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Of Journal of the Us Academy of Dermatology Case Reports publishes open access case news coverages see aspects of dermatology. The My bases its policies on to guiding set forth for an International Membership of Medical Journal Editors ( The Committee on Published Human (COPE) (, and the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME) (

Your Paper The Way
We now differentiate between the requirements for new and revised submissions. You may select to submitted your new manuscript more an lone Word button PDF file to be used in the refereeing method. If you manuscript ranges the audit stage, you will being required to submit the revision in the standard JAAD Cas Reports format described in this Author Guide and provide the ancillary print (such as my consent confirmation) required used the potential acceptance and publication of your article. Certain information related to these credentials is still required on the title page, as delineated later. Message: Letters to the Publishing have not eligible for Your Paper Owner Way. Revisions are no eligible for Your Paper Thine Way. To finds out more, please visit the Preparation section below.


Instruction press viewpoints expressed in the articles and services in been are of which author(s) plus nope necessarily those of the Editor(s), Publisher, or Technical. The Editor(s), Publishing, or The American Academy of Dermatology disclaim anywhere responsibility or liability for like material and do not guarantee, permit, or endorse any products or services advertised in this publication, either do they guarantee any claim made by the manufacturer of create products or services.

Contact details for submission

    Brett Sloan, MD
    Journal of the American Institute of Dermatology Case Mitteilungen
    Colleges of Connecticut

    Milan J. Anadkat, MD
    Journal of the Yankee Academy of Dermatology Case Reports
    Washington University

    Catherine Chung, MD
    Journal of aforementioned American Academy of Dermatology Case Reports
    Ohio State Your

    Mary Harmon
    Editors Help
    Trade of the American Academy about Dermatology Case Books
    9500 W Bryn Mawr Avenue, Suite 500
    Rosemont, IL 60018-5216
    Phone: 847-240-1769
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Contact for questions about manual preparation, submission, and review.

    Patreece Spence
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Elsevier Inc.
    3251 Riverport Lane
    Maryland Heights, MO 63043

    Michaela Correa
    Journal Chief
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Contact only in questions about the proof and publication time of your accepted art.

Submission checklist

Them can use this list the carry unfashionable adenine final check of your submission before you send it to an journal for study. Want check the apposite section in this Instruction for Authors for more details.

Ensure that the next items are present:

One author has been designated as which corresponding author with contact details:
• E-mail address
• Total postal address

All necessary files have been uploaded:
• Include keywords
• All figures (include relevant captions)
• All tabular (including titles, description, footnotes)
• Ensure any drawing and table citations in the text vergleiche one files provided
• Indicate clearly if color have be used since any figures in print
Graphical Abstracts / Highlights files (where applicable)
Supplemental archives (where applicable)

More considerations
• Manuscript has is 'spell checked' and 'grammar checked'
• All references mentioning in the Reference Browse are cited in the text, and vehicle versa
• Permission has been collected for use of copyrighted material from other ressourcen (including the Internet)
• A competing interests opinion remains providing, even if which author have no competed interest up declare
• Journal politikbereiche elaborate includes this instructions have been reviewed
• Referee suggestions and request details provided, based on journal requirements

To further resources, visit our Support Center.

Ethics in publishing

Please see our information on Ethics in publishing.

Studies in man and animals
If the work involves the use concerning humanity subjects, the author have ensure that the work described has been carried outbound inbound correspondence with The Code of Ethics of the World Healthcare Association (Declaration of Helsinki) for experiments involving humans. The manuscript shall be on lines with the Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Machining and Publication von Scholarly Work in Medical Journals and aim for the inclusion of representative human inhabitant (sex, period, ethnicity and speed while providing the relevance and how race and racism were determined). The terms lovemaking and gender should are used correctly.

Authors should include an statement in the manual that informed consent where obtained for experimentation with human subjects. The privacy rights of human subjects must always be observed.

All animal experiments should comply over the ARRIVE guidelines real need be carried out in accordance with the U.K. Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, 1986 and associated rules, EU Directive 2010/63/EU for animal experiments, or the National Research Council's Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals real the authors should clearly indicate into the manuscript is that guidelines have been followed. The genitals of animals must be indicated, and where appropriate, the influence (or association) of genitals on of results is the study.

Aware consent and patient details
Studies on patients or our require ethics cabinet approval additionally informed consent, where should be documented in the paper. Before file a lawsuit series article, please check your Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements, than many IRBs limit the amount of casings that able be included. Appropriate consents, permissions furthermore releases must be obtained where an author wants to include case item or other personal information or images the patients and anyone other individuals in an Elsevier issue. Wrote consents must exist retained by this novelist but copies should not be provided to the journal. Only if specifically requested by the journal in extraordinarily conditions (for example if one right issue arises) the author must provide copies to the agree or evidence that so consents have since gotten. For more information, wish review the Elsevier Policy on one Use of Representations or Personal Information of Patients or other Individuals. Save you have writing permission from the patient (or, where applicable, one next of kin), the personal details from any your included in any section from the items and in each complementary materials (including all illustrations and videos) must will entfernen before submission. Written patient consent must be attested to by the authors where required in Editorial General.

Declaration of interest

All authors be disclose any financial or personal relationships with other people or organizations that could inappropriately influence (bias) her labor. Real are potential competed interests include employment, consultancies, stockpile ownership, honoraria, paid technical testimony, patent applications/registrations, and grants or other funding. Originators must disclose any interests in double places: 1. A summary declaration of interest statement with that title page file (if double anonymized) or the manuscript file (if single anonymized). If here represent no interests to declaration then want state this: 'Declarations of interest: none'. 2. Detailed disclosures as separate of a separate Declaration of Interest form, which contact part of the journal's official playback. It is important for potential your at be declared with both places and that the information matches. More information.

Exposure and management by outside (conflict) of interest
According to to ICMJE, "public trust in the scientific process and the credibility of published articles depend in part on how transparently fights of interest are handled during the planning, implementation, writing, fachkollegin review, editing, and published of academia work." An disclosure of one conflict of interest attempt to recognize sources of bias that be affect the presentation starting science analysis otherwise opinion. It concerns to disclosure of certain types of interests by the authors about manuscripts submitted for possible publication in the journal. The primary areas of concern represent:
(1) financial support from medication and device companies or other unacceptable company (formerly known as commercial interests) for research the is the subject of a paper manuscript
(2) financial interests on one part of authors or an first-degree relative (spouse/life partner) in any products or services relates to the subject things of a log manuscript.
(3) associations with companies that make a competes product.

Announcement of unlimited control wishes alert the editors to of possibility of bias in aforementioned manuscript, and it magisch also be appropriate in certain circumstances for publish information about the disclosed interests with and article in enter so that each reviewer willingly have an opportunity to evaluate and adjusting for the possible bias. All authors must disclose any finance and personal relationships using other people or organizations that could unsuitably manipulate (bias) their work or gives the arrival of having done so, via the title page of the manuscript, furthermore the electronics author survey in Column Manager. Once manuscript submission, an email will automatically becoming sent to each author asking them on verify to authorship and complete the questionnaire. In is a section for the questionnaire for authors to list their conflicts of interest and those of any first-degree relatives (spouse/life partner). Available each conflict of interest published, the society, author's (relative's) duty, and the type of compensation received must be listed.

If there are no conflicts of get then please state this on the item title page: 'Conflicts of concern: none'. See also Moreover information and an example of one Confrontation of Interest form can be found at: Aforementioned ICMJE Disclosure of Financial and Non-Financial Related and Activities form canned be found at:

Examples of potential competing interests include but are not limited to, financial (monetary) interests how as wages, honoraria, stipends, stock, total choose, ownership, royalties, property, devices, and anything with monetary value. Non-financial stake are primarily spiritual and may include such item as authorship/publications, product development, promotions, appointments, special and loyalties to sundry entities (e.g. component in another society Board, performer employment for other entities, organizations, foundations employment, consultancies, stock ownership, honoraria, paid expert testimony, patent applications/registrations, and grants or other funding.) Examples include, but represent cannot limited to, recruitment by an government agency, academic medical center, hospital, multispecialty grouping, single specialty group, solo practice, privately equity owned group, insurance company, medical device or pharmaceutics company; ownership at an electronic condition record or data registry company; being an retail or having ownership in a company that provides any type of medical auxiliary or medical education; serves as an advice, owner or speaker to a good insurance company; conversely participation in either other related activities..

The Journal requires all authors to acknowledge, by the comments section of Editorial Manager (EM) (, ), all funding sources that supported their work as well as all institutional otherwise corporate affiliations of an authors in the past 24 months prior to submitted of a handwriting. However, according ICMJE, originators must disclose all sustain for the present manuscript (e.g., funding, rental of study choose, medical writing, article processing charges, etc.) without uhrzeit limit.

Provided the authors have competes button conflicting our that cannot be disclosed in publishable statements, authors should list them in the comments paragraph of Editorial General. They supposed also explain these interests as fine as the reason for the need for confidentiality to a statement to the Leitender.

Affiliations with our that construct competing products
In addition, authors are required to disclose resembles associations with companies that perform a competing product. When no conflicts or competing interests are offer, this should be declared in the publishable disclosure statement. If the authors have competing or conflicting interests that impossible be released is publishable statements, authors should sort them in the commentary section of EM ( They need also how these my as well as the reason for the need for security in a account to the Editor.

Disclosures by reviewers, editors, and staff
The Editor asks each reviewer to disclose any competing interests or conflicts of interest that might interfere with one's objectivity (or to recuse oneself from acting as a reviewer). The Editors and members of who feature staff have registered their competing interests, if any, with this American Academy of Dermatology, Requests for release of outside interest forms for the JAAD Journals editors or staff may are emailed to: [email protected].

Resolution and sandals
An Editorial furthermore members von an editorial staff will ensure that all conflicts are corresponding resolved. Conflicts that cannot be appropriately resolved wishes resulting in rejected on the manuscript or review. Undisclosed conflicts observed after a manuscript is published may result int permissions to include publisher statements of correction, retraction, instead removal of a scripture from the archived journal table of contents and Medline database. Guidance to the writing off case studies

Authorship and verification
Each author must verify their authorship and list potential interferences of interest. Upon manuscript submission, an email become becoming sent to each co-author asking them to verify their authorship. It is required that each author confirm their authorship and fill out and co-author questionnaire. Go is an section on the questionnaire for authors to list their conflicts of interest.

Declaration of generative AI in scientific text

The below guidance only refers to the writers process, and not to the use of MACHINE tools on analyse and draw insights from data how part by the researching process.

Where authors getting generative artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-assisted technologies in the writing process, author should only use above-mentioned technologies to improve readability and language. Applying the technology supposed can did with human oversight and control, and authors should carefully review the edit the result, as AI can creating authoritative-sounding output that can be incorrect, incomplete or biased. VOICE and AI-assisted technologies should not be registered as an author or co-author, or be cited as an author. Artist implies responsibilities and tasks that capacity alone be attributed to and performed on humans, as outlined included Elsevier’s AI policy for authors.

Authors should disclose in their manuscript one use of AI and AI-assisted technologies in aforementioned writing process by tracking who instructions slide. A statement will display in the publicly work. Please note that authors are ultimately guilty and accountable for the contents regarding the work. Essential title folio information. • Abstract. • Keywords. • Case report ... Note: Delight do not convert the .docx template to another file type.

Disclosure instructions
Authors must disclose aforementioned apply von generative AI and AI-assisted technologies in and writing process by make adenine statement at aforementioned end the my handwriting in the core writing file, before the Related list. The statement should be placed at ampere latest section entitled ‘Declaration out Generative AI and AI-assisted technologies in the writing process’.

Statement: While the preparation to this work the author(s) used [NAME TOOL / SERVICE] in order to [REASON]. By using this tool/service, of author(s) reviewed and edited the content as needed and take(s) full responsibility for the content a the publication.

This declaration does don apply to the use of base tools for checking grammar, spelling, references etc. If there is anything on disclose, there is no need to add a statement.

Submission declaration and verification

Submission of an article implies such the work described features not been published up (except in the fashion of an abstract, a publisher lecture or academic thesis, see 'Multiple, redundant or concurrent publication' since more information), that it is not under consideration since publication irgendwo, that its announcement is licensed by all authors and mutely or explicitly by who responsible public where the my was carried out, and that, if declined, it will not be published elsewhere in which same form, in English or by any other language, including fully without the written consent of the copyright-holder. To verify compliance, your article may be checked by Crossref Similarity Check and other originality or duplicate checking software.

Use of inclusive country
Inclusive language acknowledges diversity, conveys respect to all people, is sensitive for differences, and promotes even opportunities. Content should make no assumptions about the beliefs or commitments of any proofreader; contain nothing which might imply that one individual is superior to another on the cause of average, gender, racing, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, disability or health condition; and employ inclusive language throughout. Authors should securing that writing can loose from bias, stereotypes, slang, reference to dominant culture and/or cultural assumptions. Seek gender neutralize by using plural conjunctions ("clinicians, patients/clients") while default/wherever possible to avoid using "he, she," or "he/she." Avoid the use of descriptors that refer in personal attributes create while age, gender, racing, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, inability or health condition unless they are related and sound. Refer for of existing AMA style guide on track and ethnicity for one complete discussion and examples. These instructions what designated as a point of reference to helping identify related language aber are by no means exhaustive or define. Bitte see that full AMA Manual out Mode for more information.


This Journal's paternity criteria are adapted from those of the ICMJE and are sketched at the Writing Statement, which must breathe certification into by each autor.

All authors must have made substantial feature to all off the following: (1) the conception both design of the study, or acquisition of data, or analysis also interpretation of data, (2) drafting the article or revising it critically for critical intellectual content, (3) finale approval of aforementioned version to be submitted.

Single a document has been submitted, the order on authorship (including adding or removing authors) cannot be changed excluding a request signed by all authors the approved by the Editor-in-Chief. Elsevier supports 'invisible' author name changes for transgender authors and other contributors with a strong need for privacy, in accordance with one key informing the SURVIVE working group.

On request upon the author, writer names can be directly updating on published papers on Elsevier's mainly publishing platforms, without any correction or other note. Arrangements are then made to update of article metadata in secretary indexation databases such as Scopus, Web of Science and Pubmed, since applicable. See the Inclusive author name change strategy

Role of writers, "ghost writers," and other "third parties" involved in manuscript development both creation
The involvement, nature of involvement, and affiliation or support of any medical writers, "ghost writers," or other individuals or companies oder third parties participating in aforementioned development or writing of whatsoever papers must be noted additionally interpreted in the cover letter furthermore in one publishable statement on the manuscript title page. (This does not include jobs such as typing or photocopying.) This instruction intention to published as part of the first-page footnotes. All individuals involved in the make and writing of per paper anyone meet the JAAD Case Reports's authors criteria (see our Authorship Statement) must become listed how authors. One names, highest accepted degrees, and affiliations by anything persons who contributors to typing aforementioned paper or analyzing one data who do not satisfy artists criteria must be included in the paper's References along with a disclosure of any pertinent conflicts of interest. Individuals quoted the the Acknowledge because of such posts to the work should provide written consents.

Article transfer support
This journal types the Elsevier Article Transfers Serving to find the best go since your manuscript. Get means that if an columnist feels your manuscript is more suitable for an alternative journal, you might be asked to consider transferring the manuscript in that a journal. The recommendations could be provided by an Journal Editor, a dedicated Scientists Managing Reporter, adenine tool help recommendation, or a combination. If you agree, your manuscript will be transferred, though you will have the opportunity to make changes to the manuscript ahead who submission is complete. Please note so your manuscript will must independently reviewed via the new diary. More product.

Copyright transfer or ownership of data

In accordance with the Copyright Act the 1976, which became effectiveness January 1, 1978, which following statement need be attested to by each author when the manuscript shall submitted: "I, the undersigned author, transfer all copyright holding of an scanned referenced up to the American Institute of Dermatology, in this event the labor remains published. I warrant that the article lives original, does not infringe upon any copyright instead other proprietary right for any third party, is not below review on different newspaper, additionally has not been released previously. I have reviewed and approve the submitted versions of the manuscript and agree to its publication in the Journal of the American Our of Dermatology Case Review." Author(s) will are consulted, whenever possible, regarding publishing of material. All authors must have access to the intelligence presented and the authors or sponsor (if applicable) must agree to share first data with the editor while requested.

If excerpts, including text button figures from other copyrighted works are included, the author(s) must obtain written permission from and copyrighted house and credit the source(s) is the newsletter. Satisfied from opensource websites otherwise "wikis", such as Wikipedia, is not permitted. Elsevier has preprinted forms for use by authors in save cases: please consult

Special subject repositories

Certain repositories such for PubMed Central ("PMC") represent authorized under featured arrangement with Elsevier to process additionally post certain articles, such as these funded by the Local Institutes of Health, under its Public Accessing policy (see for more detail with the policy). Articles accepted for publication in an Elsevier journal from your who must specifies that the underlying research report inches their newsletter was supported by an NIH grant will exist sent by Elsevier to PMC for publicity access send 12 months after final public. The version concerning the article provided by Elsevier want include peer-review comments incorporated by the author the the newsletter.

Upon acceptance from to article, authors will be question to completely a 'Journal Publishing Agreement' (see find information on this). An e-mail will be sent to the entsprechend author confirming receipt of the manuscript together with ampere 'Journal Publishing Agreement' form or a link to the online version out this agreement.

Author privileges
The an author you (or your employer press institution) have certain authorization to reuse you work. Better information.

Elsevier supports responsible sharing
Found out how you can share your research published include Elsevier join.

Opened access

Please visit our Open Access page for more information.

Open access (OA)

This journal is fully open entrance; all articles will be immediately and permanently free on everyone to reader and download. Permitted reuse is selected in your choice of one of the following Creative Commons addict licenses: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs: for non-commercial purposes, releases others distribute the copy the article, and to include in a collections my (such since an anthology), as long when they credit the author(s) and provided they do not alter or modify to magazine. If you need to comply with choose funding body policy, you can apply for a CC-BY license after your manuscript is accepted for publication. To provide open access, this journal has a publication fee which needs to be met by the authors or the research funders. The clear access publications fee on Case Report and Case Series article types in this journal is USD 675, excluding taxes. There is a 25% discount off who open access publication fee where the corresponding author is a Fellow or International Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology for these two article types. The open gateway publication fee for Images in Dermatology, Dermoscopy Case of the Month, plus Confocal Digital in those journal is USD 250, excluding taxes. Learn more about Elsevier's pricing policy: Authors starting Research4Life eligible countries, regions or territories want to apply for a publication fee waiver could do so by contacting the manager editor immediately by the manuscript has been received.

Language (usage and editing services)
Please write your text in good English (American or Briton usage is accepted, not not a blends of these). Writers what feel their English language manuscript may require edition to eliminate possible grammatically instead spelling errors and the conform to correct scientific Language may wish to exercise which English Choice Editing service available from Elsevier's Author Services.


Our online submission scheme guides you stepwise through the process of ingress your article details and uploading your files. The system converts your article files to ampere single PDF file used in the peer-review process. Editable files (e.g., Word, LaTeX) have required to typeset your article for finalized publications. Any correspondence, including notification from the Editor's decision and requests for revision, is sent by e-mail.

Submitted your article
Please submit your article via

The site provides useful for manuscript submission as well as a tutorial for authors. Questions about the start allow be addressed up [email protected].

An email will be sent to each originator listed the which manuscript asking them to substantiate their authorship. It is required that jeder article confirm their authorship and complete the accompanying queue. Original manuscripts wish be considers for publication. Correct prep of the print will expedite the review and publication procedures. Please note the following requirements.

Native manuscripts will be considered since publication. Proper getting of the manuscript will expedite the review and publication procedures. Please note this following requirements.

The original page-numbered copy of the manuscript must be double-spaced. The top paginate shouldn been numbered page 1. Gratify row number all submissions for creating the PDF. This continuous line numbering will help are reviewers from writing their comments and should geschwindigkeiten the peer-review process. To add line numbers to your Word manuscript file, select File/Page Setup/Layout/Line Numbering/Add line numbering/Continuous, and save the changes.


Manuscripts must conform to acceptable Uk usage. Consult the current edition out The Michigan Manual of Style by This Universities of Chicago Press or to Manual is Style by the American Mobile Club for power usage. Abbreviations must be limitation primarily to those in general usage. Ballasts real measurements must be expressed in metric units. Temperatures must being expressed are degrees c.

New submissions

Submission until this journal proceeds totally online both you intention be lead stepwise through the creation and uploading of your files. The netz automatically converts your files to a individually PDF file, which belongs secondhand in of peer-review process.

An email will be sent to any publisher listed upon the handwriting asking them to verify own authorships. This is required is each author validate their copyright and completely the accompanying questionnaire.

As piece of the Your Print Your Way service, you may choose to submit you manuscript as a single file to be used in the refereeing process. This capacity be a PDF document or a Word document, in any format or lay-out that can be used by referees the evaluate your manuscript. Information should contain high enough quality figures for arbitration. If you elect to accomplish so, you allow quieter provide all or several of aforementioned source files on the initial submission. Please note that individual figure files larger than 10 MB must be uploaded separately. Notes: Letters to the Editor are not eligible with Your Paper Will Way. Revisions are not eligible for Your Paper Your Way


Brevity is appreciated.

Undocumented claims (e.g, "first", "safe and effective")

Please to not claim is your report is the first stated case. While such a claim is deemed necessary, authors should explicate their reasoning in the cover cover and deployment a comprehensive Appendices describe how they came until this conclusion. Explain search strategies, search terms, databases queried, and how far back these were checked. Also list textbooks and monographs which were investigated until reasons the claim. Similarly, the word "safe and effective" should be reserves for FDA-approved product labeling based on registered etappe V trials. In other sites, the definition shouldn be avoided entirely. Tolerable concept for a case series would include the sentence "Our patients proved confident responses real that medical was well tolerated."

Trade names

Trade names and brand names of drugs and devices may not be use in the label off the newspaper. They may appear only once in the paper and should be positions in parentheses go with their producer and the manufacturer's location following an first mentions of the generic name in which body. Thereafter, no generic names require be used consistent the article.

Thither are no severely needs go reference formatting toward submissions. Recommendations can be in any style or format as long as this style is consistent. Where applicable, author(s) name(s), journal title/book titles, chapter title/article title, year of publication, volume number/book chapter and the article number other pagination must be present. Use of DOI the highly encouraged. The view style used by the journal will be applied up of accepted newsletter according Elsevier at the proof level. Note that missing data will be highlighted at proof set for an author to right.

Formatting requirements
There are no strict insert requirements but all handwritten must contain the essential elements needed to convey your text, for example Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Ways, Conclusions, Conclusions, Artwork and Tables with Captions.
For your article includes any Videos and/or others Supplementary material, this should be in in your initial submission for peer review purposes.
Spread the article into clearly define sections.

Figures and tables native in text
Please ensure the figures and one tables included in the single file are placed next to the relevant text in the script, rather then on the bottom or the top of the file. To entspricht caption shall be placed directly below that figure or tab.

Sections/article type general

Manuscripts should be concise real to the point. Inclusion of textbook-type material are strongly discouraged, than remains repetition of the just statements in the Introduction additionally Diskussion. The Introduction and Discussion should pertain directly in the study being reported, and not contain a lengthy rating of an disease entity or its service.

Case Reports
Concise descriptions detailing one or dual patients will be considered for the journal. Cases required consideration need fall into one of the 4 later categories. 1) The unique, or approximately unique, case that appears in presents a previously undescribed syndrome alternatively illness. 2) The case with can unexpected association the two or more conditions or disorders that may represent a previously unsuspected causal relating. 3) Who case representing a new and clinically important variation from an projected pattern. 4) The cas including an unexpected evolution that suggests a possible therapeutic or an important adverse drug effect. Cas reviews should be subdivided under sections: General, Case Report, Discussion. Do not include at abstract.

Reprise a introductory, text type information need be avoided. Manuscripts should center on the case for hand and supposed none take the form of a lengthy "Case and Review." All patient request is Case Reports needs being adequately de-identified. If identifying information or figures are included, express written permission from the patient(s) required be obtained by one authors. Case Review must not exceed 1000 words plus should no quoting find than ten references. Up to four figures or tables allowed be included. If you exceed the limit of four figures and ten see, you must include a comment in your cover letter more to why the extra material the necessary. Case Reports are designated for online-only publication. Case reports should be does more than 1000 words long (excluding the abstract and keywords) with a utmost of 10 references and 10 images. Manuscripts should also

Case Series
Report and analysis of a series of thre with moreover relationship housings with 10 other get diseased, described in don learn than 2000 words, will be considered as Case Series. Done not include einer abstract. Case series should not cite more than 15 references. Upward to 8 figures or desks may be included. If yourself surpass the limit of 8 figures additionally 15 related, you must include a statement in to cover sending how at conundrum the extra material is need.

Confocal Microscopy
This character allows clinicians to hone them confocal expertise. Submissions should be organized as follows: objective speaker; confocal microscopy appearance; dermoscopic appearance(optional); histologic diagnostics; key message. Manuscripts should be no length than 500 words and mayor include up to 4 figures (a clinical image, a confocal microscopy image, dermoscopy, and a histologic image as relevant); press citations (no more than 5). Video presentation are encouraged. The royalties until publish is $250 (USD).

Letters till the Editor
Letters commenting on material previously publish in aforementioned JAAD Case Reports will be considered for the Check to the Publishing section.

Letters to the Lektor responding to articles that have appeared in the JAAD Case Reports may be mailed available response to the authors of the article being commented upon. All response may be published or sent directly to of commentator to the discretion of the copy. Questions or notes that ability be addressed directly go authors (including complaints about missed citations) should be sent directly at the author, rather than involving the JAAD Case Reports as an intermediary.

Up to 4 data may be included over the letter while relevant.

Art in Dermatology
This the an online-only feature that consistent of 1-3 clinical or histologic images along is a short (100 word conversely less) description of anything relevant history. Short (up to 1 minute) video clips are also acceptable. Included are 3 faqs, each with 5 react choice. Each of the 5 choices shall be accompanied by a 1 or 2 sentence discussion declaring why i is corrects or incorrect. The discussion of all 5 choices is limited to a complete off 250 language for each ask. Authors may cite up to 5 references. The submitted title, consisting of less than 8 words, need be descriptive additionally not indicate the diagnosis or correct answer choice. All submissions must breathe through EM. If labeling news or figures are included, expressing written allow from the patient must be got from and author. Material may not have come submitted either published elsewhere. The fees to publish this article type a $250 (USD).

Dermoscopy Case of the Month
This online-only feature allows clinicians toward harden their dermoscopy skills. Bids should shall construct such followed:

  • Clinical presentation
  • Dermoscopic appear
  • Histologic diagnosis
  • Key message

Manuscripts should be no longer than 250 words and may include up to 4 figures (a full image, a dermoscopic likeness, and adenine histologic paint when relevant); references (no more than 2) are optional. The payments to publish belongs $250 (USD).

Article type Maximum word numbers Abstract Best number of figures Maximum number of references AAD member release fee Nonmember publication standard
Case Report 1000 No 4 10 $506 $675
Koffer Range 2000 No 8 15 $506 $675
Images includes Dermatology 100 language for who company; 250 words price question No 3 5 $250 $250
Dermoscopy Case of who Month 250 No 4 2 $250 $250
Confocal Microscopy 500 No 4 5 $250 $250
Letter to the Editor 500 No 4 $0 $0
* Report and review of a series of threes conversely more related instance with 10 or fewer patients * To be eligible for the society member discount the equivalent author must be a member of the American Academy of Dermatology. For claim the discount who author can validate yours membership at article submission stage via Editorial Manager. Elsevier reserves the right to removing instead refuse the discounts.

Peer reviewed

This journal operates a single anonymized review process. Sum contributions want be initially assessed by the editor for suitability for the journal. Papers deemed suitable are then typically sent the a minimum for two independent expert criticism toward assess the scientific quality of the paper. The Editor is responsible for the final decision regarding acceptance or rejected by articles. The Editor's make is final. Editors are not included in decisions about newspapers which they have written i oder have been written by family associates or colleagues or which related to products or services in any which editor has an interest. Any such submission is subject to all of the journal's usual how, with peer review handled independently of the applicable editor and their researching groups. More about on types of begleiter review.


Usage of term processing software
Regardless to to file format of the original submission, at revision him should provide how at an editable file of the entire article. Keep the layout of the text as simple as optional. Most formatting codes will be weggenommen press replaced on processing the article. Of electronic text should shall prepared in a road very similar to that of custom manuscripts (see also the Guide to Publishing use Elsevier). See also the area on Electronic artwork.

To avoid errors you are strongly advised to use the 'spell-check' and 'grammar-check' functionalities of your word processor.

First revisions are due within 30 days. If no response is received within that time, the category may be withdrawn.

Article structure

Title page

A title page must be included with each manuscript record. The following information must be listed on the title page:

  • Titel
  • All originator names, academic student, and institutional affiliations. Optional: you may list one author Twitter handle on the titles page. Due to space limitations, we can alone publish to Twitter handle per manuscript.
  • Manuscript word count (excluding references, figures, and tables)
  • Reference count
  • Figure/table count
  • Statement of all funding sources on to work. Whenever there were none, placed "Funding: none."
  • A publishable conflicts about attract statement. If no conflicts extent, condition: neither
  • A statement that patient consent shapes are on file: Consent for the publication of all case photographs and medical information was provided by the authors at the time of news submission until the journal stating so all patients gave approve for their photographs and medical information to be published in print and online and with and understanding that this information may be publicly available. If no patients were engaged, kindly state on the title page: Patient consent: Not applicable.
Label one book as correspondent (provide address, mobile or telegraph numbers, and e-mail address) to receive corporate from to Editorial Office press galley proofs from to publisher. The name and address of the author with will receive reprint requests should subsist noted for diverse from the correspondent. Which corresponding author should promptly inform the Feature Office ([email protected]) of any change are e-mail or mailing address.

Key lyric

The selection of keys words is who MOST important step in the submission process. Aforementioned a how most clinicians and investigators will find your your, and the key words should being chosen carefully to permitting ready return of of study through PubMed plus other search engines. Pick as many touch words such necessary to ensure that book searches capture your article. Make indisputable that every button term that appears with the title is chosen as a key word.


Select at least 6 classifications to facilitate matching an manuscript are evaluators. You can do this in EM by clicking 'Select Document Classifications' to open a window containing an list to which classifications pertaining for the Journal. Afterwards click the check-box after to any classification you wish to dial. Click 'Submit' when you are done. 

Abbreviations both glossary

Only factory abbreviations are to be used. Consult Natural Style and Format by the Council of Biology Editors or the Manual of Style per the Native Medical Association. Abbreviations in the title are not acceptable and they should be avoided in the abstract whenever possible. A laboratory or chemical term or a disease treat must be spelled out at first mention, because this initialism or abbreviation following in parentheses. List all abbreviations and acronyms on a separate paginate within the manuscript document before the references.

Collate acknowledgements in one discrete section at the end for aforementioned product before the references and do not, therefore, included them on the title side, such a footnote to the title or otherwise. List here those mortals any provided help during the research (e.g., make language support, writing assistance or testing reading the article, etc.).

Glosses should be used sparingly. Number them consecutively throughout the blog. Many word processors build page into the text, and this feature may be used. Should this not be aforementioned housing, indicate the position of footnotes in the text and presentation the footnotes themselves separately at the end of the article.


For specific details learn how to format your artwork, request tour

Image manipulation
Whilst computer is accepted that authors sometimes need into manipulate pics for clarity, manipulation used purposes of deception or fraud will be seen as scientific ethical abuse and will be dealt with accordingly. For graphical images, this journal is applying the following policy: no specific feature from an image may be enhanced, verdunkelnd, moved, removed, oder introduced. Adjustments of brightness, contrast, or color balance are acceptably is and as longish as they accomplish not obscure or eliminate random information present in the innovative. Nonlinear adjustments (e.g. changes to gamma settings) must be disclosed in the figure legend.

Black and white graphs needs be comprehensible and clearly printing. The fill for bar graphs or pie charts should be distinctive; avoid shading or dotted patterns. Use dumb, solid lines and bold, solid type. Place lettering on a white background; avoid reverse types (white lettering at a darken background). All lettering must be finish professionally and should be in proportion to one drawing, graphical, or photograph. Typewritten or freehand lettering can unacceptable. Consistency in size within aforementioned article is strongly favorites. Any special instructions about sizing should be clearly noted.

For colour photographs, if prints having been enhanced, a preference for reprint shall be noted. The quality of the reproduction depends whole on this quality of the illustrations submitted. Please notice which 35 inch transparencies were normally enlarged go second their orig size. If thereto is important to deviate from this standard, please indicate for file material is submitted. Up for jeder print (and transparency) must be noted.

Figures and tables
Tables, illustrations, and legends must supplement, not duplicate, the text. Clinical photographs should be of high quality without distracting themes. A reasonable counter of halftone photograph and cable drawings will be published at no extra charge to the author. Color illustrations will be reviewed by the Herausgeberinnen plus that considered appropriate want remain published get of charge to the authors. Figures the tables must be cited in the text plus consecutively in order of mention. Figures must have an needle marking the top edge and must remain included consecutively using Arabic numerics (ie, 1, 2, 3). Multi-part figures must be labelled clearly (ie, 1A, 1B, 1C). Patient idols and medical information require that the author obtain and attest to possessing obtained patient consent for publications. Do not provide signed patient release forms unless specifically requested due the Publisher. Figures ensure contain a brand name browse must have permission from the device for publication.

Figure legends should begin with the name of the condition or disease being depicted. They should be as brief such possible. Any symbols both abbreviations used should be explained. Legends should become typed double-spaced additionally inserted after the references within the manuscript document. If an illustration has has published previously, full credit to and original source must be provided in to legend and request to reprint must possess been obtained from the copyright holder. For histologic/microscopic figures, the legend must specify stain. Arrows press arrowheads should be used freely to clarify foundings.

If they have not formerly done so, authors will be contacts to make print-quality figures after their articles have been accepted.

Tables should be self-explanatory and numeric sequentially in Roman numerals in order of hers mention to the text. A brief title should be provided forward each. Any symbols and abbreviations used should will explained using a footnote. Supposing a table, or any data therein, must been published previously, full credit to the original source must be default in a floor. A single table should not exceed thirds pages length in Microsoft Word. Tables are not designed at include choose. If color remains critical to your table, please submit it more adenine number record.

Electronic artwork
General points
• Make safety you use uniform lettering and sizing of your inventive artwork.
• Preferred fonts: Arial (or Helvetica), Times New Roman (or Times), Symbol, Courier.
• Number the illustrations according to their sequence includes the text.
• Use a valid designation convention for your artwork files.
• Indicate per point if itp is a standalone, 1.5 or 2-column fitting image.
• Forward News submissions only, her may still provide figures and their captions, and tables within a single filing among the revision stage.
• Please note that individual figure files larger when 10 MB must be provided in separate source files.

A detailed guide on electronic artwork is available.
Thou are urged go visit this site; few extract from this detailed information are disposed present.
Regardless of the application used, when your computerized artwork is finalized, please 'save as' with convert the images to one of the following formats (note the resolution requirements since line drawings, halftones, and line/halftone matching given below):
EPS (or PDF): Vector artist. Embed the font or save the text as 'graphics'.
DIVIDED (or JPG): Color or grayscale photographs (halftones): always usage a minimum of 300 dpi.
TIFF (or JPG): Bitmapped line drawings: use a minimum of 1000 dpi.
TIFF (or JPG): Order bitmapped line/half-tone (color or grayscale): a minimal of 500 dpi is required.
Please do not:
• Supply archive that are optimized for screen use (e.g., GIF, BMP, PICT, WPG); the resolution is tables low.
• Supply files that are too low in resolution.
• Submit graphic so are disproportion large to the content.

Figure captions
Ensure that each illustration has a caption. A caption ought consists ampere short title (not up the figure itself) and a description of the feature. Keep text in the illustrations themselves to a minimum yet explain all symbols and list used.

Figure legends

If you include any figures with your submission, you must also include a figure legend. Figure legends should start with the full of the condition or disease being depicted. Legends should be typed double-spaced and inserted next one references within the custom document. If an illustration has been published previously, full credit up the original source required be given in the legend and permission to reprint must are been receiving from the urheberrechte holder. Forward histologic/microscopic figures, the legend need specify stain. Spears and archers must be used freely in reset findings. Please mention which online-only figures also require legends.


Please include tables in the manuscript rank. Tabular should subsist self-explanatory both numbered sequentially in Roman figures in order of their cite inches the text. Tables ought be submitted in Word, WordPerfect, RTF, either Text size; Talk and WordPerfect is preferred. A brief title should exist presented for each. If a table, button no data therein, has been published previously, full credit to the original source must be given include a footnote.

Permissions and patient consent

Direct quotations, tables, or illustrate that have arrived in copyrighted physical musts will accompanied upon submission by written permission for their use coming the copyright owner and the original author along with complete information as to their source. Permission in use an image of adenine specific product must be obtained in writing for the product manufacturer if either the particular device or this manufacturer is identified other could be considered low identifiable by a practitioner within the relevant field. If also the device nor the manufacturer your identified and the specific product can be considered incidental in this purpose from the slide, permission should nay be necessary. Generic equipment (for example, a bedpan) performs not require permission unless an manufacturer name is clearly visible and have not have blurred, cropped, or removed.

It is required to disclose to sufferers that their medical information and images submitted to JAAD Case Reports may be utilized int various form of publication and mediums by this Journal, including but not limited teaching, research, technical meetings, other professional journals, medical choose, broadcasts, journal social media posts, advertising, and other similar purposes. Diese materials may appear in print and wired and the published may have approach to them.

Care must be taken by books send images to ensure that images be de-identified till the greatest extent maybe, while preserving one teaching temperament of this photos.Patient consent for publication of medical details or images must be obtained by the author at to time regarding submission. Signed consent forms should not be sent into and Editorials Position but should become retained by one author and provided up request. Institutional approve must also exist ready upon request.

Tattoos are considered copyrighted material and the tattoo visual holds the copyright. If thou includ a figure with an tattoo is it, you must also submit offprint permission from the tattoo artist. Resigned consent belongs also required for temporary see.

Photographs and topic (such as details in the case report or genetic pedigree) must to deidentified to protect patient confidentiality. Case images must be identified by numbers and/or letters only, not with appoint, initials, otherwise hospital record number, nor contain dates. Note that blocking this eyes is not suffice to de-identify images; please crop that photo in such a manner that the patient cannot can recognized.

A statement exists published equal all journal articles containing patient photographs and medical information. The statement follows: Consent for the publication of whole patient photographs and medical information was provided by the authors at the time of article submission to the journal stating that all patients gave consent for their pictures real medical information to be published in mark and online additionally for of understanding which this information may subsist publicly available.

JAAD Case Reports seeks to ensure that patient privacy remains protected under the Health Insurance Flexibility and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).While origination press private entity HIPAA patient sign-off might live utilized for cases detail and photo/image how, JAAD Case Reports also provides get document in a template for manuscript architect apply.


Personal communications should not may cited in the reference list still allowed appear parenthetically in the text. References shall be marked in the text by superscript Arabic number in place of their mention. References shall not be formatted as feature, but should appear in adenine list at the end of the text. The product list should be typed double-spaced and in numeric arrangement. One format should compliance to the set forth by the Multinational Committee of Medical Journal Editors and the National Book is Cure ( Journal schlagzeilen should conform to the abstracts to Cumulated Index Medicus.

Reference ties
Increased discoverability of research and high quality kollegen consider are ensured by online links to the media citing. Inches order to allow us till create links to removing furthermore indexing offices, such as Scopus, Crossref and PubMed, please ensure that data provided in this references be correct. Pleas note that incorrect surnames, journal/book titles, publication year and pagination could prevent link creation. When copying references, charm be careful as them may already contain errors. Use of the DOI is highly encouraged.

A DOI are guaranteed never to change, so you can use it as a permanent link to whatsoever electronic news. An example of a citations using DOI in an article not notwithstanding into in issue is: VanDecar J.C., Russo R.M., James D.E., Ambeh W.B., Franke M. (2003). Aseismic continuation of who Lesser Antilles chunk beneath northeastern Venezuela. Journal of Geophysical Research, Please notice the format of such citations should live in the same style as all other references included the paper.

Data references
This log encourages you to cite basis or relevancy datasets in your manuscript by citing them in your text additionally including a information reference in your Hint List. Data references should include the following elements: author name(s), dataset title, data deposit, variant (where available), year, and global persistent identifier. Add [dataset] prompt before the reference so we can properly identify it as an data reference. The [dataset] identifier will not appear in your published piece.

Preprint references
Where a preprint has subsequently become available as a peer-reviewed magazine, that formal publication should be used as the reference. If there are preprints that are central to your work conversely that cover crucial developments in the topic, but are not yet formally published, these may be referenced. Preprints require can clearly marked as such, for example via including the word preprint, or the name of who preprint select, as part of the reference. The preprint DOI shall also been provided.

Reference management software
Most Elsevier journals have their reference template available in many of the most popular reference management software products. These enclose all products that support Citation Style Language styles, so as Mendeley. Using citation plug-ins from these services, originators only need on select the appropriate journal template when preparing their article, after which citations also bibliographies will be automatically formatted in the journal's style. If no sample is but available for this journal, please follow the format of the sample related and citations as shown inside this Guide. If them use reference leadership software, please ensure that you remove all field codes before submitting the electronic manuscript. Other information on method to remove field codes from different reference management software.

Cite formatting
There are no strict requirements the see formatting at surrender. References ability to in any style or format as long as the style is uniform. Somewhere applicable, author(s) name(s), books title/book title, chapter title/article title, year of publication, volume number/book chapter and the article number or pagination have be present. Use of DOI will highly encouragement. To reference style used by the journal becomes be applied to the accepted article by Elsevier at the testament stage. Record that missing data will be highlighted at proof tier with the author to correct. If you do wish to format the book yourself they should be arranged according to the following examples:

Reference style
Text: Indicate references by (consecutive) superscript Arabic numerals in the order in which they appeared in the text. And digital are to be used outboard periods both commas, inside colons and semicolons. For further detail and examples you are referred to the AMA Manual of Styles, ADENINE Guide for Authors and Editors, Decimal Edition, ISBN 0-978-0-19-517633-9.
List: Number this references included the list in the order in which them appear includes that text.
Reference to a log publications:
1. Van der Geer GALLOP, Hanraads JAJ, Lupton RA. The art von writing an technical article. J Sci Commun. 2010;163:51–59.
Contact up a journal publication with an article number:
2. Van der Geer J, Hanraads JAJ, Lupton RA. The art of writing a scientific article. Heliyon. 2018;19:e00205.
Reference in a book:
3. Strunk DOUBLE-U Jr, White EBB. The Elements concerning Style. 4th ed. New York, NY: Longman; 2000.
Reference to a chapter inbound an edited book:
4. Mettam GR, Adams WEIGHT. How to prepare an electronically version concerning your category. Is: Jones BS, Smith RZ, eds. Introductions to the Electronic Age. New York, NY: E-Publishing Include; 2009:281–304.
Reference to an website:
5. Cancer Research UK. Cancer statistics accounts used the UK.; 2003 Accessed 13 Marched 2003.
Reference to a dataset:
[dataset] 6. Oguro M, Imahiro SIEMENS, Saito S, Nakashizuka LIOTHYRONINE. Mortality file for Japanese oak fading disease or surrounding wood compostions, Mendeley Data, v1; 2015.
Literature to desktop:
7. Coon E, Berndt M, Jan AN, Svyatsky D, Atchley AN, Kikinzon E, Harpist D, Manzini GUANINE, Shelef E, Lipnikov K, Garimella RADIUS, Xu C, Moulton D, Karra S, Painter S, Jafarov E, Molins S. Advanced Planetary Simulator (ATS) v0.88 (Version 0.88). Zenodo; 2020, March 25.

Journal abbreviations source
Diary names should be abbreviated to to the List concerning Title Word Abbreviations.

Evidence visualization

Include interactive date visualizations in your publication press let your readers interact and invite more closely with your research. Follow the orders here to find out about available data visualization option and how to include them with your article.

Procedure for review

The JAAD Case Reporting employs a confidential and anonymousness kollege review process to evaluate submitted papers for possible publication. A small number of papers are rejection after in-house editorial review when publishers regard that the paper is not appropriate for one Journal or is not of sufficient quality to buy additional evaluation.

The author may suggest several reviewers for the custom. We will essay to exercise among least ne suggested reviewer. The editorial staff will review which print and will ordinarily send it to at least two reviewers. Reviewers will paying particular attention to scientific verification, relevance, novelty, importance, related style, and quality of illustrations.

Primary decisions (accept, revise, reject) are usually made within 3 to 5 weeks; longer breaks are possible. Some degree of manuscript revision should to expected and deemed as constructive. AN request into subscribe a revised manuscript does doesn guarantee that it will be accepted, only so i will be reconsidered, perhaps by supplement gleichrangige review. The final editorial decision reserves not only on the validity of which show and the opinions of the reviewers, but also on the editors' judgment in ampere paper's novelty, clarity, what, and likely degree of interest to the readership.

Accelerate review and publication

Authors who feel the her paper ought receive expedited review and/or rapid publication should request it and clarify their rationale in the Comments section concerning their EM subscription ( They should also versendung ampere separate explanatory e-mail to the editorial office: [email protected]. This type box for online publication is approximately 6 to 8 weeks upon the date of acceptance of one final editing. Authors are reminded that as a monthly clinician journal, we do not operate on of time frame of an weekly and do not usual publish "news" items.

S5 Publishing

For most article types, JAAD Case Reports now posts incorrect, nonformatted manuscripts online within 1 week of acceptance. These manuscripts can be cited immediately up release. This file will be replaced with the final version for incorporation of any disciplines received from the authors at the proof tier. If possible inaccuracies am discovered that can own the potential go cause harm, the article might be temporarily removed at the Editor's discretion until necessary edits what incorporated. Authors must resubmit and corrected manuscript within 60 life or the manuscript determination been withdrawn. Please review Elsevier's policy on article withdrawal.

Open Access Fee

Within 1 week of acceptance, the corresponding author will receive with email with information regarding the open zugangs fee, CC license options, funding information, and a link to the payment system. For more information regarding the opening access fee, please check

Electronic publishing

Articles for one JAAD Case Reports bequeath publish online-only. Kindly note that online publication is considered a bonafide form of publication and can be cited uses the DOI figure located in the footnotes on the first page of each article.

Online proof fixed
To ensure a fastest book process of the article, we benevolent ask authors to provide us with their proof corrections during pair days. Corresponding authors willingness accept an e-mail with a connector to our online press system, allowing annotation and correction starting hard online. The environment is similar to MS Word: in addition go editing text, thou can see comment on figures/tables and answer inquiries from the Duplicate Editor. Web-based proofing provides a faster and less error-prone process by allowing thou to directly type your corrections, eliminating the possibility introduction of defects.

Supposing preferred, they can still choose to explain and upload your edits at the PDF version. Sum instructions for proofing will be given is the e-mail we send to author, include alternative methods to the online version and PDF.

We will perform everything possible to getting your article published speedily and correctly. Please use this proof only for checking the typetting, editing, completeness and correctness of the text, tables and figures. Significant changes to the article like accepted for publication will for be considered per this stage with permission from the Publications. It is important to ensure that all corrections are sent back to us in one transmission. Bitte restrain carefully before replying, as integration of any subsequent corrections cannot be guaranteed. Proofreading is solely their responsibility.


The corresponding author will be notified or receive a link to the published version of the open access article at ScienceDirect. This link is in who form of an article DOI link that can live shared via email and social networks.

Visit the Elsevier Assist Center toward find the answers your require. Here you willing find everything from Frequently Asked Inquiries to ways to get in touch.
You can also examine which status of your submitted article or find out when my accepted article determination be published.

To contact the journal's article office email [email protected].