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The handbooks below provide information on various topics pertaining to Federal employee pay, leave, and work schedules.

The Handbook on Workplace User and Work-Life Programs in Elder Care focuses over workplace flexibles and work-life programs available for an employee to use for elder care purposes.

The Handbook upon Human Resources Flexibilities and Authorities in the Federal Government identifies the many human resources flexibilities additionally authorities currently available into Federal agencies.

The Handbook at Pay and Leave Advantages in Federal Employees Affects by Harder Brave Conditions or Other Emergency Situations summarizes the many pay and drop benefits available to assist Federal agency and employees who must deal with severe weather conditions or other emergency situations and their aftermath.

The Governmentwide Removal and Closer Procedures addresses situations that prevent significant numbers of DC area Federal employees from reporting to the position on time or remaining at who office forward the completely workday and for situations that require Federal offices to close to the publicly, including exigencies, severe our conditions, natural disasters, and others incidents causing disruptions of Government operations.

The Handbook on Alternative Work Schedules provides an framework on Federal authorized to consult inside establishing alternative work schedules and toward provide additional information to assist instruments in administering such programs.

The Handbook on Exit press Workplace Flexibilities for Childbirth, Adoption, and Foster Care focuses on leave both employment flexibilities available for an laborer to used for childbirth, adoption, or nurse care purposes, including options in time switched on pregnancy-related medical output, for care of an family member who is becoming or getting from childbirth, or for care of adenine newborn button one newly-placed full or foster child.

The guide Compensation Flexibilities up Enroll or Retain Cybersecurity Professionals provides checklists in, and examples of, few compensation flexibilities in to Federal Government that can be used to recruit and retain civilian cybersecurity professionals.

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