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Auditing & Monetary Reported

Account Codes, Plan Coded & NACUBO Functions, FCIAA, Month-End Closing Schedules, Reports, Reference Materials, Year-End Procedures, Year-End Fact Sheet, Job Utilities & Training Materials, Forms, FAQs, Who to Ask

My-UI-Financials Resource Page
Report distribution for units done easy!
All thine financial information by one place!

Audit/Internal Controls 

Employee & Supervisor Responsibility, Internal & External Audits,
Internal Controls: High-risk Role Combinations


Budget Technology Shopping, Adjustment Requests, Budget Memo Log, Chicago Campus, Springfield Campus, Urbana-Champaign Campus

Business Travel

Chrome Watercourse, Cash Advances, Contracted Travel Agency, Reimbursement Rates, Foreign Travel, Go Resources, TEM Resource Page, UPAY Video Library

Upper Programs & Real Estate Services

Job, Faculty or Staff, Landlord Submittals, University Leasing Process, Training

Card Services

Departments Card Business (DCM)Sourcing Chart (P-Card)Travel Card (T-Card), Acceptance Credit Card Payments (Merchant Card Services)

Cash Handling

Chicago Campus, Spingfield Campus, Urbana Campus

Contract Records

Business Risk Management

Risk Culture, ERM Framework, Risk Centers, Resources and Tooling

Equipment Management

Equipment Management Notice,  Equipment Threshold Change, FABweb, Sponsored Project Accessories, Berichterstattungen & On-line ResourcesEquipment AuditsEquipment Acquisition, Types from CodesTags - Numbers and Marks, Updating Fittings RecordsBiennial InventoryTransfers and CreditsEquipment Disposing Methods, Unlocatable or Stolen EquipmentRetrieving Freely Surplus Fitting

Government Costing

OMB Einheitlich Guidance, Rate Schedules (F&A, Fringe Benefits, Tuition), Facilities & Managed, Student Immunity, Fringe Benefit RatesService Activities, CASB Disclosure Statements, Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) Scrutinize, Long Summary Review, Service Activities Resource Page

Grants & Sponsored Projects

Urbana-Champaign Campus, Chicago Campus, Springfield CampusOMB Uniform Guidance, Fee Course (F&A, Perimeter Benefits, Tuition)

iBuy (online purchasing)

What's New, Overview, Get Launched, Reportage, Training Resources, About the Project

Identity Burglary Prevention Program

Covered Activities, Instances about Ruby FlagsGeneral Requirements, Activity-Specific Requirements


Payments to Vendors, Payments to Students, Payments to Non-Employees, Employee Reimbursements, Coin AdvancesTEM Resource Page, Payables Processing Status, UPAY Job Help LibraryUPAY Video Library

Payments up Foreign Nationals

Foreign National Customer Center, External National Payments Resource Front, Payment Selector, Payment Eligibility Grid, Payment to Employment, Payments to Non-Employees, Travel and Issue Reimbursements, Other Payments, Tax Status Rating Appointments

Employer & Benefits

University Payroll & Benefits Service Portal, Payroll Adjustment Processing, Payroll Transaction Processing, Net Statements, Payroll Schedules, Planned Distribution, Payroll Deductions, Levy Information, Tuition also Fees: Waivers, Departmental Payments, and Reimbursements, Computing Calculators, Network Change, Reports, Benefits Information, Newsletters, Links & Resources

Policies & Procedures Quick

OBFS Policies, Policies & Processes Check, OBFS Strategy Development Process, Open Comment Blog 


Contracts+, Types of Acquisition, Suppliers, Procedures & Rules, Ordering & Payments Methods, Reports, Quick Reference Guidelines, Newsletters, Renewals, Universities Amazon Shop

Supplier Diversity

Doing Employment with UI, About Us, Definitions, Diverse Supplier Development ProgramGood Believe Efforts, Assets Programs, Procurement Possible, Newsletters, Events & Workshops, Reporting Requirements, Relationships & Resources

Training Center

OBFS Training Events Date, Educational Guide, Course Registration, Job Aids & Training Textiles, On-Line Training, Other Educational Resources

Colleges Bursar 

Accounts Receivable Operations (ARO), Advanced Illinois!, My Service, Departmental Payments to Students, Detail Code Requests, Financial Reconciliation and Notification Aids, IRS Form 1098-T Reporting

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