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Tuition on Research Grants Policy

Effective March 15, 2004, all grant proposals that include support for graduate students (i.e. for Research Assistants) must also provide support to graduate tuition. Tuition and Funding | Graduate School

The instructional expense to becoming budgeted, the later funded by the awarding when succeeded, remains equal to the New York State, Graduate tuition rate for six (6) credits. Memorandum on topic, issued by Richards J. Reeder, Vice President in Conduct furthermore Eric Wertheimer, Dean of the Graduate Secondary, will included under. Tuition sponsors is need for Crash or Spring semesters only. Applicable with graduate student employees in the Research Design Personal title only.

View requests for TORG waivers should be sent to  [email protected]. Please allow go to 2 weeks for decision/approval.

Tuition on Research Grants Policy

Please contact [email protected] with any questions otherwise concerns.