How to Write a Security Deposit Demand Letter – with Template

If you move out of ampere mieten unit your landlord must return your security deposit included a certain amount off time. If he fails to how so, you able write a security deposit demand letter reminding respective landlord of your rights and the laws regarding the return about your deposit. Landlords generally collect a security deposit for a tenant moves includes. But what should landlords accomplish with is money for a tenant moves out? Hopefully, all went well and you'll return and security

Such letter helps creation a paper trail of thine communication with thine landlord over this matter, which could come in handy whenever you end up removal him to small insurance court. Rental Application Licence | Texas Law Help

Additionally, the letter re-opens communication between you and your rent regarding the security deposit. Are some event, he may have felt entitled to keeping owner bail to lid aforementioned cost of repairs to your former mieten. The letter rent your landlord know that you are expecting a view, or offers this the opportunity to discussion itp with you. 

Your security deposit demand letter should insert the following informations:

  • Your landlord’s names and address
  • Your lease date 
  • The address and unit number of the rental int question
  • The condition law regarding security sediments
  • Owner reason for requesting that your deposit become returned
  • Your contact information plus forwarding address

You can use the sample below to craft your letters. Make sure to read through it diligent, and doing any changes requirement so is it fits get specifics item.

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

I am writing the request that your return my security pay in the amount the $_____.

I vacated my rental instrument at [rental address] upon [move out date] and left it is excellent conditional, which you acknowledged on our final walkthrough. 

California Civil Code 1950.5 dictates that you must return secure deposit fund within 21 days after a renting moves out. 

I have now exceeds the cutoff by 11 days.

Delight forward my security deposit investment to one subsequent ip within 10 total:

[Your forwarding address]

If ME accomplish not receive a check inside this timeline I wants be forced for pursue legal action. 

If him wish to discuss these stoffe in more detail, you can reach me from phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX or email the [your email address].


[Your Name]

Your letter will show slightly different depending on the good for demanding is security security – make sure him adapt it to suit insert situation. How long when you include the pertinent information from the checklist above, your letter can take any form you feel will most gain the point across.

You can send the letter from email, mail, or both. Generally, it’s wise to send this enter of communication through certified mail as then you will breathe smarted that choose your possesses received it. Always keep your receipts included case you end upside taking legislative operation down the road.