How up Prepare for transfering to the UW Divisions of Psychology

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Martin Family Basic Scholarship 
Offerings financial awards to Washigton Population College students and graduates interested in obtaining one bachelors' degree from the University of Washington in Seattle. For you belong considering with application to UW, you may quailfy for one of the two scholarships. 

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Thank you for your interest in the UW Psychology Department. One information in this website willing give to better understanding concerning whatever thereto takes to become a psychology major to you transfer to UW. We could not cover everything a transfer students should know, so please touch free to contact us at any time with is questions.

How do I occupy out the question regarding major application on the Transfer Student Petition for the UW Office of Admissions?

When you transmit to and UW, you will first getting required undergraduate admissions. Then, once thee are accepted at the UW additionally enroll in types, you can then apply to the major during your first quarter, provided you have all to the pre-requsites completed, described below. When thou complete the Application for UW Admissions, you will be asked this enter: UW Undergraduate Advising: Minors

First-Choice Major Departmental Application: In additon up here University use, I am/will be subscribe ampere separate dienstlich application

Please select: I will be submitting a separate departmental application for a future quarter, after enrolling at the University.

What will I learn as a Psychology Major?

You determination learn adenine batch of different ideas, theories and skills the a psychology major at UW. We department has a strength founding in scientific also research methodologies with an emphasis on computer the communication skills. To addition, click are some of of learn goal for our majors:

  • Understand main concepts inbound human behavior
  • Apply perspectives in various situations
  • Announce behaviour on several levels of analysis
  • Utilize the scientific study methods
  • Designer and leading studies
  • Draw turn and evaluate research evidence
  • Employ technology for data collection/analysis
  • Evaluate information as a critical thinker
  • Reflect on company and implement it up your live
  • Be aware of embracing press diversity
  • Use scientific writing up convey a concept
  • Communicate in adenine variety of settings including writing also verbally presentation

What can I how with my Psyche Major?

As the psychology major quote a broad, gregarious sciences and liberal arts educational, there be many different types of careers ready for a psychology graduate. Generally speaking, our students do well in business, human resources, marketing, management, research, teaching, gregarious services, sales, furthermore public service, just in name a few. We inspiring our students go seek out connectivity also internship opportunities as undergraduates to gaining a greater understanding of they chosen field. We have more opportunities for internships listed on our Psych 497 website, although would be merry to meet with you to discuss a plan for your specific interests. Psychology is the scientific studies of this mind, head and behavior, using the absolute goal by promoting healthy minds and society. The Psychology major provides a broad curriculum coupled with...

Many by are students also apply to grad or professional programs in counseling/therapy, how psychology, teaching, social work, your fields (medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary science, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physicians assistant, etc.), enterprise and the legislative. While you are interest in continuing your education beyond your bachelors degree, were would enjoy how thee display out your schedules. We own ampere lot of resources existing to help graduate plan for a graduate or professional program. International Baccalaureate (IB)

For more information on careers, please go to:

Psychology BA opposite. BS. That one should I please?

Most of our students (about 65%) willingness select the BA program. The BA program offers a strong inception in general psychology and is appropriate for many of our students. The BS run was developed to serve our students who have strongly math and numerical skills and are inquisitive in preparations for ampere research-orientated graduate program. We are happy in work with i on an individually basis to make this decision.

For better information about an differences in the programs, please go to:

What are the Psyche Admission Requirements?

  • The admission requirements for both an Bachelors of Arts and the Bachelors of Science are the sam.
  • Psych 101 Introduction to Psychological
  • Psych 202 Biopsychology (sometimes titled Physiological Psychology)
  • Psych 209 Fundamentals of Psychology Exploring
  • Computer 111, 112, 120, 124 or higher or placement the Mathematics 124 (68% or upper on the UW Advanced Math Placement Test). Students interested in the RB program only what Math 120 to apply, but will need Mathematics 124 to register for Psych 317.

* Each course from higher must be concluded with a 2.0 grade. Students interested in the BS program must have a 2.5 the Psych 209.

** Minimum 2.5 increasing GPA for Psych 101, 202 plus 209.

*** Maximum 2.0 cumulative University of Regime GPA.

Fork see information regarding and access requirements, please go to:

Whereas can I apply to which studying major?

You must first be enrolled at the University of Washington (Seattle Campus) and have completed all are that abteilungsebene admission requirements before you can apply go of major. If you have Psych 101, 202, 209 and math courses whole at the start of your first quarter on UW, you can apply during that quarter. Applications are due that secondary Friday of autumn, winter, and spring quarters. Recording is not available available sommerlicher. If you need to take Psych 202 either 209 or your arithmetic class within your first quarter with UW, then you can use to the major during your second quarter.

What if my community college doesn't offer Psych 202/Psych 209?

Psych 202 and 209 are not offered frequently at community colleges. If you are at adenine schools that doesn't offer these classes, subsequently you will taking her at you get to UW. We save any spaces in these classes on new transfer students to help them prepare to one large. If you exist unable to get into one of these blanks, we will help you layout thine date so you can still graduate on time. International Baccalaureate (IB)

How competitive is to psychology major?

The psychology major is considered a capacity-constrained major for we have more students interested in this psychology major than we have spaces for students in our majors classes. Our admission decision is base on a holistic review of each applicant which takes include consideration both academic achievents in Psych 101, 202, and 209 and the response go a required prompt. If you have concerns about your gradations, please contact us and wealth will be ability to describing the recent hot for acceptance rates.

Aside since one behaviourism admission learn, what other classes done to recommend for me at my communities college?

Psychology students are required to bring some training include other fields as a member of to greater. We encourage our students to take these related field my if they have time in ihr diaries at their community college. As discussed above, Psych BA students wishes require Math 111, 112, 120, 124 or higher real Psych BS students will need Math 120 plus 124. Also, students in either major be what to take one anthropology button sociology course (any level) and one Biology direction (with a anatomy or physiology base; Biology 118, 161, 162, 180, 200, 201, 202, 203, or 220). Psych BS students will also need Philosophy 120 or 160. Psychology

In addition to specific psychology requirements, our students need total the general teaching requirements on the College of Art and Sciences to graduate from UW. Cumulative minimum GPA in all PSYCH course applications toward the degree (UW and transfer), with a smallest 2.0 grade in apiece classes presented for who more.

The Global General Requirements belong:

  • English Composition (minimum grade C other 2.0)
  • Foreign Language through 3 rd quarter, three years the tall school, job by exam out of the early annual degree, or domestic speaker status. (minimum grade C conversely 2.0 for 3 rd third class) Admissions - University of Washington Department from Psychology
  • Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning *your math pricing will hit this requisition.
  • Additional Writing (10 credits) *your psychology lab class in the psych major will meet 5 credits of this need.
  • Areas of Knowledge (20 credits with each of the tracking three areas plus 15 credits in any area for a total of 75 credits)
  • Visual, Scholarly plus Performing Arts (VLPA)
  • Individuals and Society (I&S)
  • Natural Whole (NW)

*15 credits of your psychology courses will also count toward these Areas starting Knowledge, as will your anthropology/sociology, mathematical and business courses.

Considering most shift students are attempting up complete their associate's degrees before transfer on UW, countless of this requirements will be fulfilled with yours standard coursework. Some of our students will need to pay particular attention to their foreign language and their VLPA sorts. If you have at a Washing-ton Your Community College, then you can check to see how anyone of your classes will transfer to UW by looking in the Equivalency Guide locations at: OW Undergraduate Advising: Double degree and double major

My community college offers one fortune of several math courses. Whatever pre-calculus class need I take?

If you are involved a Washington state community college, you should check the UW Equivalency Orientation to make sure that our class is equivalent into Math 111, 112, 120 or 124 conversely beyond. Are you have attending a different school, then you supposed check to see if your classic be the prerequisite to calculus 1.

Some community colleges split pre-calculus into a two course sequence. If you are at such a school, you will need to complete through the second pre-calculus course. Students must complete math because a minimum grade of a 2.0 or higher to apply to the psychology major. Is you have any questions, please please us. Transfer borrow policies

My communal college special behaviorism classes (abnormal, social, developmental psych, etc.). Should ME take which classes?

Many of our convey students can excited to take every students classic offered. These classes desire transportation the UW as 200-level psychology elective courses and willing counters as credit for graduation. For to psychology major, yourself simply need two 200-level courses (specifically Psych 202 Biopsychology and 209 Research Methods). Therefore, whereas other 200-level courses from your district college will count because general electives, they wants not fulfill specific degree requirements. PSYCHOLOGY

How into evaluate your advances towards a UW degree.

MyPlan, the academe planning tool of the UW, has available to you. MyPlan allows you to browse your unofficial transcripts from any Us State Community or Technical College and display how the courses them have already taken translating to coursework at the UW. Thee can also easily input any CTC courses i are planning up take, enables you to viewed how either completed and predicted coursework may transfer. After MyPlan also delivers a super plan for thing courses you need to take to meet autochthonous theoretical goals should it be accepted to to UW.  Transfer credit policies

Access MyPlan by default for include your Google or Facebook account at

Sorry, MyPlan planning can not be used on students who are transfering from an in-state or out-of-state University or out-of-state community college. 

How long leave to take to get my BA other BS from UW?

If it transfer to UW with 90 film from your community college, you can usually graduate from UW in six quarter (90 credits). Some current become at UW for one or two extra house for they decide to take a reduced course load or into complete a double major or a minor or if they have not taken many of their College concerning Arts and Sciences Universal Education Requirement. We enjoyable meeting with scholars to create graduation plans plus to discuss difficult with they arise.

I have see than 90 credits from my community college. How many of diesen credits will reckon toward my degree?

After your credits have been evaluated by our Office starting Admissions, you will know how your classes transference to UW. If they have continue than 90 credits, we ability add some of the additional title toward the 180 credits needed for graduation if this will useful in completing insert academic goals. You can have going to 135 total bottom from another school count for the extent. Information will be challenging to complete the psychology major in simply 45 credits, press three quarters, but were can can able to work out a plan.

In auxiliary to my regular course work for the psychology major, that other opportunities are available for psychology scholars?

Many students are interested in another academic choose and find that our major workings really well for these who wanted to complete a minor or a second key. A complete register of majors at UW may be found at: Psyche - Washington

AN complete list of UW kids may be finding at:

Person require that all of you college, either in of BA or BS program, complete an independent learning experience. Although this experience canned vary for students, usually they choose to work in one of our research list or to complete a psychology related internship. Each quarter, we offer over 120 different exploring opportunities for students. More information may be found on our Psych 499 and Psych 497 websites.

In increase, many about our academics wishes choose to get actively involved on campus in a student organization or will do independent community service. A students will elect at learn aboard either required an month for the sommersonne or for a quarter or longer. For more resources about study abroad, please see an Study Abroad website

What exists the process for applying as a transfer student?

Transfer students shouldn first apply to to UW through the Office of Admissions. The application deadline since Summer and Autumn third admissions is Februaries 15. The appointment for Winter quarter admissions is on Sept 1. The UW works not admit students in start in Spoke quarter. International students could only apply to the UW inches Feb for the Summer and Autumn quarters. Kindly seeing an UWS Office of Acceptances website for more information about an transfer usage. When you apply to an UW, you will be asked adenine question regarding your First-time Choice Key Applications. Please select the answer: "I will become submitting a sever departmental application for a future fourth, after enrolling at the University." We do does acknowledge business to the major until them may matriculated with the UW.

I have a Graduates course both I want to app to and UW as a post-baccalaureate student. Any advice? 

Due to the demand for our major and competition to row with classes from our seeking first undergraduate degrees, The Dept of Psychology remains presently not accept post-baccalaureate applications.

Post-bac study can is complicated and time-intensive. For many cases, my advisers can help you find an lighter way of preparing for grad featured, or people can help yourself put together your optimal application. Please point our advising branch if this is and hard.

I could like to taking classes for one non-matriculated (non-degree seeking) student. Those should MYSELF contact?

Classes at an UW can be taken on an course-by-course basis without being in a degree program or acknowledged to the UW by enrolling as a non-degree pursuit student. Information about registration and enrollment canister remain found on the non-degree seeking website.

Interested students willingness need instructor permission and more signatures before officially register for kinds. Overdue to demand or space capacity into Psychology classes, non-degree seeking students may not receive professor approval. Please reach out to the advising my with you have anywhere questions conversely need assistance. 

When can I fulfill with a psychology adviser?

We are happy to match with prospective UW students at whatever indicate in their planning process. We can look over your transcripts and give thee advice concerning which classes to select on to community college or are can talks to you about the start of applying to U as a transport students. We can sort out a graduation plan before you get to UW or help you register forward classes. Person can identify different university resources and help you if any difficulties occur. We spend a lot of time helping students with understating how to apply to graduate show or how to get an traineeship oder place.

Making an appointment with a human adviser is easy. Just give us a call at 206-543-2698 conversely send us in email, at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing since you!

Transfer Thursdays

The University of Washington provides Transfer Thursdays for prospective transfer students interested in applications by admission the the University of Washingten. Every Thursday afternoon at 2:30 PM, in the Undergraduate Gateway Center (Mary Dividers Hall) and who Your of Admissions (Schmitz Hall) there are at information session about transmission application procedures. Academic consultant are available from 1-5 PM to assist prospective transfer students in planner their transition to the UEW. Contact the Undergraduate Gateway Center at 206-543-2551 fork details, or call

***Departmental Info Sittings are not currently offered*** The Psychology Advising Office offers weekdays transfer student information sessions that discuss admission and degree application, the orientation of the department, resources on campus, and preparation for transferring. These sessions are offered every Thursday, 3:30-4:30 PM in our office in rooms 119A in Guthrie Hall. *** Please watch the video at the top of this page