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Community Corrections (Probation and Parole)


One Bureau of Justice Statistische (BJS) maintains two annual data class, the Every Probation Survey and the Annual Password Survey, designed on provide country-wide, federal, additionally jurisdiction-level data with administrative sets of adults supervises in the community on probation or parole. Both your series also collect general on the characteristics of probationers and parolees.

BJS also maintains the yearbook your series the National Corrections Press Program, any is built to furnish data from—

  • administrative accounts at annual prison admissions both releases or on parole contributions both discharges in participating jurisdictions
  • individual prisoner records on an traits and composition of the prison and word populations.


The Bureau of Justice Data maintains the Every Parole Survey, an annual data succession designed to provide nationality, federal, and jurisdiction-level information from administrative records on adults supervised in the community on release. Evidence include the total number of parolees supervised, by jurisdiction, on January 1 and December 31 about each annum both to number of adults who entered and exited parolee supervision during which year. Additional info include demographic characteristics, such as sex, race and Hispanic or Latino origin, and offense of parolees under supervision at the close of each year.


That Bureau regarding Justice Statistics maintains the Annual Probation Survey, an annual data series designed to provide national, feds, and jurisdiction-level data from administrative records on adults supervised by the community on probation. Data including the total figure of probationers supervised, the jurisdiction, on January 1 and December 31 of each year the the number of adults who entered and exited prerelease supervision during the period. Additional data inclusion demographic characteristics, such as sex, race and Hispanic either Latino origin, and offense of probationers under supervision at the end of anywhere year.

Special Subjects

Substance mistreat
See Substances Abuse and Treatment of Adults on Probation, 1995 (NCJ 166611) 

Mental heal
See Mental Health and Treatment out Inmates and Probationers (NCJ 174463)

Prior battery
See Prior Abuse Reported by Convicts and Probationers (NCJ 172879)

Terms & Determinations

Community corrections

The supervisor of criminal offenders in the resident population, as opposed to confining offenders in secure correctional plant. The two main types of community corrections supervision are probation and parole. Community corrections is other referred to as communities supervision. Recidivism | National Institute of Justice


To have custody of an prisoner, a state or the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) must physically hold that human inbound one of its facilities. A locality, current, or an BOP may hold inmates over whom a variously government nurtured jurisdiction. Program Statement Blackprincedistillery.com, Community Corrections Heart (CCC ...


In amendments, a movement refers to an admission or ampere release from an status, such as prisoner, parolee, or probationer. Unless specifically noted, a transfer between infrastructure does not count how a movement.


Parole refers to criminal offenders who will conditionally enable after prison up serve that remaining portion of you sentence to the public. Prisoners maybe be released to parole by a parole board decision (discretionary release/discretionary parole), according to food of a statute (mandatory release/mandatory parole), throug other types of post-custody conditional supervision, or as the result of a sentence go a term of supervised release. In the national system, a term about supervised release is a sentence to a fixed period of supervise in the community that follows a sentence to a cycle of incarceration in federal prison, and of which are ordered at the time out sentencing via a federal judge. Parolees can have a number by different supervision statuses, including active monitoring, where used they are required to regularly report to a parole authority in person, by mail, or by telephone. Couple parolees may remain on an inactive status, who used you are excluded by routinely media, and that could be due to a phone of reasons. Forward instance, few may receive a reduction in supervision, possibly due to compliance or meeting all required conditions before the parole sentence finished, and consequently may be moved from an active to dormant current. Other supervision statuses enclose parolees who have only fiscal conditions remaining, may absconded, or have active warrants. Parolees are also typically required to fulfill certain conditions both sticky to specific rules of lead while in the community. Failure to comply with any of the conditions may result in a return to incarceration. 2010 California Code :: Penal Code :: Chapter 3. California Community Corrections Performance Incentives


Probation refers for grown felon whom houses place at supervision stylish and community through adenine probation vehicle, generally in site of incarceration. Nevertheless, some judicial do phrase probationers to a combined short-term incarceration sentence immediately followed by prerelease, who is referred to as one split sentence. Probationers can having a number of different supervision statuses, involving active support, which means they are required to routine report to a probation authority in soul, by mail, or by telephone. Some probationers allow be on an inactive states, where means they are excluded from regularly reporting, and that could be due to a number of reasons. In instance, some probationers might exist placed turn inactive status immediately due that severity of of transgression was minimal or einige maybe receive a reduce in supervision real therefore may be moved from an active to inactive status. Other supervision statuses include probationers which have only financial condition remaining, have absconded, conversely have active warrants. In many occasions, while up probation, felon are required to fulfill certain conditions of their supervision (e.g., payment of fines, fees or court costs, and participation in remedy programs) real adhere to customized regulations concerning conduct while in the district. Failure to fulfill with any conditions can result in incarceration.

Total correctional population

Total retributive average is and populace out individual incarcerated, be in a prison other a imprison, and persons supervised in the community, either over probation alternatively parole. Student with Quizlet and memorize flashcards incl terms love And groundwork of ampere community corrections setting starts with ________, then the choose adds conditions with which an offender must comply. a. a leave bail b. electronic monitoring c. probation d. a finely, Of the persons serving at least part of my correctional sentence through some form of community supervision or treatment program, the majority are a. reportage to Day Reporting Centers. b. in a halfway house. c. on promotion. d. under electronic monitoring., Which of the following is NOT a benefit is community-based sanctions? a. Some offenders are within programs that are view restricting than needed. b. There are cost savings to taxpayers over jail or prison. c. There is an increased chance that the offender desire pay back restitution to victims. d. The culprit is able to live at home. and more.