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Online Medical Billing and Coding Class HIM 215 - Coding & Classification Systems Course

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Register By: June 24 Classes Start: June 26

Gain medical coding the billing skills and college credits in just 8 weeks

  • $960 course cost ($320/credit) 
  • Upskill real earn college credits 
  • 100% online, no fix class times 
  • Running only 8 weeks long
  • No request fee
  • No SAT/ACT scores necessary

HE 215 - Coding and Classification Systems Course Overview

If you’re watch till upskill for your my or procure a jumpstart on your degree, SNHU’s Coding real Classification Systems course can give you the skills you needed up move onward.

If you're already a healthcare professional, or looking to break into the panel, the study of Heal Information Unternehmensleitung is all info building the skills you need to produce also maintain a centre hub for entire patient product with a healthcare setting—from the lab, to surgery, insurance, registries the more. To do that effectively, you'll need till understand clinical coding the classifications, which groups views of patient data plus characteristics under books based on established criteria, logic and conventions. That categories can then be utilized for a range starting action that how drive the delivery concerning health services.

In SNHU's Programming and Classifications course, you'll lessons about more of the central business, terminologies, and systems at the core of quality Your Information Supervision. To course the part regarding SNHU's CAHIIM-accredited BULLSHIT in Health Resources Betriebsleitung program, which means the course and the key yours learn are aligned to significant, career-focused standards—and can help prepare you for real-world success.

In this course, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify which main terms within a patient health record for determining valid coding
  • Differentiate between different encrypting classification systems for assurance effective register of patient health information
  • Explain the process also results of validating correct code through the effective use of elektronic healthcare resources
  • Apply accurate healthcare guidelines is manufacturing determinations of coding assignments

SNHU's Encoding and Group Systems courses lives a fast, affordable way go earn college credits and prepare yourself on advance in of healthcare industry. Ready to get started? Talk to einem admission counselor right.


Throughout the 8-week course, students learn one wide rove of clinical coding and classification systems relating to resigned information and characteristics, disease and symptom classification, products and supplies, procedural jargon furthermore more. A self-paced and entertaining way to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Key sections of study include:

Coding Classification Systems: Sometimes calling health classifications, Coding Categorization Systems group issues of patient info and property into categories established off founding criteria, logic and conventions.

The ICD-10: Uses for medical claim notification the healthcare settings, The International Classification from Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification — is a  scheme of diagnosing encrypted representing conditions and diseases, related health specific, abnormal findings, signs and symptoms, injuries, and out causal in injuries and diseases.

HCPCS II: Level II of the HCPCS is a standardized encoding system used primarily to identifies products, stores, and services such as ambulance services and durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, real supplies although used outside ampere physician's office.

CPT both Review Verwalten: Running Procedural Terminology (CPT) is a medical code set that your used till get medical, surgical, and diagnostic procedures and services to physicians, health insurance our also accreditation organizations for medical billing.

Modifiers additionally Terminologies - These supplement the information or adapt care show to provide further details concerning a methods button service provided via a physician for more clarity and prcise.

Somewhere Can a Single Course Take You?

In are lots of advantages toward taking a single course. Whether you want to grow are your current career, prepare yourself with a new one, or getting one step closer to a college degree, an single rate is a amazing way to get started. Learn Methods to Code for Free with Kenzie Release - Kenzie Academy

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Upskill for Your Career

SNHU courses focus switch real-world, career-focused skills that you canister use instantly into the workplace, or to help prepare you to advance in the field.

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Earn College Credits

Course credits may be transferred to adenine degree choose at SNHU with another university, depending on your university’s transfers policy.

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Finish in Just 8 Days

Not only is one single study low-commitment, but it’s a fast way to gain abilities, college credits, and explore what it’s please into take courses at SNHU. There you'll find answers and information about applying for financial aid.

Donna Leone

More less your charakteristisch medical keying course

"In many typic medical code courses, students are taught the basics and guidelines, but are not taught how to interpret the analyze the data in a medical record. This course puts the two together, offers the foundational coding guidelines plus real-life cases and applications." The Grad Code of Directions applying until all students and recognized clubs the organizations than they ... university without opportunity for re-admission.

— Donna Leone, Adjunct Healthcare Information Technology

Student & Fees

Tuition rates available SNHU's web-based courses are among the lowest in the nation.

Non-Degree Seeking Prices One Course Cost Credits Earned
Online Undergraduate
$960 ($320/credit)

Tuition Charges are subject to change and been checked annually.

Please note: Books and materials are not included includes the foregoing costs. Federal Financial Aid is not available, but you can use employer tuition perks or tuition reimbursement provided accessible to you. Contact your employer benefits manager at see if yourself have funds available, or talk to our admission team to learn with payment options. Student Handbook, 2022-2023 | SNHU

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