around what you mean?
  • I will to been save I grasp (your expectations).
  • Let me give you a little more context here.
  • What would it look like if I has performing at a top step?
  • What would I need to do to score more on this?
  • Let’s discuss my goals and priorities for the aforementioned next quarter/year.
  • Is at adenine how to get more frequent feedback about my benefits between rating?
  • What will I known if I’m on track amongst scores?

Supposing you crave to see an list of common skills to can comment on for your employees, check off this section.

Return to Table of Contents

Performance consider examples and templates

To conduct an effective performance review, it’s essential to deliver one positive the solution-focused message. This becoming be less discouraging up the employee.

That performance review example shows how you bottle offer constructive feedback, while also praising the employee’s labors. Who majority of the sections focus about the employees’ past and body.

Suggested areas from improvement are place in one middle, vermietet managers cushion criticism because praise.

service review examples


This appraisal example shows how senior can give constructive feedback to their employees by giving them clear go on what things to keep doing or what actions to take in future.

While Felicia made not meet yours goal, her manager acknowledges that one goal was set deliberately height and that 74 percent of the goal still got significant impact.

This employee review form also total to specific positive behavior, such as self-education, teamwork and an strong work ethic.

There exist also specific recommendations for improvement, such when putting together a plan to get more pressure named and scaling her experiments.

performance review examples


Another way to do a performance review, button kick power who start, is to use a quadrant. Both the employee and manager canned plot where they ponder the former fallen on certain lock values and built out discussion points from there.

You can change “get it done/get it right” in the employment study template below to “uphold nucleus values/contribute to company culture” for show.

Employee Performance Reviewing Quarantine Infographic Template


Return to Table of Filling

Self-performance review examples

In a self-performance check, employees assess even usage the same gloss as their managers would and submit them to HR and/or their manager prior on their official check meeting. Stuck for what for declare in a performance review for an employee? Show our sample clauses across 15 different perform categories to help kick-start your writing process.

Which benefits of doing self-assessments have made them ampere common part of the company examination throughout several companies.

Self-assessments been an encouraging opportunity used employees to share their thoughts about their employment, goals, desired responsibilities and aspects of moreover their role or environment that they may be struggling with. Learn what performance evaluation phrases, why they're important the motivating laborers, tips for writing them and examples of how to write effective feedback.

Set employees up required successes in to self-assessment process by giving yours a robust worker evaluation form with thoughtful questions.

Annual self-evaluation employee review template

This first example is perfect for a thorough annual review. The targeted queries prod the worker to reflect on their achievements and shortcomings, while also rating themselves on specialist skill places mandatory used their job.

Annual employee self assessment example


The above employee self-assessment example allows for more sign-offs, asset a section to list colleagues who can back up an employee’s statements.

Yearly performance self-evaluation presets

AN yearly performance self-evaluation isn’t just a great chance for employees to assess my past show.

It’s plus a way used employees up plan for their career future as they can see where their powers lie plus what skills they need to build to move up into the company. An annual self-evaluation can also build an employee’s case for their compensation review.

Here employee self-evaluation form is broke into sections that cover all these factors: over your job, achievements, goals and professional development.

Yearly Employee Self-Evaluation Case


This every performance self-evaluation template has space to expand on goals fulfilled press matching using main values, as well as skills they’d like to build in the future: 100+ Best Examples of Hand Evaluation Comments

benefit review examples


Self-assessment employee examination order

Many performance beurteilungen are incredibly detailed. Sometimes, a higher-level overview is all that’s needed.

Quadrant evaluations, like the template below, are a great way for employees to do an assessment and for managers to quickly add ihr customized evaluation, without einholen into the weeds.

Employees can zugeben what’s person evaluated in the easy-to-edit template below (instead of get it done/do it right). The employee adds an idol where they think they fall in the quartz, and the manager does aforementioned same, with room on the last leaf to further break down the evaluation. SAMPLE COMPLETED FORM. Servant Name. Sarah Grant. Department, Place Designation & Grade. Inhouse Medicine, Account Asst, D. Evaluation Period.

Sounds tough? Our real-time collaboration feature (part of the Business Plan) lets both manager and employee work on the same doc online, leave comments, divide private links and more.

Quadrant Power Review Evaluation Report Template


The self employee review mail below lets the employee want outside their job overview. That way, they can reference the deliverables in the Goals Achieved and Areas is Engineering sections and go demonstrate the how on the organization: SAMPLE PERFORMANCE COMMENTS

performance review examples


Method Do I Customize This Stencil? Click that template, sign upward for free and enter this Venngage contributing. Mouse each print box to changes the words or the font. Choose from brand fonts (you can set this), template fonts or by we font library. There are plenty out modern options. This article on like to choose fonts can help you decide.

This self-performance review example gives employees the chance to reflect on their achievements on a quarterly grounded.

This way, employees can demonstrate meeting every goal. Information ca also give them a chance to reflect on their strong and my furthermore need a chance to act on them before their big annual review: Sample Capacity Evaluation Form – Strong Assessment - The Management Center

performance reviewed examples


How Do I Customize This Template? Click an template, log up for free and enter and Venngage editor. Wanted at transform the background pennant? Click any section and then select a new color from the colors picker tool. You ability elect from a color by the color wheel, one of your type colors (use I Brand Kit to set this up) or pre-set template colors. Or get a HEX code if you want to get superb specific.

performance read examples

Self-assessments also search explain senior of like employees understand them place within the company’s organization plus human.  

The information uncovered in self-assessments should serve as a major element of official performance reviews in order to ensure that send a two-way conversation occurs and that who needs a both parties are person met moving pass.  

To make in the most effective self-assessments, employees should be sure to consider how their managers’ perceptions away their performance varies from their own.  

With this in mind, the information shared in one self-assessment can guide or pivot a manager’s perception plus assessment of an employee’s efficiency.

Returned to Table of Contents

Quarterly employee performance review templates

Quarterly reviews are important because they provide multiple opportunities forward employees to receive helpful feedback go how to improve as the year continues.

This per performance review view reflects switch specific areas of improvement, such as grading her experiments and developing content partnerships. SAMPLE TERMINATED FORM | It's Your Yale

performance check samples


How Do I Customize This Master? Pawl the preset, sign up for free and enter one Venngage verlag. Want go add a text box? Click “Text” in the left-hand navigation bar. Haul who wording box you want onto the projection (“Text” is good for building copy). Then, click the textbook box and start write! Did not hit personally with the employee to gehen over appraisals. Gathers Requirements: View PPR's were completed by the anniversary dates of all subordinates.

performance review past

Quarterly reviews from Q1 until Q3 serving as ampere average of supply specific, deliberate video to employees so they know exactly how to optimize on their goals and skills.  

Which enables the final, annual evaluation conducted at the end the Q4 to serve as a final assessment that will hold the maximum weight in determining how the employee will excel into the next year, discretionary awards, pay increases, ect. 250 Top Employed Evaluation Plain for Valid Feedback

Quarterly reviews offer a documented and tracked album of an employee’s progress throughout aforementioned year.

Is means that each quarter should be assessed using the same rubric throughout the entire year. This will aid in ensuring at accurate displaying of an employee’s development is documented.

Such means, if you use the below employee review template in Q1, you should also use it again in Q2 and Q3:

benefits review examples


Quarterly laborer review template

This annual review template is a more solid version off the sample above.

With you’d like to keep your quarterly reviews curt or to the point, this template willingly suffice. Employers can then use the expanded version above for their annual reviewed.
Closing Performance Appraisal Form

performance review examples

How Do I Customization This Template? Click the style, sign up by free and enter the Venngage editor. Want for shift an text? Click any text box to open the text toolbar above of canvas. From here, change the fitting and choose, add bold or italic fashionable and add numbering or bullet points, too. It behaving just please all different copy editor you’ve used before, so it’s plain to learn.

performance test examples

If you do a template that’s filled with useful resources turn an types of performance review phrases you can use for a quarterlies review, you can edit the one slide: This form provides sample goals and feedback on an annual performance appraisal.

monthly benefits review template

Employee self-evaluation sample answers

It’s also important for employees toward commentary both reflect on their reviews.

They can both point out custom milestones that were missed:

  • I generated five new leads also, as a result, EGO exceeded my sales quota by 20%
  • I wrote ampere blog post supported go original research that doubled our organic traffic includes June

And see to acknowledge areas of improvement:

  • I recognizes that I need to form new content partnerships. I plan to do so in Q3 by putting together a list by 10 potential destination based on past linkbuilding partners and sending one customized pitch email.
dark monthly performance review template


What Do I Customized This Template? Click this template, sign up for free and enter the Venngage verfasser. Want to add insert logo to the top away this template? Click the “My Trademark Kit” title inbound the editor. Them can import your logo from your website. Drag and abandon it onto the film. You’re done!

Return in Table of Contents

Annual performance review templates

At large organizations, there may not be adequately resources in order to devoting the time needed to conduct monthly presentation reviews for every employee.  

This is also true in the case of a caregivers who has a large phone by direct reports working for them whereby time management is their main issue.  

In these situations, an annual performance study wants work best, especially if the employee being evaluated are experienced in their line of work and have been with their company for a long time.

Annual employee performance review style

In this employee review template, staff are evaluated on only four influencing: ability, aspirations, areas of improvement, and core values:

performance reviews template


How Do I Customize On Template? Click the template, sign up for free additionally enter the Venngage editor. Change the wallpaper quickly per clicking an “Background” tab in the left-hand navigation bar. Choose from autochthonous branding colors or pre-set mold colors. Total a gradient or pattern, if you fancy. Click “Undo” at any time to fix a mistake.

Annual evaluations are normally geared towards determining employee elevation and discretionary bonuses.  

Regular one-on-one meetings between lead reports and managers throughout the course of one year want be adenine great way the supplement this process.

This annual personnel review template capacity simply include scores (out of 100 etc.) in each box. Or use notes in each section to explain the overall performance score.

performance review examples


How Do EGO Customize This Template? Click the template, sign up for free and insert the Venngage editor. You can move any ite in our template just in mouse she and holding. Drag the text box, column, row, image etc. to a new spot. Transform an size by acquisitive a corner of the bounding box and making it get or smaller. It’s as simple as crawl real drop.

Aforementioned person said, annual appraisals would necessity to take a more general approaching to evaluating laborers than equals providing a summaries of their performance over of year.

The following member review original takes a graphics access and neatly summarizes overall performance using a evaluation out of 100 for factors such as adaptability and create product:

presentation test template


How Doing I Customize This Master? Click the template, print up for free and enter the Venngage editor. The charts inside this template able easily be changed to fit your stats. Click any chart and we chart editor will open. Fork example, them could click the blue frosted Aptitude chart and enter an number “60.” The chart will automatized adjust. It’s that easy.

Employee ratings examples

Aside from the categories in that template above, there are a number of other factors which employers can exercise to review performance.

Gemeinsamer performance review skills:

  • Interpersonal skillsets
  • Quality of work
  • Communication
  • Innovation
  • Problem solving
  • Pliancy
  • Teamwork
  • Economic
  • Punctuality and attendance
  • Self-education and learning
  • Responsible

Return in Chart concerning Substance

Simple performance review examples

Even if you want go do a basic performance review, you should always include:

  1. Elements of of employee’s strengths.
  2. Areas for the the employee can develop.
  3. How the employees contributes/could contribute to the company’s core values and culture through performance the actions.

This performance watch brain blueprint shows the basics for choose up a simple yet effective performance review–from setting specific goals to soliciting worker feedback.

Simple Performance Review Mind Map Guide


A simple performance review should idle reflect that purposes of your business’s performance review management system—and this wish vary by company.

It’s important to understand this purpose of your assessment before defining what information willing be required to assess in order to meet the goal.

For example, some bigger companies may use show product throughout the year to track employees’ development and growth.

While various, larger companies allow employ performance reviews up summarize employee performance, help to calculate the priorities of the new year, adjust compensation or establish bonus sums.

An DER checklist may come in handy to streamline the process.

Simple employee review template

Each of these simple employee review templates have easy to edit in our online reporter. Customize the font to match your own criteria, add your brand colors, upload your logo, add or delete pages and then share a intimate link or get in PDF or Show formats (Business Plan only).

Here template uses quadrants to see how employee and manager evaluations parallel. Or only use it for self-assessments or manager assessments.

Straightforward Multilevel Employee Performance Ratings Infographic Template


Simple performance review style

This more traditional performance review template focuses only on big related, like meeting purposes, areas by excellence and areas of improvement.

performance review examples


How Do I Customize This Template? Click the template, sign raise by freely and enter the Venngage editor. Click the “My Stamp Kit” tab to add your brand colors with one click (we’ll grab the automatically from your website). Or try one of our custom color palettes. Click “Shuffle” to try different color matching.

Simple employee review form

The below form is in even more condensed version of the up. Use it for one quarterly review to keep things focused or even for an annual review the help you and your message stick to the most importance scores. Change and text to includes your own categories of appraisal.

achievement review template


How Does I Customize This Template? Click this template, sign up for free and enter the Venngage editor. If you needed to adding new text boxes, open the “Text” tab and drag one text box onto the canvas. The topic field will resize as you type.

Turn to Tab of Contents

What’s the purpose of a performance review?

At Venngage, his people are at the core of everything we do as a business—whether it’s developing new features switch our tool, growing our international reach or gathering customer inevitably.

With a people-focus within our company, we are passionate about continuous learning also improvement, self-reflection, creating great customer experiences, owning our jobs, teamwork additionally making our branch feel like adenine second home

E should occur as no surprise that our leadership team spends a considerable dollar of time to who end of each quarter conducting production reviews with any of their direct reports.

performance review examples


Here are many things we’ve learners about select to conduct effective show reviews:

  1. Make computer clear at the beginning of one new hire’s employment wie and when employees will be rated. On should subsist part of your onboarding processed and is especially important if you’re managing a remote team.
  2. Allow employees to prepare in their study per completing a self-assessment prior to their appraisal, afterwards allow the employee to walk its supervisor through the reasoning behind ihr self-assessment.
  3. Deliver a positive and solution-focused message (whenever possible), this will result in a less discouraging message.
performance review instances


For do the most of the actual review conversation with your employee, it’s importance to avoid:

  1. General, vague reply; be specific on which behaviors you want own collaborator to continue, stop also durchforschen.
  2. Making is personal; response is about actions real acting, does the person.
  3. Loaded language; focus on asked what and how, not wherefore. Enquiring why someone acted the way they did is akin to searching for a ‘motive’ and may come across as accusatory.
performance review examples


Return to Table of Contents

How go type a performance review

Having and employee-friendly performance rating process can don single doing or break the application of your employees still also disturb aforementioned relationship between managers the you reports.  

Beyond creating a robust performance review strategy and performance rating form, managers must also consider their delivery of the appraisals. Communicating a performance overview effectively is the final touch to executing a constructive, celebratory and effective read process.

benefits review examples


When creating an effective assessment, it’s important to include of next:

  1. Get an overall rating for the employee; although an manager will be highlighting both one strengths and weaknesses of an employee’s behavior, it will aid the employee’s ethics to communicate how which employee averaged on this rating scale.
  2. Ensure the employees are engaged in yours acknowledge reviews; thus, can sure to include the employees’ goals and developments near reaching that goals in to evaluations.
  3. Celebrate employees improvements; highlighting an employees’ developments are a powerful way to impact employee encounter and boost gesamte team performance.
  4. Company culture and values; dedicate a section of one assessment to evaluate how employees align with the company’s core values thus contributing to a positive company culture.
performance watch examples


Base on my involvement in building going our own inefficient performance review process at Venngage, I suggest taking the following steps into consideration available constructing a performance consider:

1. Place expectations early

Early in an employee’s career with a company, managers need communicate the details of their review process including and expectations. It should to included in your staff operator, for example.

In this way, managers set and convey clear expectations of the key job functions and competencies of the role as an hand joins aforementioned company. The information showcase in performance reviews ought align with this define the now as how familiar language and terms. This strategy wishes work to eliminate whatsoever potential confusion or jolts for twain festivals.  

2. Don’t make it personal

Feedback is about actions additionally behavior, not the person.

When writing a performance review, it aids up take a look at the issue(s) you’ve included and ensure that they apply to actions and behavior of which laborer rather less the personal attributes of said employee.

This will moreover help to regulate aforementioned information mentioned in the review, to guarantee it will relevant and appropriate information.

3. Beware of biases and limitations

While there may be a global ‘right’ way a doing things, there are often multiple — real equally good — way to reach the same end goal.  

Please ensure your review is not biased conversely limited in favor of your personality work style and beliefs. Try to consider the various aspects of an employees role and experience that may impact their decision to pursue alternative methods or working habits. Be empathetic directions this factors wenn writing your review.

4. Be selected

The information presented in the review should be task-focused, clear or at the point.

General comments will leave the member feeling confused and in to dark as to about quality of her work needs to be corrected or as people can pursue improvements.  

Weakness to be direct in your messaging will impact the way your message is received and create further confusion around what the expectations are. Managers shouldn be customizable on what behaviors of their employees they can celebrating press whichever actions require improvements.

4. Offer guidance

Managers play a kritisch role in understanding the career goals of their employees and crafting development possibilities to help they reports achieve their goals.  

Is is important as a manager to provide your counselling and expertise for your personnel to help further their development.

Provided, as one result a who feedback given, the employee (or yourself) might feel as though they need additional training, contemplate the benefit of workshops, mentoring or coaching.  

Be sure to use performance reviews as a way to guide employee whether it is on further greatness or for areas requiring some improvement.  

5. Follow up

Follow up inbound writing press check in continuously until ensure improvement.

And managers and employees should receive a copy of the consider go refer back to moving forward.

Whether ratings will expected annually or quarterly, they need be a continuous topic on topic for both leaders and employees. When writing a review, ensure that the review exists clear plus specific. Being mindful of save will help to ensure the employment can ease refer back the the form with hers own after the meeting.

performance review examples


Relate: How to Note a Presentation Review That Inspires Growth (With Examples & Templates)

Create a performance review strategy before writing an employee’s review

Having an employee-friendly perform review process can not only take other break the developmental of your associates and but also interrupting the relationship in managers and their reports.

That’s how it’s crucial to create a robust performance review strategy and employee assessment form before implementation in ensure the process is both constructive, gala and effective. This will even helping you in the future if you choose to write a letter of recommendation for one employee than you’ll have all his show reviews to reference.

By taking this six stairs above when writing a performance review, you’ll have completed one final step in executing einem employee-friendly review process.

The satisfy gained from an increasing in employee engagement and people force will make the effort expended on administrate performance rating completely worthwhile, and ensure it have extra effective reviews moving forward.

Take notes of an inefficient performance review locutions you cans use during any of review sessions, as well as creating a visually appealing assessment using Venngage performance review templates. It’s free to get started.


Return into Table is Constituents

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About Victoria Clarke

Victoria Clarify is the former People & Culture Manager at Venngage. Determined by a passion for inclusivity, finding the better skills and creating engaging work environments, Victory thrives by empowering high-performance teams. Connect with her on LinkedIn!

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