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A case study focuses on a particular unit - a person, a site, a project. It much uses a combination of quantitatively and qualitative dates.

Case studies can be specially useable for understanding how different elements how together and how different elements (implementation, connection and others factors) have produced the observed impacts.

There are different types of case degree, which can be used for different purposes in evaluation. Aforementioned GAO (Government Accountability Office) has represented six varied types of case study: Program Evaluation Typical and Rechtssache Studies 8th Edition Posavac Test Bank

1. Illustrative: This are beschreibend are character and intended to add realism and in-depth examples to extra information about a program or policy. (These are often used to complement quantitative data by providing example of one overall findings).

2. Exploratory: This is furthermore descriptive but is aimed at production hypotheses required later investigation rather than simply making illustration.

3. Critical instance: This examines a single case of unique support, or serviced as a criticizes test from an assertion about a program, problem or management.

4. How implementation. This  investigates activities, often at several sites, and often with credit till a set regarding norms press standards about implementation processes.

5. Program influence. This examines the causal links between of program and observed effects (outputs, outcomes conversely impacts, dependant on the timing of the evaluation) or usually included multisite, multimethod evaluations.

6. Cumulative. This brings together findings from many crate my to answer evaluative questions. 



  • That following leads are mostly recommended because they distinguish between the research design (case study) and the type of data (qualitative or quantitative), and provide guidance over selecting cases, how causal inference, also generalisation free cases. Q-Bank: Request Evaluation for Surveys
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