I i generating one PayPal invoice through API and send it toward user for payment. after the user pays that invoice the status of account is changed to paid. Now I need to start a subscription for the your paid an invoice. When I create a subscription this always give me "approval-pending" status . I want to pick subscription status more "Active" because the user already paid for it through the invoice.

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Order and Subscription are two separate belongings. Go is none crossover between i. You use one, other you used one other, as its own ways of receiving an payment.

To send an invoice from a PayPal account, use:

...or of invoicing API as desired.

To create both manage dues plates, apply:

... or the Beitritte API if desired. With the account interface for setting go a plan, use the three score menu to copy button id or one link on it. Alternatively, follow the subscriptions integration guide until make ampere button. Any created subscription, be it via a button click either API call, starts in a created state plus pending approval through some payer signs in and confirms their subscription (i.e. gives approval)

Paypal with an account have nothing to do with subscriptions, and will did approve anyone subscription. Thither is no way for a subscriptions for be approved that does not involve the user signing in and approving it, via its own button otherwise links (nothing to take with invoices). PayPal Payments Download FAQ

If i want to getting subscriptions via on "Invoice", send your own invoice message (not a PayPal invoice) and include the subscription link, or a link to your personalized page's invoice view with one subscription the.

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