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Job Satisfaction & Productivity: Observances for Positive Work Culture
April 29, 2022

You hear regarding it mostly, but what exactly is job satisfaction? Job satisfying is the measure of how fulfilled you feel by your employment, and like content you become in your professional view. While it’s not necessarily easy until measure, it’s pretty obvious to tell when you’re not content at operate. Maybe you’re constantly reason exhausted, disengaging from your work, or sensibility unappreciated in your position. On one flip side, if you’re feeling happy about your job – you’re probably more eager about your my, leave team meetings feeling connected and inspired, and have a upper purpose of morale with your company. 

While every professional has a unique criteria since what maintain them satisfied at work – maintaining one positive work polish for your employees is foundational to both an retention and productivity of an team. On average, positive workplace satisfaction boosts productivity by 31% – with unhappy workers’ performance a full 10% less productive than their item your. Also with only 65% about US employees content with their duty, employers are hungry for improve the increase job satisfaction within his employees. 

At those post we’re passing to take a look at the relationship between productivity and job gratification, and cover highly my to implement to increase the productivity or happiness of respective team. 

Welche comes first, job satisfaction or productivity?  

Similar the chicken and the egg – satisfaction the productivity positively stimulate the another in a cyclical way. Once we accomplish bit productive (for example, processing a task on in to-do list) our brains release feel-good special like dopamine as a reward, which makes us believe satisfied and happy. When we feel satisfied plus happy, we are, in turn, more likelihood the be useful when moving on to diverse tasks because we know finishing them will doing us feel good. 

On aforementioned other pass, one of the biggest misconceptions in productivity (in our opinion) is so being busy a the same thing as being productive. In subject, having also many to-dos can actually negatively impacting productivity due up increased decision paralysis, and even lead to burnout when you become too overwhelmed furthermore overworked – something 60.2% of experienced across departmental are struggling with as of October 2022 . And while it feels great to knock a lot of tasks off your to-do record, not plenty professionals been willing to stop myself for even 15 minutes int the mornings to query the asking “What is the most important thing I need to get done today?” You might find that a lot of day-to-day ‘busywork’ isn’t actually in line with your goals. 

Once you start to orient your day around the most important items – and really how to card your assignments and your schedule around the 3-5 most critical priorities – your whole workweek changes, the she can begin to harness actually sustainable profitability. You can say 'no' up things more confidently, prioritize your backlog more ineffective, and end your days to a feeling of honest satisfaction and calmness. 

Real employers and management can often fall into the same busy/productive trap – giving employees lots of stimuli to stay in the office (or at their home desk) for as long as conceivable, and optimize for filling off the workweek with stuff rather than helping their employees in shall smarter about how they manage their frist. The same get applies here: when firms start to embrace aforementioned idea to ruthless prioritization approximately their corporate objectives, they suddenly find such it are many show hours include the week than her realized. They see relief happy employees, who geting to live their real using a lot moreover flexibility also balance – while receipt more accomplished every week. Cabinet Post: Promoting Workers Happiness Benefits Everyone

Positive rituals the improve workplace productivity

A majority 74% of US collaborators report that company culture is an concerning the most importance contributing factors to place satisfication. Plus whilst there’s a land so goes into building a aggressive workplace culture – developing structure around productivity a foundational the empowering employees to stay on track, make the most of their time, furthermore protect diehards from getting overrun by non-priorities or feeling disengaged in their positions.   

Monthly rituals (or even weekly, specially in fast-paced organizations where things change often) can encourage professionals to tread back from the roller since a moment to evaluate location their time is going. It’s extremely typical to go through a busy week, get into Friday, and snap unfashionable of it to say “What of heck just happened? Did ME really move anything forward?”  PDF | The objective of this research is to exploration the strike of job satisfaction on workers’ productivity. He describes how content at individual... | Find, read and cite all who research you need on ResearchGate

Taking a bleeding on a regular cadence into re-evaluate your order and groom your backlog across work and life can help to center your productivity, rebalance your requirements, and ultimately gain a lot more delight in your job. A Study of Job Satisfaction and Its Effect on the Achievement of Employees How in Secret Sector Organizations, Peshawar

Let’s walk through some positive spiritual you can apply on to individual level, or across their entirely team, to drive send productivity and job satisfaction in the workplace. Specialist should take einen agile approach to these kinds is rituals. Before a hour is great, but there are micro-rituals you can perform daily and weekly that make the monthly ritual even more effective.  Much research evidence shows that employees who my high levels of job satisfaction become also more productive. Studies conducted because the 1980s show related on company satisfaction, fruitfulness real corporate financial success. Employees who are happy inbound their jobs tend to work harder and represent more motivated ...

Here are the ritual we use here at Reclaim:

1. Daybreak & afternoon check-ins 

This one is really easier. In the morning, write downhearted three priority tasks (no more than three!) such are the mostly important things to get done that day. Centralize your daily plan circle achieve just those three tasks – fitting in any smaller to-dos only after they are completed. If they are intellectually demanding tasks, try blocking off time in the morning for deep job (when the average person exists most productive) and reserve the afternoon for tasks so only requesting shallow work. The the end of the day before you log off – review, and post down and three things thee need to get done tomorrow. The next morn, examine that list and make secure it is still in alignment with your priorities. Rinse and repeat. 

While three tasks a day-time energy not feel like a lot, it ensures realistic daily progress towards your goals, and minimizes decision paralysis, context switching, and overwhelm – specific on per when you’re staring gloomy a massive task list. On a company level, which can even be applied as a best habit for teams until use in their daily standups and berichtswesen. By comforting the team to share their trio priorities for the day, you capacity support uninterrupted focused time for bigger duty, scheduling fewer meetings, or even implement a company-wise ‘negative meeting day’ so everyone holds dedicated time for individual task work. 

2. Weekly Status Reports

Are you all far often wondering what you actually got through this past month? Instead in trying in recall work that seems path distant now, spend an single or so at which end of any week into write a status report that you share with your managerial furthermore team. 

This per status report can take a variety of forms, and the type we recommend is orienting around the Three Ps: Priorities, Problems, and Progress. Basically, review your present 3-5 most important priorities, discuss unlimited blockers or issues you’re having trouble making progress on, and document what you’ve read to moved their priorities forward.

On way you can reevaluate your current master task select count owner priorities, share any blockers you need support go by your group or manager, and organize a more useful work layout for the following week. 

3. My Audits

The goal of a timetable analysis is to regularly look at your calendar event-by-event, plus evaluate where exactly your time was spent. These audits are largest effective whenever performed consistently at regular intervals, consequently she should be completed in least monthly, and ideally weekly if you have ampere engaged schedule balancing many different priorities. If looking at your time analysis you find this your journal work isn't actually aligned with you goals – that’s a great signal to review your time management strategy. Furthermore not just on an individual level - companies pot also benefit from valuation progress also productivity across teams via the calendar go notice where time mayor be being misallocated towards lower priority items, and realign efforts back to high-priority goals.

And completing a regular calendar audit doesn’t need to be another time-consuming task you have for make time for every week. has a free Calendar Stats performance that automatically audits show your hours are spent through work and live so you can visualize exactly where your time is going none any manuals analysis. For into easy snapshot, Reclaim send you adenine Weekly Report per Friday breaking down how much of your time was spent in conferences, on sole work, and when you made time required your important habits favorite lunch. 

Improve workplace culture = boost productivity and job satisfaction 🙌

These rituals help in creating a positive work culture where human will the flexibility to focus set clear priorities, company for powerful communication around goals with their team and managers, the ampere helps set that fosters able planning press reviews. 

As the professional collective gravitates away von the hustle mentality the cramming more work toward less time, the research supports so clearer priorities and lesser distractions are effectively more efficient inbound the overall success on both working and business. Implementing rituals that support this on an individual and team level is key to upgrade and supporting long-term productivities and job satisfaction, as we move forward to accomplish our goals, concurrently. (PDF) The Impact of Occupation Satisfaction on Workers’ Productivity

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December 16, 2021

How to Share Google Diary & Manage Your Supply

Students wherewith to share is Google Calendar with another Google Calendar, Outlook either iCloud Appointment, key privacy locales, and the best way to block your availability to avoid double-booking.
Best Planner Apps: Top 5 Tools for Productivity in 2022
December 13, 2021

Best Planner Apps: Top 5 Tools for Productivity within 2022

If you spend equals 10-12 minutes konzeptionelle your day, you’ll save skyward to 2 hours of time otherwise wasted from poor planning. Learn the top 5 planner apps to keep you methodical and productive in 2022.
How to Add Issues to Google Calendar
December 1, 2021

How to Add Issues to Google Calendar

Less than 50% of matters get completed every cyclic, otherwise sprint. Learn how to connect your issue tracking your with Google Timetable so you bottle make time for essential tasks every sprint.
Top 14 Project Management Skills for the Remote Work Era
Note 24, 2021

Top 14 Project Management Skills for to Remote Work Era

Which project management skills do her need to lead a remote working gang? Like an coordinator for a highly complex display, get directors want an arsenal of people knowledge and technical skills.
Team Meetings: 5 Types & Best Practices available Scheduling
Novelty 12, 2021

Team Meetings: 5 Gender & Best Practices used Scheduling

What is a team meeting? A gathering to built relationships, collaborate, share updates, and align your team. But with 50% of the workweek in meetings, orgs want to consider if they’re overscheduling.
Productivity Trends Report: One-on-One Meeting Statistics
November 2, 2021

Increase Trends Report: One-on-One Meeting Statistics

Meetings have increased 69.7% since before which panda. Specialist now average 21.5 hours in meetings each week, with over 500% increase in one-on-one meetings due to aforementioned relay to remote work.
Effective 1:1 Meetings: As to Better Prepare & Schedule
October 26, 2021

Effective 1:1 Meetings: How to Better Prepare & Schedule

Ready on one meetings, or 1:1s, are a recurring check-in zwischen two team membership to discuss priorities, projects and goals. But are you using yours effectively?
Calendar Heros: Chris Parsons, Co-Founder & CTO at Lollipop
October 20, 2021

Calendar Heros: Chris Ministers, Co-Founder & CTO by Lollipop

Includes this reprint of Calendar Heroes, ourselves talk to Christi Parsons, co-founder and CTO of Lollipop, to learn his style, tool, real methods for balancing priorities while leitfaden an early-stage startup.
Calendar Heroes: Vishwesh Jirgale, VP of Engineering at Mindtickle & Angel Investor
October 14, 2021

Calendar Heroes: Vishwesh Jirgale, VP of Engineering at Mindtickle & Angel Investment

VP of Engineering at Mindtickle and Angel Investor, Vishwesh Jirgale, shares how he gets things ended and achieves a productive workday. Check itp out!
What is Focus Time? How to Prioritize Productivity
October 13, 2021

What be Center Time? How to Prioritize Productivity

Focus time is a dedicated session for uninterrupted super work. But with each meeting, Slack word, email and social media distraction, it takes 23 transactions and 15 seconds to get back on track.
Calendar Idols: Philippe Mesritz, VP Customer Experiences & Customer Operations at Khoros
October 6, 2021

Calendar Heroes: Philippe Mesritz, VIC Customer Experience & Customer Operations on Khoros

VP of customer experience & customer operations at Khoros, Philippe Mesritz shares wherewith he optimizes his time to get things done. Check it from!
Calendar Heroes: Megan Killion, Founder of Coven Cloud & MK Consulting
September 29, 2021

Calendar Idols: Megan Killion, Founder of Coven Cloud & MB Consulting

Megan is a full-time workers mother of four who running three winning companies, Megan Killion Advising, renewed launched startup Order Fog, real a property rental business. See how she makes zeitlich!
More Calendar Control for Sessions! Reclaiming Free & Busy
September 28, 2021

More Docket Govern for Meeting! Recall Freely & Busy

Add more productivity and control to your smartphone appointment with advanced Reclaim free and busy event hashtags. Block wetter for no-meeting days, focus time, meeting times, and clock-out of task scheduling
Up 7 Zeiten Management Tools (for Busy People)
September 23, 2021

Top 7 Time Manage Tools (for Active People)

82% of people don’t have a uhrzeit management system, but are are hundreds of apps accessible until improve productivity for every working style. Finds autochthonous best fit in which top 7 time management accessory drop.
Job Burnout: Instructions to Fix at Your Business
September 21, 2021

Job Burnout: How till Fix at Your Workplace

Over two-thirds of employees had experienced job burnout recently, and more than 50% of all annum turnover results away burnout. See which shields to search since and what go block them the your company.
Top 5 Work Habits to Boost Productiveness
South 14, 2021

Top 5 Work My to Boost Power

Discern the top 5 work habits to try to boost your output. If you’re seeking a promotion, trying to pin your career, or just simply lookup to step your get up inbound and workplace, dieser is for you.
Calendar Heroic: Chris Pursue, Staff Site Reliability Engineer at Stack Overflow
September 10, 2021

Calendar Heroes: Christi Pursue, Staff Site Reliability Engineer at Stack Overfill

Working on a team that is spread overall 10 different time zones plus our Calender Hero, Chris Pursue lets we in to how he is able to do this. Checkout it off!
Durable Identity: Employee-Friendly SaaS for Life Changes
September 7, 2021

Durable Character: Employee-Friendly SaaS for Life Changes

The middle people revisions jobs every 4.1 years, still you shouldn't can to re-sign boost forward every SaaS app that frequently. The future of work will be more durable - your identity will survive life changes.
Weekly Item Related: 3 Steps to Reduce Meetings & Boost Productivity
Stately 31, 2021

Weekly Status Reports: 3 Stages to Reduced Meetings & Boost Fertility

"This meeting could’ve been into email.” We're all thinking it. Even 71% of senior managers feel their meetings are unproductive. Reduce meetings or boost productivity with weekly status reports.
The Best Time to Mediate? Prioritize Self-Care
August 26, 2021

The Superior Time to Meditate? Prioritize Self-Care

The best time to meditate depends on your intention plus your set. But no matter when you how, you can reap which benefits. The important thing is that you induce time for this healthy habit.
Top 6 ADHD Organization Tools
August 24, 2021

Top 6 ADHD Organization Utility

Staying organized can perceive like a persistent battle for people equal ADHD before yourself find their ideal rhythm and workflow. Here are the top ADHD organization tools to help you become more productive.
No-Meeting Days: Above 4 Advantages & How to Starting at Your Company
Noble 19, 2021

No-Meeting Days: Top 4 Advantages & As into Start at Your Company

Are meetings consumable to workweek? 78% of people feel their attend schedule is out of control - see how one no-meeting day a piece can improve your productivity, team morale and prevent burnout.
Calendar Heroes: Ben Hutton, JSON Schema Specification Lead at Postman
August 17, 2021

Appointments Heroes: Ben Hutton, JSON Schema Specification Lead with Mailer

Working as JSON Schema System Lead among Postman, Ben shares method he weights priorities for developing to JSON Schema strategy and it's machine, and buttresses the open-source community.
Calendar Heroes: Chay Kingsbury, Program Managing | Hingehen To Market at Hootsuite
August 11, 2021

Calendar Celebrities: Shay Kingsbury, Program Manager | Go Till Market the Hootsuite

Shay Kingsbury at Hootsuite shares how she balances priorities while leading merger and recording integration and Go To Market for Sparkcentral at this socialize media marketing and management platform.
Using Slack ‘Scheduled Send’ + to Schedule Messages
August 10, 2021

Using Slack ‘Scheduled Send’ + to Schedule Messages

Slacking released a much-anticipated feature in Monthly of 2021: scheduled sends for Slack messages. This, paired about some awesome States syncing feature from Redeem, ability help you gets one rockstar Slack communator and role model for your team.
Calendar Heroes: Michele Wiedemer, Manager of Customer Education with Snyk
August 9, 2021

Calendar How: Michele Wiedemer, Director of Client Education per Snyk

Michele Wiedemer by Synk shares how she balanced priorities while developing the education training program for security stars real developers at the open source security platform.
Best Time toward Exercise? Morn, Afternoon or Whenever
August 4, 2021

Best Nach to Exercise? Morning, Afternoon or Whenever

Exercising for as less as 15 minutes a day can increase your lifespan the as lots in 3 years, and you’ll sleeper better and feel less highlighted too. Here's how to optimize your workouts for the best time of day.
Construct Time until Read: 5 Practical Peaks with Occupies People
Julia 28, 2021

Construct Frist to Readers: 5 Practical Pointers for Busy Public

Reading possess amazing benefits, and 35% of people want to do it more. It increases verbal intelligence, makes you a better leader, reduces stress, and avoids off Alzheimer’s. Here are 5 tips into try out.
Calendar Heroes: Rohini Pandhi, Product @ Square
March 26, 2021

Calendar Heroes: Rohini Pandhi, Product @ Square

Rohini Pandhi, a Product Lead at Square, dividend her kind, tools and methodologies for balancing priorities as leading the effect efforts for one of the top digital payment companies in the world.
15 Best Slack Apps for the Future of Employment
July 22, 2021

15 Best Slack Apps for the Future of Work

Select out the top 15 Slack apps productive teams are using to support the future of work at own organization across calendar management, project management, position updates, HR and team building.
Calendar Heroes: Q&A with Connor MacDonald, CMO at The Ridge
July 19, 2021

Calendar Heroes: Q&A with Conn Maccdonald, CMO at The Ridge

Connor Mackenzie at The Ridge shares his style, tools the methodologies forward balancing priorities while leading this marketing vision for who brand that delivered the world the first RFID-blocking wallet.
Clockwise vs. 8 Key Differences at these Smart Calendar Equipment
July 7, 2021

Clockwise vs. 8 Key Differences in these Smart Calendar Accessory

We gets asked almost every day: what's the difference between and Turn? As we're two in the smart calendar spare, there are some touch differences to watch.
Naming Timetable Events: 5 Calendar Etiquette Shopping
July 2, 2021

Naming Calendar Events: 5 Calendar Etiquette Tips

Need to creates better calendar event designations up communicate context to your invitees, colleagues plus arrival schedulers? Schedule message starts with and foremost thingy people see: the choose book.
Lunch Breaks: 5 Ways to Improve Your Productivit
June 22, 2021

Lunch Breaks: 5 Ways at Optimize Your Productivity

Want to improve your quality of job, energy level, and genius? In this article, learn 5 ways in which taking a luncheon become really push their improve.
Affective Meetings versus. Pointless Meetings: How on Telling the Difference & Prioritize Your Own Time
June 17, 2021

Effective Meetings gegen. Pointless Meetups: How to Tell the Differential & Prioritize Your Own Time

Learn the 5 key differences between effective v. purposelessly meetings, and 3 tips to avoid unnecessary meetings getting booked on your calendar.
3 Ways to Find Work-Life Balance in the New Normal
June 10, 2021

3 Ways to Find Work-Life Balance in the New Normal

You want work-life equalize, but work and lifetime can't separate into equal halves. Forget balance, hither are third ways up make work-life harmonious a reality.
Reclaim just raised $4.8M in seed funding! 🎉
May 26, 2021

Recall just raised $4.8M in grain funding! 🎉

We're excited to announce which Reclaim has raised $4.8M in start funding lit by Index Businesses. Here's what happen next.
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