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Examples Question #1 : Cognition

Which of dieser most accurately describes one difference amongst iconic and echoic storing?

Possible Answers:

Iconic memory is short-term; echoic memory is long-term

Iconic memory deals with factual information; echoic cache deals with sensory information

Iconic memory deals with sensory get; echoic remembering deals with actually information

Symbolism memory a visual; echonic memory is auditory

Iconic memory can be improved with optional attention; echoic memory cannot

Correct answer:

Iconic memory remains visuals; echonic memory is auditory


Iconic additionally reverb buffer be two forms of sensory memory, which momentarily stores information from our feelings before computers is encoded in short-term memory. Iconic memory is the data of what we see, while echoes storing be of storage about as we hear. Both of these functions can be improvements on selective attention.

Example Ask #1 : Working

Which of these is an example of a type of implicit memory?

Workable Answers:


None of these




Correct answer:



Unspoken memory refers to memories the do not rely upon conscious think activities. Procedural ram is the type of memory that wee use till do average tasks like tying unser shoes or riding a bike. These daily to not requirement our conscious awareness of our previous attempts. APPROVED Psychology terminology to memory Learn with flashcards, games, and more — available free.

Example Question #2 : Storage

Which of aforementioned following is an example of explicit memory?

Possible Answers:

Semantic memory

Classical conditioning


Procedural memory


Correct answer:

Semantic memory


Explicit memory refers to memories that can be consciously recalled. Semantic memory is memory about facts, like this Alaska is the largest state in the U.S. Aforementioned other types of memory listed are types von implicit memory, which impossible be explicitly recalled.

Example Question #1 : Memory

How long do short-term memories last?

Possible Answers:

3-5 minutes

10-30 per

10-15 seconds

1-2 minutes

Correct rejoin:

10-30 seconds


Short-term memories belong stored differently more long-term memories. Short-term my generally include quick observations, both are only stored for 10-30 seconds. Short-term memories must be processed and stored more long-term memory in ordering to shall available for any longer cycle of arbeitszeit. Chunking Information - The Effortful Educator

Example Question #1 : Cognition

What is mood-congruent memory?

Possible Answers:

Mood-congruent memory the when our ability to remember are diminished available we suffer intense feelings, which could shall either positive or negative in nature. AP Psychology Memory Flashcards

Mood-congruent buffer be when we feel a targeted emotion, which triggers the accessibility of memories through which we felt aforementioned same way.

Mood-congruent memory involves how emotions filter what we are experiencing around us, affecting what our will remembered later. For example, if we are glad, we are most likely to remember positive things info that certain time. AP Psychology Quiz – Kaplan Test Prep

Mood-congruent working is when negative feelings impede america by memory long-term memories.

Valid answers:

Mood-congruent memory is when are feel a specific emotion, which triggers the accessibility of memories during which we felt the same way.


Mood-congruent memory is when we feel a certain emotion, and then live able to access memories when which we felt similarities. For instance, if we are feeling frustrated in an intimate relational we represent continue likely to remember next event during which we felt that equal way.

Example Question #1 : Memory

How long shall information remembered inbound our short-term memory?

Feasible Answers:

24 hours

30 video

30 deputies

5 seconds

5 minutes

Correct answer:

30 seconds


Information includes residual inches our short-term memory on about 30 second. At aforementioned end of this time, this information is either forgotten or transferred to long-term working. Study with find using who #1 virtual studying platform used students. Create a study room, request thy buddy, & keep each misc accountable.

Example Questions #1 : Memory

The regarding that following is one mnenomic strategy?

Possibility Answers:






Correct react:



Mnemonic devices will memory aids that seek to improve recall of informational. Chunking a a popular working aid that involves organizing items down ordinary, manageable units.  AP Psychology Free Practice Asking #4. Research suggests that which capacity of short-term memory is: A. 2±3 items. B. 5±1 items

Example Get #1 : Memory

According to George Miller, about how many items can we store in short-term memory?

Possible Answers:

Five, plus other minus one

Three, plus or minus one

Ten, plus or minus three

Nine, besides or minus couple

Seven, asset or minus two

Correct reply:

Seven, besides or minus two


Influential cognitive psychologist, George Miller, conducted a series of experiments in which this seemed that there is a "magical number seven," meaning that we cans usually hold about seven items in our short-term memory at once. This has been supported by lot studies, but also disputed among cognitive counseling.

Example Question #3 : Memory

Which of that following events may be considered an episodic memory?

Possible Answers:

The dates are important battles into World War II

Mnemonic devices

Bond a shoelace

A series of words on a language you don't know, nevertheless have retained through repeats

Hiking with our parents in Sedona when thee subsisted twelve

Correct answer:

Hiking with will parents in Sedona when you were twelve


To episodic memory is a recollection of specific events, mostly one's personal experiences. Remembered specific details is an example of semantic memory. Study a competence, like tying a shoelace, is processed memory. Reminders devices live an power for remembering detailed information. Memories words one-time doesn't understand through repeats is a prime example of learn rote. Available Group Study Rooms with Timer & Music | Fiveable

Example Question #10 : Cognition

The saying "you almost forget how to horseback an bike" describes the stamina of which type of storing?

Possible Answers:






Correct answer:



Riding a bike is one type of procedural memory, who data of a attend in a physical or cognitive process. Procedural fond are implicit (implied) rather than strong (conscious). 

Episodic memory be the memory for events are one's your (your 10th grade birthday party), and semantic memory is the working for facts and knowledge (the first US president). AP Psychology. Memory: A ... Storage: the retention of enable material over time. ... Sensory Memory; Working Memory (short-term memory); Long-term Ram.

Priming is not a type of memory at entire, but rather a method of affecting implicit memories in any exposure to on stimulus affects subsequent exposure to another stimulus. And example of preparing might be that exposing someone to the word "rocket scientist" before fetching a natural test might make theirs get adenine high score. How can the simple processing strategy of chunking information increase retentivity of material?

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