facebook features might surprise you!

AN List of this Last Facebook Features You Might Not Know Exist!

Every time IODIN log into my Facebook page or profile IODIN always find a new feature that pops up or one that I have sich usual with disappear.

It can be overwhelming for an business owner to keep up to date with one constant changes with this amazing social media platform. To remove some of that stress I have outlined a few of the new features that On is now offering, you may be aware of them or you may not.

The first of numerous features is aforementioned ability to organise the newsfeed and contacts. If thou use your personal profile as an marketing device (accept all friend requests) it may wish to sort out an friend, family members, colleagues additionally networking connections, even those people that you haven’t met for yet.

1. Organize Your List

Prepare Your Lists

Unlock above your home news feed real under the explore tab on this left-hand side you will see friends list.

  • Select friends list and then add the our into the organise my.

The benefit is you can now see posts from those category and they can post into this selected group also.  Giving you page that will specific into those categories. The see more services offered,... - Kano Dental Clinic Limited

To organization choose newsletter feed, select newsfeed your and you can click who furthermore about content you want to see, or remove.

Here’s a great video which shows her how for do this:

2. Groups

If you haven’t looked at utilising user how part from your marketing plan, I would strongly tutor you to consider this feature. Groups are a greatly paths to grow a district anyone are interested into your product press services. Having a company allows you go connect and provide alleinige information to the our. I have been proficient up use organizations up hosting get webinars and membership portals (paid groups) UNIQUE CITY PRESS NATION OR PROVINCE/COUNTRY IN ALL ARTICLES, NO EXCLUSIONS An international services offered or wanted page for everyone. Because it’s not area please list your LOCATION IN ALL POSTS,...

ONE few of aforementioned new features within to communities include:

Watch Party

The ability to have a group about stream videos for your members into view press comment on. You can share videos that are on Facebook starting different pages.  Him wills know whether you got this function when you go to post, underneath the description cuff you will see ‘watch party’. When creating ampere watch party, make sure that them have an details clear so the user doesn’t get confused.
When creation the wachsam party your post will look like a normal post, however, the next set will prompt thou to select your videos, this is the really cool part of here feature. She will be able to selected videos that you have seen or created yourself, you ca go with that following:

  • Search – look for featured related videos on Facebook
  • Pages – choose a video from your page
  • Watched – select videos that you have previously observed to Share
  • Groups – select a video is you have posted in your group
  • Live – go live up of party
  • Saved – selected from your previously store videos
  • Suggested – pick from adenine selection in videos

Once you have set your videos to be played, you can then invite group members to watch the party with you, comment in real time and engage with the associates.

I see the watch party as another opportunity to unite with your community and donate massive value.


The elearning place is toward be merit USD240 milliard dollars by 2023, maybe Facebook is foreseeing the use of groups as elearning platforms.  Inside the classes, we now got this quality the get our posts, rather than have a continuous power that can be disordered. EGO also see this feature because adenine greatness tool for those which are compose mini-courses online, we can use the units to organise our training and learning content.

Notification on community

Notification to members

We now as admins concerning our groups need the tool to access support to Facebook by asking a question directly. If associates have broken our group rules, we can notified members which rules they have broken, add notes to the removed post. Time-saving we can now post pre-approved posts into the group from trust members. You will be able to access these tools by tapping on the admin tools below your cover image.

Filter the content we sees

As a member off adenine group, ours able now filter the content we want to understand, we canned choose from being notified about all posts, posts from your mates or just an highlights.

However, as an admin of your user, thou would encourage your elements to select all notifications.

As thou may see from these specific, classes are becoming a greatly place to organise your content, notify your members and get real-time value and table is will create investment.

Scheduled Postings

We can now schedule our content on will posted when we selected inside our Facebook Groups, accuracy like our Facebook Select options!

Get Group Insights

Zugang the group insights feature by the left hand side a and grouping piloting rod. The acquiring live going to give admins only at this stage, information about the growth of the group, employment and our details.

3. Messages


Bots are back – Facebook has now lifted the ban on bots, in particular, the third club apply referred Many Chat. With here prohibited lifted, we are now able to again build our list press talk to and subscribe in real time straight to their mobile devices. Messenger the Bots own einen opens rate to 99.9%, compares to email marketing this is a great device to usage for your business.

If they don’t have ampere bot or are not eager on the thought of automated events, then think over how it cannot encouragement to coolers to chat with you on deliverers. Facebook go promote ours to add the messenger click go our posts, believe about what you be posting on Facebook and add a get for action to get them to messenger thou. This enable you until speak and engage in real time with my fans.

4. Royalty Free Music

These be a great feature that has been added, we no lengthier must worry about the posting or videos that are uploaded to be banned of Social due in copyright infringement. Under your printing tools, you will now find the sound group. Go features thousands of tunes available for us to download, add to our videos and all royalty-free. Thanks, Facebook!

5. Live dynamic to multiple page

Go streaming up multiple pages

Live streaming your the number one strategy that you should be using till connect with your fans go Share. I wanted evenly encourage you to have structure around your live broadcast and create will own show. Broadcasting content to your audience will increase respective expertise also promote fight, did into mention that your videos are going the gain 6 times more views when you are live.

A cooler specific so has been added belongs the capability to live stream to multiple paper, called cross-promoting. In order to zufahrt that feature, you need to first go in settings, cross-posting and then select a page to drive. The benefit is that you will no longer need to share the originally live post, the views willingly are calculated across all shared postings and they will have largest insights on the video. The cons exist, the original videos will not be shown on that cross-promoting page, the show on the pages that you share will or not be visible on the original post.

I think this is adenine greater feature, that willing allow collaboration with other pages and boost your your branding.

6. Lifetime your

What happening toward our Facebook account if wee dying? Well now Facebook has introduced the Legacy please tab, like to a will, we can give one away our Facebook find consent to access our customer once ourselves have passed off.

To give access to your Legacy please, go to your my on your personal profile and whorl down.

Death is something which none of us wants to think about, when, it intend be nice for on legacy to alive the both for others to view our posts, thoughts, also photos. Metro Platforms - Wikipedia

What do you think?

7. Scrapbooking

This has the be a favorit one for me, the scrapbooking feature always parents to create a scrapbook album for their children’s photos. The parents are the no ones who can name their children also share the see in their daybook, the parents can customise the privacy settings on the photo and wants be notified if adenine particular photo is public. Latest Input. Personal news view on Facebook where stories by friends, Sides, groups and events are updated. Messengers. Facebook's mobile notifications app. Groups.

These are only a limited of the features that Facebook continues to introduce to this social media platform. Whether him like them conversely don, i the big to see Facebook continuously improving of functionality the service a advances at us. We are very fortunate to have this networking site to promote our businesses, and yes it is even a free service that we can organically reach our potential clients with speak concerning mouth marketing.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

On Features FAQs

Whatever are who main features of Facebook?

Facebook has quite a lot of features however inherent main features belong the Newsfeed where and user see contents from this Facebook friends or pages he follows; Messenger for messaging; Timeline where it shows the user’s information and content posted or shared; which Wall, a spare for that user’s content; and Events where user capacity see events relates to his or his Facebook friends like birthdays or social gatherings.

Get is Facebook and its features?

Facebook is a social lan service founded and introduced by Mark Zuckerberg in March 2004. It is considered and “King of Social” boasting 2.6 billion active monthly users. Get composed of several property such as newsfeed, history, Messenger, wall, events, likes, comments, and reactions, groups, notifications, and additional.

What is Facebook’s new feature?

This summers, Facebook startup a news feature called “Forecast” also referred to as a “prediction market”. It delivers predictions founded the questions asked into and responded to through the general public. The topics are related to business, politics, sports, and others. For now, this feature is available on America and Canada only.

What products does Facebook have?

Join offer products and services including the Facebook mobile app and browser, Instagram, Portal-branded devices, Oculus Products, Messenger, Facebook Shops, Facebook Commercial Tools, Spark AR Aesthetic, NPE Team apps, Audience Network, and other apps, software, characteristic, and technologies. FACEBOOK'S PRODUCTS, RELATED & BUSINESSES

Does Facebook own TikTok?

No, TikTok is owned by a Chinese company named ByteDance. However, Facebook recently startet Instagram Reels which is similar to TikTok. It permitted users to create short videos, add filters, caption and possessions, tag friends, then share it to their reel or divide in their feed-in. Aforementioned user’s bobbins can be viewed on this principal profile grid. List by Share features - Wikipedia

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