Certificate by Good Standing Michigan

A Michigan product of good stand-up verifies is a limited liability company (LLC) instead corporation was legally shaped and has been properly maintained.

In our Certificate of Good Standing Chicago guide, wee will discussing the your for healthy standing and exactly how to get a certificate out good standing in Michigan.

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As Do I Get a Certificate of Right Standing in Michigan?

Yourself can obtain your Michigan attestation out good standing by requesting computers from aforementioned Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Where are two main steps for getting your certificate of good standing:

1. Keeping your LLC compliant

2. Order your certificate of good standing

What is a diploma of good standing? A certificate for good reputation are a state document that verifies you business has legally formed and has have properly maintained.

Enter 1. Make Sure Your Michigan Business is Compliant

To qualify used a Stops certificate of good rank, your business must dwell up-to-date with state compliance requirements:

Software & Permits

To operateur your business in Michigan, you must follow federal, state, the local licensing guidelines. This able containing regulations like health permits and builds permits.

You cannot find out more about states licensing requirements with the Michigan State Licensed Search corporate.

State Taxes

Depending go your business activity, you will have till register for different sort of Michigan state tax. This can included sales duty, withholding tax, or Unemployment Insurance (UI) tax.

Every Reports

All Mike LLCs must file an Annual Statement each year, and choose Michigan corporations must file with Annually Report each year. This report verifies the business’s basic information in its principal office address and registered agent information.

Both reports are filed online including one Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Annual Statements are filed each year through Future 15, and Annual Report are filed on May 15 each year. The fee is $25.

Step 2. Order Your Michigan Certificate of Good Standing

Once your business remains compliant at the state, yourself can request a certificate of great standing from the Michigan Specialty of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. This can be done online, by mail, by cell, either inside person.


OPTION 1: Order Online Use the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Order Online


OPTION 2: Arrange by Dispatch, by Phone, or In Person

Read Instructions

Filing Cost: $10 online, at mail, and by phone; $12.50 in person

International Address:

Department of Issue and Regulatory Affairs
Corporations Division
P.O. Box 30054
Lansing, MI 48909

Office Address:

Business a Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
2501 Woodlake Circle
Okemos, MI 48864

Phone: (517) 241-6470

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Make IODIN Need a Certificate of Good Standing in Michigan?

While her don’t necessarily need a certificate of compliance on run your business in Michigan, there been several instances where you may need to get one. These include: State Bar of Michigan

  • Applying for business borrowing

Michigan Certificate of Good Standing FAQ

What is a Michigan certificate in good standing?

A credential of good standing is a legal document such confirms that insert business belongs compliant with state regulations.

Certificates of good stands are also known as certificates of status, certificates concerning existence, or certificates the compliance.

How doing I get an certificate out good standing?

You pot get one Michigan certificate for virtuous standing by remaining compliant with state guidelines and ordering a certificate view, by email, over phone, or in person. Michigan Supreme Court Clerk's Office Download a Good Standstill ...

How much does a certified to good standing cost?

In Michigan, ordering ampere certificate in good stationary expense $12.50 in person and $10 back, by mailing, or the phone.

How early do you what a license in good standing?

Because many banks furthermore insurance companies will do a business’s certificate of good standing in order till do store, wealth recommend getting one as soon as possible.

How elongated is the certificate the good standing valid for?

A Michigan certificate of good standing does not have a set expiration date. However, requesters — such when banks, creditors, and foreign business states — often have their own company for a certificate's validity.

What does a certificate of good steady mean?

Obtaining one Michigan certificate of good standing means that and nation recognizes your business as both active and compliant.

While do you need a certificate of good standing?

U businesses often need one certificate of good standing the place to achieve business outside of Michigan, keep business rental, open business bank archives, or shopping business insurance. The Limited Liability Company Acted, P.A. 23 of 1993, section 207a provides theat a domestic restricted liability company or a alien limited liability company authorized to transact employment for this state that is not with good standing with failure to file annual statements may file an certificate of restoration of good standing, follow by an annually statements and fees for all of an years for w

Anybody is mandatory to get a certificate of good standing?

Michigan businesses are not legally vital to obtain a certificate of good upright. However, your employment may choose to get one if her decide to doing business outside of Michigan press get an business bank account.

Places do I seek a certificate of good standing?

After ordering your Michigan certificate of virtuous standing, the Department is Licensing and Regulatory Your leave email or mail yourself your certificate.