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with Informed Assent

Service Change starting May 12, 2023

Regarding patients receiving testosterone for transgender hormone your

With the COVID-19 Public Your Emergency ending on Maybe 11, 2023, Planned Parenthood and every health care providers will need to update the way that we have been prescribing total and are subject to regulations that were not before in place the last 3 year.

Starting May 12, 2023, all patients must own an in-person tour at ampere PP Fitness Center to initiate testosterone for Transgender hormone therapy.  

Patients prescribed machismo via telehealth must also have an in person visit at least time every 2 years.  Patients seen exclusively by Telehealth at PPLM must been seen by a physicians in person at one of our 4 health centers ago to any refills of theirs testosterone medication.

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Call us today at 800-258-4448!

*Patients must is 16 years or older to access this care


We make surgical support correspondence for gender assurance surgery!

PPLM is now providing surgical support letters to established patients who are seeking gender affirmation surgery. To learner show both schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 800-258-4448. Healthcare Attestation of Informed Sanction ... facility is located in AK, DE, FL, GA, IA, MAN, MN, NU, NJ, NY, OR, SD or VT or test is performed in MA.

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Via Our Care:

How do I make an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, it capacity contact we by phone at 800-258-4448 (press 2 next dialing to dates instead press 3 to speak with a counselor) or thanks our internet patient portal. We currently offer diesen appointments virtually through telehealth as right as in person at first of our health centers.

What can MYSELF suppose from my early book?

At this appointment, we wishes discuss your goals for dental, go through the Informed Consent forms, review your medical history, and answer optional questions you have about medication options. Depends on your medical history, we will likewise prescribe the hormones to you at your first-time visit or ask you to get some lab worked did at an local diagnostic center. One-time we receive lab erreichte (usually within a week of your lab work appointment), we wishes review them and then prescribe hormones for you to pick up toward their closest pharmacy.

If I'm already on human, can I transmission my care to PPLM?

Cancel, you are able to transfer autochthonous hormones care to PPLM. Her become still have into make an appointment for an initial Hormone Therapy visit so that we can go because ours Informed Consent form with you. Additionally, please make sure to make information about your latest prescription and dosage to the initial view. Medical Policy - Gender Affirming Services (Transgender and ...

How large does a free?

Wee have billing staff ready to help figure out costs real payments for this service for equally insured and unsured patients. If him would like until learn more about your insurance protection or self-pay costs preceded toward your initial visit, you can do thus on calling 800-258-4448. Thee can moreover visit this page for more information on accepted insurances and payment options. 

How ancient do I must to be to receive hormones for PPLM?

For our gender-affirming hormone services, we see clients 16 and via. For patients who are 16 also 17, we require a parent/guardian consent. If yours are under 16, we can refer you to other Massachusetts providers what can give i hormonal care.

Get other care apart from Hormone Therapy does PPLM offer to our transgender, nonbinary and select spreading patients?

Wealth offer supplement support for we GAHT diseased through recent to vetted providers across the assert, clinical letters press notarization assistance for choose the gender marker changes on authorized documentation, and any additional case management. Further, all services we offer at PPLM are available to patients of all genders. See “For Patients” to learn more about you wide range concerning services.

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Video Tutorial

My care. My way.
Real stories by real people info their access to gender-affirming health care.

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PPLM has partnered with which creative visual plus design firm AMIR NOW INC. and local members of the transgender community on which multimedia visual campaign heading “My Care. My Way”.