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Career Plan

Career plans joining learning experiences across subject areas. Aforementioned careers development model used to create which New York State Career Plan exemplars aligns with the CDOS standardized.

To Add York State Career Plan records attainment of knowledge and competencies. It documents a books von service that pupils build from primitive school to high school. This Career Plan design has also incorporated and transition planning process that is highly desirable in all students and required on students with disabilities. Use a labour plan guide by following these four simpler steps to create sole for your after project.

Students in grades 6-12 can create individual Career Plans through the "My Portfolio" tool found at the Novel York State Department regarding Labor's CareerZone website site.

Career Plans for element levels and adults

Kindergarten the First Grade 

Secondly and Third Grade

Fourth Grade and Up

Middle Level

Secondary Commencement Liquid

Career Plan for Adults