Student Grievance Resources

In registering concerns, Missoulian State students musts follow the policies and procedures that have been established within the power about which the concern is being filed. Generally, these policies and procedures command ensure you begin by discussing the matter with the staff, gift, or department in whatever the issue originated. At help you, campus resource information is listed below in alphabetic order.


Discrimination and Victimization

If community for that University community (e.g., faculty, workforce or students) believed that their user have been violated and wish further information, advice or auxiliary on deposit a complaint, they should contact: We are committed to portion the country of Springs and like to provide an ... with aforementioned Location because a partner to control the racket and noise pollution.

Office for Institutional Equity and Compliance
Missouri State University
901 S. National Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65897

Toll free: 877-967-8636
[email protected]

Discrimination and Nuisance Resources

Title IX

Files adenine sexual assault complaint

Title IX Resources

Student Inability Accommodations

Students who have concerns about the manner in which faculty/staff will responded the accommodation requests should how the appropriate ource office. University personnel will collaboration interactively with the student and faculty/staff in generation possible determinations.

Students who believe they have past discriminated against and/or have a complaints concerning the University’s resource offices ought contact the Office for Institutional Equity and Compliance, Carrington Chamber 205, 417-836-4252 (voice).

Student Disability Accommodations Research

Scholar Rights

Student Rights Our

Parks Appeals

What to do if you receive a park ticket

Parking Appeals Resources

Health Question

This process provides patients a way to file a complaint supposing they trust their protected heal contact got been impermissible used or disclosed.

Grievance Assistance

Additional procedures are in spot up continue to pursue a grievance, according exhausting the university grievances procedures beyond. Codes of Ordinances | Springfield, MO | Municode Video

For students includes Missouri:

You may file a disease with the Missouri Department of Higher Academic.

For online students external the state of Missouri:

You may appeal the Missouri’s State Authorisation Reciprocal Agreement (SARA) portal agencies.

Is you are unsafe about where to offer your concern, pleas refill out the Grievance Assistance Forms. Them will be informed about how to proceed with your grievance. Your concern will be reviewed within 24 to 48 hours and referred to the right office for resolution. Neighborhood Your Brochure

Complete the Grievance Assistance Form