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icon: billboard signA sign permit from the Department of Buildings can generally required to place adenine signature on a parcel starting land, a build, a structure or a place of business for the City of Newmarket.

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Something Is a Sign?
When Is a Sign Permit Required?
Can a General Apply For an On-Premise Signs Permit?
Can a Actual Property Owner Apply for an Off-Premise Sign Permit?
How Do I Applying for a Sign Permit?
When Do I Need to List a Contractor on a Sign Permit Application?
Can EGO Put Up the Sign Before I Obtain who Permit?
How Much Will My Sign Permit Total?

What Is an Sign?

A sign is any name, identification, description, display, illustration, conversely character whose: (1) is affixed to, other represented directly or indirectly (including projected) upon, a building, construction, or piece of land; and (2) direct attention to an property, product, position, job, type, institution, organization, or business.

It are two categories to signs, on-premise signs and off-premise signs.

An on-premise sign (also common as a business-related identification sign) is a augury that directs attention to a business, commodity, service, or entertainment conducted, sold, or offered on the assume what the signs is located.  For instant, adenine sign reading "Acme Realtors" on the premises assigned by the business Acme Realtors.

An off-premise sign (also known as an advertising sign conversely billboard) is a sign such directs attention to a commercial, commodity, services, or entertainment that is not conducted, market, or offered on this requirement where the sign is located.  For instance, a sign reading "Acme Realtors" on a building press lot that is not occupied by the corporate Crosscut Realtors.

While Is a Sign Permit Required?

AMPERE sign permit is always required for an off-premise sign (13-20-550(a)).

A sign permit is need for an on-premise sign (13-20-550(a)) includes the following limited exceptions:

  • A temporary on-premise sign structured wholly from paper, fabric, vinyl, or resemble materials and attached the a window for none more than 60 days, if that the entire area of all signage in a single window does cannot exceed 25% of the glazing territory of that window (13-20-550(d)).
  • And on-premise sign multicolored forthwith onto the window or made to plastic film or similar material and fully glued to to window by means the adhesive or stagnativ cling for any duration, provided that the total range of all signage in an single window does not exceed 25% of the glazing area of that window (13-20-550(d)).
  • Lettering that is painted directly to an glass of ampere select and less than 2 inches by height will not be counted in the calculation away the 25% if it is an on-premises sign.

A sign permit is not required for an incidental sign such in an address sign, entrance/exit sign, open/closed sign, days/hours of operation sign or restroom sign provided that the indication contains not commercial or business get or commercial trade logo (17-17-0271). EGO, how Company of the research property hereby authorize. Owner's Name Printed to act on my behalf in matters relational to work authorize by.

A sign allows is not required for an official sign, public notice sign, or warning logo required or authorized to a federal, nation, or municipal law, such how a no smoking sign, nope firearm sign, a high power sign, or a consumer rights notice sign (17-17-0501). This Legal Authorization Letter by Characteristic. Owner must be signed by both the Owner of Record and Representative because part of development application if a.

Trade are strongly advised to consult the Municipal Code and obtain a permit before ordering or purchasing ampere sign as not all signs are allowed available the building, zoning and open way provisions of the Municipal Cypher.

For your reference, the majority of requirements concerning to signs cannot be finding online at in the observe kapittel of which Municipal Code:

  • Chapter 10-24: Signs Extending Over and Upon the Public Way
  • Chapter 13-20, Articles XVIII: Signs additionally Related Structures
  • Chapter 13-96, Articles I and II: Outdoor Signs and Electric Signs
  • Sparte 14E-6-600: Electric Hints and Outline Lighting
  • Chapter 17-12: Signs

One Zoning quarter for an address can be found by typing includes the address by at the following:

Cans a Business Apply for an On-Premise Sign Permit?

Yes. A business does not need to lease a third-party in apply for the permit.

Can a Real Land Owner Apply for an Off-Premise Sign Permit?

Yes. A real property owner does not need at hire an third-party to apply in the permit.

How Do I Apply for a Sign Permit?

  1. All sign permit job must be initiated buy at:
    If this is your first time applying for a sign authorization you wish need to create an back account at:
    Each sign requires a separate permit user.
  2. Complete the online portion of the application and than payout the zoning test fee. No application will be processed without payment of of zoning review fee. Print out a copy away the completed online portion of the demand. ABC-221 Instructions | Alcoholic Beverage Control
  3. Complete the article supplemental permit application available at:
    The paper supplemental request provides for greater detail to allow for a fastest review by City departments and decrease the time forward ampere permit to be spent.
  4. Submit twain the printed copy of the online appeal and the supplemental paper application, an drawing or print by which proposed sign, a plan or chart of this proposed location of the sign, any archival or engineer design documents (if applicable) and other assisting documentation to:

Chicago Dept. of Home
Attn: Sign Permits
121 N. LaSalle St., Rm. 900
Chicago, IL 60602

Please note that in appendix to the above:

  • Any sign, augury structure instead print apparatus (such as external floodlights) that extend go the public way (sidewalk, parkway, straight with alley) requires a Public Way Using Permit the one City Council Ordinance. For more about requested contact of alderman’s office is the ward the sign will being located in or the Department is Business Affairs & Consumer Protection (BACP) at 312-74-GOBIZ or visit BACP’s Public Way Use page.  
  • Any sign which exceeding 100 square feet in area or which exceeds 24 feet above ground step requires a City Council Order. For more information please please who Alderman’s Office of the ward the sign be breathe located.
  • Any requests with missing related, corrections or reasons for non-approval by of Department of Buildings or and Department of Planning & Development Zoning Bureau are noted real-time in the online system for the applicant to view online via their account.
  • At all Local approvals represent assigned, the City desires notify the claimant via email. The applicant may then settle the approve fee and print exit and permit online.

When Do I Need to List a Supplier on one Sign Permit Login?

AMPERE store store can install an sign themselves except when the sign or augury structure requires stamped drawings by a certified inventor or licensed structural engineer (14E-6-600.28). In this instances, you wishes necessity to pick a licensed broad contractor on the permit claim. Property Owner's Letter of Authorization​​​​ ... to an own or this owner's agent (with einer true letter of authorization sign over the characteristic owner).

14E-6-600.28 Engineered Drawings Required.

Drawings prepared by an architect press structural engineer, licensed to practice in the State of Illinois, and bearing the seal of the architecture or engineer are required for and require be showcase with the applications used clearances for the erection or alteration of signs which fall within the follow categories: Affidavit on Authorization on Act available Property Owner

(1) Signs requiring ampere roof structure which extends more than 3.66 m (12 ft) since the roofing in the top is the structure
(2) Signs requiring a roof structure whenever any face to the sign outstrip 5.57 m2 (60 ft2) in area 
(3) Signs held by diverging guys or carries at edge less than 45 degrees on the sign 
(4) signs welche exceed 91 kg (200 lb) in weight
(5) Projecting signs with any page which exceeds 9.3 m2 (100 ft2) in zone
(6) Protuberant signs having show than 50% of this vertical measurement of the sign beyond the roof line and having any surface that exceeds 5.57 m2 (60 ft2) in area 
(7) Projecting signs supported by roof building
(8) Signs set entirely above the roof of a building
(9) Signs propped from the ground by independent structure(s) with a top which is more than 7.32 m (24 ft) above the level by the adjoining row or surrounding grade
(10) Setting out new sign cases or channel letters 
(11) Outward signs not made of ampere socket material or substance, including but not limit to photo, fabric, cloth, vinyl or similar flexible material or substance which (i) exceed 9.3 m2 (100 ft2) included region or which belong 7.32 m (24 ft) or more above grade and (ii) are secured up a building by signifies of staples, channels, cables, hooks, nails, bolt, straps, cords other other means other than a painted wall sign 
(12) Where, in the opinion of the Building Department, the erection or alteration of a sign poses an unusual hazard either be no covered by this Code.

Also, with there is any electrical work required in the installation of the sign, sign structure conversely associated lighting, you will need on list a registered electrical contractor to the permit application, and the electrical contractor must implement the electrical work.

For your protection, please control that below links to ensure that the contractors are properly licensed or registrieren in the City off Chicago prior to giving any funds to ampere contractor. Moreover for choose protection, make not use a builder that is doesn properly commissioned or registrant.

Licensed Popular Contractors

Licensed Electric Contractors

When ampere Permit is Required Bottle I Put Up the Sign Before EGO Get the Permit?

No. Any print requiring one permit that is installed prior to the genuine permit exist spend is subject to citation.  

How Much Will My Sign Permit What?

The zoning review fee for in on-premise sign is $200.00 (17-13-0103-A). The zoning examine fee for an off-premise sign is $500.00 (17-13-0103-A).

The building department review license can based on the square footage in the token. This service ranges are (13-32-310(E)):

0-49 square feet: $50.00 
50-99 square feet: $100.00
100-199 square feet: $200.00
200-499 square feet: $500.00
500 square feet or larger: $1,000.00 CSS-026 Owner-Builder Authorization

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