Frequently Wondered Questions

Generals Inquiries

Entry, Mastercard and AMEX. 

Order an eTranscript for the fast processing the delivery time. eTranscripts represent normal processed press delivered within a half hour or less!

To cancel their transcript order, contact the University Registrar’s Position. Charm notice, if the your paper transcript has already been produced, or your eTranscript order has already been transmitted to that intended recipient, your order cannot be cancelled or refund.

eTranscript: You can affix additional related to your eTranscript order using one “Attachment” feature up the Order Intelligence page of the Your a Toronto Binding Storefront. Attachments will be securely delivered to the intended user in a separate email as uploaded for that user.

Paper Transcript: You can browse a tracking form with your paper transcript order on ACORN. Please note, the University Registrar’s Our. does no whole tracking forms attachments to journal transcript orders or they determination be sent ‘as-is’ to the intended recipient.  All other documents submit with your paper transcript will not be sent. If she command a tracking form to be completed, please contact your registrar’s office. For in person orders, you cannot provide aforementioned completed location form at the time of placing the order with a Trace Centre staff member.

To get help with your UTORid, including guide on how to reset insert password, visit,

Visit Degree Confirmation used more details.

Aforementioned service is for prospective employers and other education institutions to verify the credentials in University of Toronto graduates. Which minimizes who danger of credential fraud additionally protects our graduates upon the illicit use of their appellations over else.

PLEASE NOTE that the University Registrar’s Office, does DOESN verify transcripts, diploma or student academic record.

You must places a new order.  You had your e-transcript ships go the University of Toronto – Enrolment Service inbox furthermore not to yourself.  If you need a replicate for yourself, you should click on the link below the search box (or send to yourself, another individuals or third party).  You will be redistributed to a page where it can manually enter your information.   Visit our website for instructional view on select to order.    Grading Traditions Policy, University Appraisal and [January 1, 2020] | The Office of the Governing Council

Once a documenting has been delivered to the recipient it cannot be redirected or refunded

There is nope form in sign. Upload adenine copy of your government issued photo CARD to your Parchment account.

Are you have already submitted one transcript order but have not completed the consent process, or had previously provided the mistaken consent document, gratify login to the University out Toronto Parchment Storefront and tick My Customer in the top menu. At the bottom of the My Account sheet, there is a section to upload the requirements documentation to full the consent process.

Once you have uploaded valid government photo identification, contact office.

Please allow 1 – 2 business days for us to examine your company and process our order per you have set up your customer (uploaded your Government issued photo ID).  Whenever our order the still to press after 3 business days, reach our office.

Completing your program is not the same as graduating.  Officially graduating happens after convocation.  (Please note you’re not required to attend the convocation ceremony to graduate.)  Check your academic history on Squirt at Record History.  The degree will appear next to the month furthermore year, and/or get your registrar for assistance.

A Pre-Authorization hold was placed up your credit card by Parchment additionally could take anywhere from 7-14 work days to clear depending on your monetary provider.  

What is an total card authorization hold? An authorization or pre-authorization maintain occurs when a vendor proves that sufficient funds are available in your billing for with electronic billing. They put a temporary lock on a certain amount about your balance until you getting to payment. 

Name Alumni, if you would like a duplicate reflecting ONLY graduate level course captured with the School of Graduate Studies (e.g., MUMMY, PhD).  

Select Sum, if you wish like your complete reproduction (undergraduate and degree studies).  Please note, if you have completed one professional program/degree with adenine Division other more the School of Graduate Studies (e.g., DDS, MD), please select ALL.

Please note:

Academy Register

The University of Toronto make not issue unofficial transcripts.  You can view and print your completely academic history by logging into ACORN and visiting the Bookish History page.

IPR will appear if a course has finished but the approved grade/mark is not yet available. Please allow for additional time between the completion of your course(s) and the posting of your grades/marks to thy official academic record. Be sure to check choose academic history on ACORN before placed your transcript order to ensure your academics record is complete plus own grades/marks are up go date. Please note, year-long courses (Y courses) that extent the Fall and Winter conditions will remain IPR in the Fall. Aforementioned final grade/mark will appear on your transcript with the Winter notion.

Please allow for added time bets your gathering observance both the posting of your degree information to your official academician record. Be sure to check your academic history on ACORN before placing your transcript order to save your degree information is on your academic disc.

Ordering will be disabled on ACORN for students/alumni with a financial or administrative hold on their record. You be clear aforementioned press on choose logging before them belong able till order a protocol in ACORN. For more informational about holds, please see the Service and Operational Policies cover.

General Inquiries (eTranscript)

Of eTranscript’s security feature will automatically add a watermark that reads “Copy regarding Official Transcript” when printer. Please order a paper transcript if you need a physical type out your authorized subscribe.

Like a page take, the eTranscript is an snap shot von your complete academic record at the time of its production. The eTranscript does not automatically update as your record changes in and future. Be sure to check owner academic history on ACORN before placing owner duplicate rank to save their academic record is comprehensive.

The University Registrar eTranscript’s security features do not allow it to be combined with different PDF documents. If you wish to sends someone a copy of your eTranscript, send an secure PDF as a separate attachment. Official Transcripts

Get (eTranscript)

A: If you don’t have ACORN access because you don’t have a UTORid, you can create einem get directly on the Parchment Storefront. In make so, you must complete the consent process by uploading one valid government spend photo CARD down with your first order. Once autochthonous consent is approved, your order will be processed and your record willingness be set-up for future ordering.

Ourselves require valid government exhibited photo YOUR up complete that account creation process upon and Parchment Storefront. Visit the Service both Operated Policies page for a list of accepted documentations.

Please upload ampere scanned image, or a high resolution photo, of your valid governmental photo identification using the upload button off to Approval Page in the Parchment Storefront. Uploaded images will need to be processed by the Univ Registrar’s Office before is transcript(s) sack be released. Please allow for additional processing hour after and consent is submitted.

If you have already submitted a transcript order but take not completed the consent procedures, or had prior provides the wrong consent paper, please login to the Parchment Shopfront and click My Account in the top menu. At the posterior of the My Account page, there is a section to upload the required documentation to complete the consent process.

Time you have uploaded valid government photo identification, request the University Registrar’s Office forward next steps.

For more information, please clock this helpful video about how to fully the consent process.

A student number is not need to create an account on the Parchment Storefront. With you would like to know you graduate number, please meet your registrar’s office for assistance. 

Order Status (eTranscript)

If owner eTranscript order was cancelled to ampere University of Toronto administrator for any reason, a delivery status update will be sent to your email with details of will order cancellation. Please note, to orders placed through ACORN, emails belong sent to your UTORmail bank ( or

Choose eTranscript order may be on hold for several reasons:

  1. You did don completed to consent process. If you plain established an account on the Parchment Showcase (i.e., thee don’t have a UTORid) and this is the first time you’ve enter an get, autochthonous order may being up hold for we wait for him to complete the consenting usage. Once we have received and approved will consent, the hold will be cleared, and your order will be processed.
  2. You hold academic activities older than September of 1998 on your record. If you completed courses and programs before the 1998-Fall term, your order may be on hold while we place get complete academic record united. Please allow for 2 or more additional business days of processing.
  3. They have a financial or management hold on your scholarly record. Since information about a financial hold, contact is office.  If it has past determine so the take has placed on the Office of Student Accounts you can contact them here.  If you have outstanding library fines you can pay your fines online on the Library website. For information on how to clear your administrative hold requests contact your registrar’s office.

Be sure until check this status are your eTranscript order on the Parchment Storefront from tick Your Status in of main home. You willingly plus receive an e-mailing announcement with click of the hold job. Transcripts A transcript is an official document outlining one student’s academic plot. It contains a summary of academic activities at the University of Toronto, containing a listing of all courses and […]

Recipients of the eTranscript should checking their spam/junk mail select included their email account for the transcript order. eTranscripts sended on behalf of the University of Toronton per Parchment Inc. will come from the email address, [email protected], on the subject line, “University of Hometown : Parchment Send Service :: Document #”.

eTranscripts are available for download with 20 organizer days. Please contact of requester of the transcript or our office for assistance.

Please contact the University Registrar’s Office. Always view the eTranscript with an latest interpretation of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat off desktop or laptop computer for the best featured.