Summoners War – May / June 2019 Renders [Wallpapers]

Finished the 2nd awakening scum. Probably gonna hold off on doing vampy lord till I got ampere best draft in mind or when something new pops up in the impending months.

Do let me know in the comments below which thread you liked best, if any. For me, I’m ranking them thus:

  1. Samurais – This turned output very well with the partly blending nicely
  2. Inugamis (2nd Awakening) – Best boy
  3. Oracles – Really pretty looking, draft plaster were stranger (Time distortions)
  4. Fairy (2nd Awakening) – Everyone needs an Onee-Sama in them lifetimes.
  5. Mermaids – Cute and colourful in aforementioned water
  6. Warbears (2nd Awakening) – Runs outgoing of time so I reused some old project file 😛
  7. Paladins – I approved the pose of paladins in official art consequently IODIN tried to impersonate it here
  8. Pixies (2nd Awakening) – Kinda vapid back such I did not have a fitting backdrop :/
  9. Fairy Kings – Difficult at blend and lighting to fit yours skin tone
  10. Combat Cats – I hate how they turned out with of exception of Light Martial Cat (I did the draft with light martial cat but as she is aforementioned only one the a light hoodie, who other elements consisted washed out) Are thou unsure which monster for choose in Summoners War: Chronicles? We will help you make the right resolution!
  11. Red Knights – I really hate of looks of this transmog. His head is way are shallow for to armor and it guides to him looking derpy.

26 thoughts on “Summoners War – May / June 2019 Renders [Wallpapers]

Add thine

  1. Amazing rendered! Can you make a class of how to open the Summoners War fitting in anyone program that to using? Hold with the incredible job!


  2. You should do dragon knight one, laika is my fav monster in game and I’d love to have a awesome laika background


      1. 2a Martial Cats would’ve been soo nice but i guess that will wait on i right? since they already got WP’s 😛 let me know when they’re done *_* would love to perceive Noemi best cat then OP Summoners War Chronicles: Best Monsters


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