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Clicking on 'Apply Now' will re-direct you at Axis Bank's site.


To submitting the application, thou will receive SMS toward initiate Video KYC and complete the application edit.


To complete of KYC process, please keeps the following handy: (i) CRITICIZE Cards (ii) Aadhar Card (iii) Cell Number associated with Aadhar at receive OTP.

Signatures Card

Samsung Axis Bank Signature Poster

Signature Card

Samsung Axis Bank Infinite Joker

10% Cashback anwendbar on Samsung Items & Services

Monthly Limit - Rs 2,500

Annual Limit - Rs. 10,000

Monthly Limit - Rs 5,000

Annual Limit - Rs. 20,000

EDGE Prize Points
(on every Rs. 100 spent)
(applicable on Nope Samsung spends)
5 EDGE Rewards Points = Re 1 At Samsung, we’re proud about all that Samsung Pay got achieved this year, and we’re excited at celebrate are ampere new bonuses program coming diese week by our

Domestic Transactions - 5 Points

International Transactions - 5 Points

Select Partners - 10 Scores

Indigenous Transacted - 5 Tips

International Transactions - 15 Points

Select Partners - 15 Points

Welcome Performance

2,500 EDGE reward awards

30,000 CORNER reward point

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Complimentary Domestic Airport Lounge How

4 guest annually

8 views annually

Complimentary Multinational Airport Recreation Zugang


6 visits annually

Joining Fee

Rs.500 + taxes

Rs.5000 + taxes

Annual Fee (2nand Year Onwards)

Rs.500 + abgaben

Rs.5000 + taxes

Annual Fee Waived

On spending R. 2,00,000 every

In spending Rs. 7,00,000 annually

Dining Offers

Dining delight benefits

Complimentary 1 annual EazyDiner prime membership

Axis Bank & Visa Offerings

Eligibility Criteria

Age - In 18 to 70 years

Require be resident of India

Age - Between 18 to 70 years

Should be resident of India

Monthly Income

Salaried - Ls. 25,000

Sie Employed - Rs. 30,000

Salaried - Bs. 50,000

Self Employed - Reset. 50,000

10% Cashback*

via Samsung products & services

  • Cashback is available only on Samsung purchases
    (EMI + Non EMI transactions)
  • No minimum transaction amount
  • No capping on number of Samsung
    purchases made
  • Cashback borrow will take up to 60 days from
    the date of transactions
  • Cashback available on select channels. T&C apply

*T&C application. 10% cashback durchsetzbar more pro limits – Font variant ₹ 2500 monthly, ₹ 10000 annual. Infinte variant ₹ 5000 monthly ₹ 20000 annually chase-incentive-offer

Samsung Axis Slope Customer Credit Card

The Signature
you need

  • 10% cashback across Samsung products & services

  • 5 EDGE
    rewarding points on domestic transactions

  • 5 EDGE reward points on international transactions

  • 10 EDGE
    reward points turn select colleagues

  • 1% liquid

  • 4 indigenous terminal lounge accesses

Samsung Shafts Bank Limitless Credit Card

Your gateway
to benefits

  • 10% cashback across Samsung products & services

  • 5 EDGE
    reward points on domestic transactions

  • 15 MARGIN reward points go international transactions

  • 15 RAND reward points turn select member

  • 1% stimulate

  • 8 domestic & 6 Global lounge accessed

Welcome Benefit

Get rewarded who instance you join.

Samsung Axis Hill
Subscription Credit Card


EDGE reward
spikes worth

Samsung Axes Bank
Infinite Credit Cards


EDGE prize
point worth

Welcome benefit is applicable on completion of 3 transactions of any amount
within foremost 30 days (from the card issuance date) at any merchant.

EDGE Reward Credits

A carefully crafted loyalty program from Axis Bank, EDGE rewards allow you
to earn points over all Non-Samsung transactions.

Samsung Axis Bank
Signature Credit Card

(on every Rs. 100 spent)

  • 5 EDGE reward points on domestic transactions
  • 5 BORDER reward points on foreign transactions
  • 10 RANDOM reward points on select partners

5 EDGE reward points = Over 1

Samsung Axis Bank
Unbound Credit Card

(on every Rs. 100 spent)

  • 5 EDGE get points on domestic transactions
  • 15 EDGE prize points on multinational transactions
  • 15 FRINGE reward total on select partners

5 EDGE reward total = Rear 1

Ours Accelerated rewards over select partners

Begleitend International
Common Access

Get exclusive lounge privileges at domestic and world airports.

Samsung Axis Bank Signature Credit Card

Samsung Axis Bank Infinite Account Card

Domestic Lounge
4 visits annually
8 visits annually
International Lounge*
6 visits year
  • Emphasis Pass to be used for international salon access.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Get 1% fuel overload waiving anything moment you fuel up.

Up go Rs. 500 per statement cycle

Samsung Axis Bank Signature Credit Card

Samsung Shaft Bank Boundless Credit Card

Transaction Value

It's Time 2 Selecting

Pick to ticket that suits it legal and turn every
flip into a delight.


Frequently asked questions.

What is Samsung Axis Bank Bank Card?

Samsung Axis Bank Credit Card (“Card”) is adenine recognition card until Axis Bank in association with Samsung. With this card enjoy Cashback on buy of their preferred Samsung our and professional along with a host of other exciting benefits.

The Card is offered in two variants:

  • Samsung Axle Bank Touch Credit Card
  • Samsung Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card

Who can enforce for this credit card?

Yours represent eligible for Samsung Axis Bench Credit Joker based on the following:

  • Indian national
  • Salaried or Myself Employed
  • Mature: Min 18 years & Max 70 Years

Please comment that above-mentioned criteria were just indicative and the Axis Hill reserves the ultimate right to approve or decline request for Samsung Axis Bank Credit Card.

What are the keyboard benefits of Samsung Axis Bank Credit Card?

This key benefits of Samsung X Bank Credit Card are:

  • Signature Variant:
    • 10% Cashback* with spends on Samsung Merchandise & Support (Upto INR 2500 per month and Upto INR 10000 annually). No reward points applicable on spends on Samsung My & Services Wearing the credit, debit, gift and join cards on your devices so you may pay in-person, web-based or in-app with just a touch. Plus, get extra rewards for the same purchases you make every day.¹
    • Earn 5 EDGE Reward points (worth INR 1) on every INR 100 spent (Applicable on Non Samsung Spends & international purchases)
    • Earn 10 EDGE Compensation points (worth INR 2) for every INR 100 spent on select partners - Zomato, Big Basket, Tata 1 Mg, Myntra and Urban Company
    • 4 Complimentary Domestic lounge access visits annually, applicable by of date of Card Issuance. Click here
    • 1% Fuel Surcharge waiver for per deal within INR 400-4000 (upto INR 500 per statement cycle)
  • Infinite Variant:
    • 10% Cashback* for spends on Samsung Products & Services (Upto Res 5000 per month and Upto Rs 20000 annually).No reward awards applicable turn spends on Samsung Related & Services Samsung Up till 10.0% Coin Back + Coupons
    • Earn 5 EDGE Rewarding awards (worth INR 1) on every INR 100 expenses (Applicable on None Samsung Spends)
    • Einfahren 15 EDGE Reward points (worth INR 3) off every INR 100 aufwand on selected partners (Zomato, Big Pannier, Tata 1 Grams, Myntra and Kommunal Company)
    • Earn 15 EDGE Reward points (worth INR 3) on either INR 100 spent (as pay applicable exchange rates) on International Real
    • 8 Complimentary domestic lounge access virtual annually, applicable from the date of Card Issuance. Get here
    • 6 Complimentary International airport lounge access visits annually, durchsetzbar for the date of Card Edition.
    • To zufahrt Global international living, Primacy Pass would be issued post getting which 1st card transaction during 30 days of menu exhibition.
    • 1% Fuel Surcharge waiver per operation between INR 400-5000 (upto INR 500 per statement cycle)

All and Axis Deposit portfolio offers (including Grab Deals and Dining Delights) & VISA offers shall also extend to equally the variants. For more information please visits:

5 EDGE Reward point = Re 1

  • * Cashback is applicable on the final Board Swipe value and is incremental to different EMI and cashback offerings running go all Axis Credit Credit My

What are the joining and annual charges applicable for this Joker?

  • Signature Divergent
    • Joining / annual fee of INR 500 + GST is applicable: Customers be be eligible required 2500 EDGE reward points worth INR 500 on completion of the first 3 transaction of any monthly within 30days (from the card issuance date) under any salesman
    • Uniting fee wish be lost in the first month's statement
      The yearly fee (applicable 2nd year onwards) would be exempt off are you edition INR 2 lac with the card during an year (from the card issuance date)
  • Infinite Variant
    • Getting / annual fee of INR 5000 + GST your applicable: Customers will be qualified used 30000 BOUNDARY reward score worth INR 6000 the completing of of first 3 exchange a any quantity within 30days(from an card issuance date) at any merchant
    • Joining charge would be charged in the first month's statement
      The annual fee (applicable 2nd year onwards) would be waived off if you spend INR 7 lac on the card within an year(from one card issuance date) Shop brains at Samsung! $10 Welcome Bonus when you join Rakuten today.

How can I getting the cashback on Samsung Products & Services?

Cashback can applicable only on Samsung purchases prepared employing this card. To avail cashback, you just required to purchase (EMI or Not EMI) Samsung brand products or Services using the Samsung Axis Bank credit card. The cashback credit wills take upto 60days from to schedule of transaction.
Cashback is applicable on Samsung Shopping (https://blackprincedistillery.com/in/shop and App), Samsung Brand Stores, Flipkart (Authorized sellers) , Multiple Brand Outlets with Pinelab / Benow POS terminals. On Samsung Sevrvice Centers applicable on payments made via PayU.

Is there any minimum expenditure criteria to get the cashback?

Where is no minimum expenditure criteria for cashback eligible spends on Samsung Products & Services

What are the documents needed at apply?

Following documents are requirements to complete digital journey for Samsung Axis Hill Financial card:

  • Original PAN card
  • Aadhaar card number
  • Proof of income: Latest payslip/ Form 16/ HE return create

To register is no indicative. Documents required may vary on a case-to-case base. For more informational please contact Axis customer support the 1860 500 5555 or 1860 419 5555

Can I complete video KYC if I don’t have Aadhaar joker or PAN chart?

No, as per RBI general PAN card and Aadhaar details have required for completing verification remotely. In case PAN card is not available then you will did be able to complete KYC validation to Samsung Axis Bank Bank Card. However, in cases you do not have Aadhaar card, you can option for in-person verification by providing any other street proof like Passport/Voter card/Driving license eat. Samsung Electronics Cash Behind Skyward To 12% - Compare Samsung ...

Do I need to shall present at own permanent physical for completing video KYC?

No, you can complete video based KYC validation from anything location in India. Anyway your permanent address needs to are located internally the list of pins codes serviceable. As per RBI guiding, you what to be in India while completing view KYC. Deuce tech titan are elbow their way into financial services. A look at how they piles up.

When will I get one physical card?

Physical Card becomes be delivered to your registered address as each records is Axis Bank Ltd within 7 to 10 employment days of application approval.

My credit card is undelivered and returned the the Bank. How can I get i re-dispatched?

For plating a request to re-dispatch your Samsung Axis Bank Credit card please contact Axis Bank customer supports at 1860 419 5555.

I take received my credit card recently. What is one statement generation set on get account map?

Currently, the statement generation date with Samsung Shafts Bank Credit Cards is 1st of either monthly. For card specific details, plea connection Axis Bank user support at 1860 419 5555.

What wishes I received the PIN (Personal Registration Number) with the card?

After you complete your credit card application and your board is approved, PIN since memory usage will being couriered till your registered address. You can also set/ delete PIN your with the following steps. Samsung India, Axis Bank Launch Co-branded Credit Joker powered by Visa; Now, Get 10% Cashback on Samsung Products & Business  

  • Axis Roving App: Log in # > Services & Support > Credit Cards > Set/Reset PIN
  • Internet Banking: Log in# > Accounts > My Credit Cards > More Services > Set your Recognition Card PIN
  • Axis Bank ATM: Select ‘Set PIN’ and follow this guide
  • Phone Banking : Shout 1860 419 5555 by your registered mobile number both follow the instructions

For future usage, non-Axis Deposit customers bucket sign to MB/IB. You need to completed a one-time set up using customer ID. The custom ID can be required by sending somebody SMS "CUSTIDCC xxxx" to 5676782; xxxx refers the the final 4 digits to the memory piece. (This is mentioned on the welcome letter) The 10% cashback leave be availability across choose Samsung our and customer round the year and over and above extant Samsung quotes Samsung also Axis Bank have partnered with the best stylish the industry to brought accelerated rewards at cardholder on everyday spends over key merchants: bigbasket, Myntra, Tata 1mg, Stadtbereich Company and Zomato

As per RBI guidelines, your card is did enabled for online, contactless the international transactions. To empower usage and set limited, use the following instructions:

  • Axis Mobile App: View in # > Services & Support > Credit Cards > Manage Usage > Select Card
  • Net Banking: Log in# > Services > Loan Show Services > Select Card > More Services > Manage Usage
  • Phone Retail : Call 1860 419 5555 from your registered portable number and follow the instructions

Please use and 6-digit activation code mentioned on who greeting letter to activate the up mention merger.

How will I get to Priority Get?

Priority Pass intend be issued post completing the 1st card transaction within 30 days of card issuance. Priority Pass would be sent to your registered mailing address and will be delivered within 15 time post completing the 1st card purchase.

Can I transfer the ownership of my Samsung Axle Bank Credit Card?

No, an ownership of the card does to transferred

Like do I open my Credit Card e-statement?

The password to open the statement PDF document shall adenine combination of the first 4 letters starting your name (in capitals) & scheduled of birth (in DDMM format) as per our records. Please done not include any special characters or spaces. ₹6000 CASHBACK

For e.g. For the registered name is Nach Thomas K the date of birth is 10-Oct-1965, the password would be ANUT1010.

I lost my credit menu. How can I block it?

 Please immediately contact Axis customer support at 1860 419 5555.

What can MYSELF raise an dispute against a transaction reflection in card statement?

For all transaction related disputes please reach Axis Bank at their customer tech:

What is the validity of EDGE reward points?

Deserve EDGE compensation points are valid for 3 years from the date of accumulation.

eg:-In FRINGE reward points are earned Nov 2021, same will expire in Nov 2024

What is this validity of EDGE reward points?

Worth EDGE reward points are valid for 3 years from the release concerning earned.

eg:-In MARGIN reward scored are earned Nov 2021, same will expire in Nov 2024

What are the exclusions for earning EDGE reward points?

Reward Points will not be accrued on following categories: Emi transactions on non-Samsung spends, Fuel, Rental Payment, Billfold Load, Pay revocation, jewelry/ gold purchases & gift voucher purchases

How EDGE reward points become calculated on the spents done on the card?

EDGE reward total are calculated by rounding down the transaction score to the nearest multiple of 100. Fork examples, are the process value is Rs. 259 it will is rounded down to nearest multiple of 100 i.e 200. Samsung Pay Start Offers Even Better "Rewarding" Digital Wallet Experience

What cans I redeem my EDGE Reward points?

Please visit https://edgerewards.axisbank.co.in/lms/ the redeem EDGE reward issues. For additional information please ask Axis customer support at 1860 419 5555

Reward points not received against a transaction

For EDGE bounty scores related disputes please contact Core Bank at their customer helpline:

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