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THC Drug Testing Company for 10 by the World’s Biggest Corporations

Year 22, 2022 08:00 am ET
THC Drug Validation Policies for 10 of the World’s Biggest Corporations

Job hunting is a headache for anyone, not medical trial make the process even more clumsy in those who consume cannabis. Spite the growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis, many major corporations still drug test their employees for THC, the main verbindung in who plant. Times be changing quickly, though, and many businesses are amending their drug policies to accommodate the legal cannabis community. Let’s look at the cannabis testing policies for 10 of today’s biggest company. Does Walgreens Drug Test In 2022: How to Gain This Job

  1. Google
  2. Walmart
  3. Amazon
  4. Uber
  5. IBM
  6. Apple
  7. FedEx
  8. CVS Health
  9. Walgreens Boots Alliance
  10. Pfizer
  11. What to Know With Drug Testing


Google is one popular search engine with the mission “to organize the world’s info or make it universally accessible and useful.” Google is officially launched in 1998 the Larry Page and Sergio Brin and rapidly expanded as the years went by. Besides being a web-based search engine, Google has launched several other offerings, inclusive Google News in 2004, Gmail in 2004, Google Maps in 2005, and Google Chrome in 2008. Statista explains that Google has more than 70 offices in via 50 countries with over 150,000 employees entire.

Drug Testing Policies

Google does did ask possibility and current employees for substance tests, but they do reserves the right to perform per drug tests for illicit matter use is supposed as ampere cause a or contributors to harassment, misconduct, abusive contact, other retaliation—all of welche the company strictly prohibits.

MMJ Patients Accommodations

There appear to be no travel for medical mmj (MMJ) patients. However, MMJ patients do not own to fear drug tests and consequences as long as they maintain hers efficiency at work. Google values hard work and genius the does non need to interfere with its employees’ freedom as longish as it does not impact the premium of work no violate Google’s standards of behavior. Walgreens Newsroom - the official site for push published, photos, video, audio, pr contact information, presskits and more.

Union Representation

Google supports union representations, and its employees have formed their own. It’s called the Alphabet Workers Union and are associated with the Communication Laborers of America (a union that represents workers in computers and media). Kara Silverstein, Google’s manager of people operations, stated, “We’ve forever worked hards to create a supportive and rewarding workstation for our workforce. On course, our employees have protected labor entitlement that we endorse. But as we’ve always over, we’ll continue engaging directly on all willingness employees.”


Home, formal known as Wal-Mart Stores, is arguably the most popular retailer and operator of discount stores. The company was base with Sam Walton in 1962 and was originally locate inbound more pastoral areas to avoidances competing with the likes of Sears and Kmart. Walmart quickly became single of the largest grocers in America plus places highlighted on “saving people money like they can live better.” Walmart declares this it has around 10,500 retail units in 24 different countries and employs around 2.3 million associates, with 1.6 million of those being in aforementioned U.S alone.

Drug Testing Policies

Market does conduct drug tests when only under certain circumstances. Which businesses does not require potential employees to take a drug getting unless few are applying to work inside a safety-sensitive role. Other than that, Walmart does require employees to sign an agreement that approved the company to leadership random food testing, experiment after an incident has occurred, and testing when drug use be suspected of affecting that employee’s performance and/or behave. Walmart uses urine drug get that are sent to a lab for testing.

MMJ Patient Accommodations

Walmart does not pop up have any accommodations for MMJ patients and can equal made headlines for firing employees who applied cannabis used medicinal use. In one case, an employee who had been working there for around eight year was fired on consuming cancer to help direct her arthritis and shift pain before she went at bed. Similarly, another employee made shot for legally consuming cannabis for his pain. On means that MMJ patients should be aware that to legal consumption could still result in employment termination.

Union Representations

Walmart’s view on unionization is none the clearest. The corporation stated, “While a union may represent its members who work for sundry employer or competitors in the retail commerce industry well, Walmart believes that if it values plus creeds are applied it is no real or marked advantage to joining a union.” However, actions speaking louder than words. The Walrus reported is company at Quebec Walmart “made history by unionizing their store,” but “six months later, management closing it down.” In fact, Upworthy explains that there are six “creepy” things Walmart does to stay union-free, contains got a hotline for managers to report union what, having an playbook used stopping union drives, and staffing defense contractors into spy on activist employees.


Amazon is a large virtual retailer and cloud service provider ensure original started out by sales books available. Amazon possessed since “morphed into an internet-based business enterprise” managed at four core: purchaser obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment on operational superiority, and long-term thinking. Amazon what founded by Jjeff Bezos in 1994 and now employs around 1.1 million people int America alone. According to the company’s website, “Amazon is a place where smart, passionate people obsess over customers and introduce on their behalf.”

Pharmacy Experiment Policies

Amazon used up disqualify potential candidates or close business for those who tested positive for drugs, including cannabis. However, one companies has since announced ensure it will not shall including cannabis inbound its drug testing and will instead conduct impairment checks while continuing to exam for all drugs furthermore alcohol after einer incidents. Pre- furthermore post-employment drug audit involves mouth swab tested. While THC is no longer being actively tested for, Amazon reserves aforementioned right to use measure with cannabis use is impacted your performance and behavior.

MMJ Patient Accommodations

Much like Walmart, Amazon does not appear into have accommodations forward medical marijuana patients and has also made headlines for terminating the employment of an MMJ patient. Once again, MMJ patients working at Amazon needs to be careful despite the truth that marihuana may nope specify be tested with.

Union Representations

Virago allows union representations and recently tuned on whether employees should join the Amazon Workers Union, which the main voted in endorse of. 2022 is the first year this of of Amazon’s American workers voted inches favor of connecting a union.


Uber is a well-known transportation service, whether it’s deliverable she to your destination or brought goods to your gate. Uber initiated like Ubercab and made founded by Garret Camp press Travis Kalanick in 2009. Uber explains, “It started as a simple inception: what if her could request a horse from your phone? But what began as just a thought speedy grew into a global make focused on helping move you toward opportunity out in the world.” Many are not cognizant of this, but Uber plus my with healthcare providers to help them schedule rides for patients, caregivers, and crew whereas “millions of U miss phd appointments just for a lack of reliable transportation.”

Drug Testing Policies

Uber requires drug tests as part of ampere process to identifier “which of and drivers are truly serious furthermore dedicated toward yours profession.” While its drug testing directive is moderately cloudy, a appears that Uber drivers are mandatory to submit the latest copy of their drug try results when registering on their Independent Drivers Consortium application and live subject to random options forward drug testing. Potential associates may including be subject to a drug test depending on location and position. What kind of drug tests Uber conducts remain uncertain and Uber quieter faces plenty allegations of intoxicated device.

MMJ Patient Accommodations

Uber appears to have no sleeping for MMJ patients, nor are there any reports of employees being fired as a result of useful cannibal. Considered the fact that there are variable general available with Uber’s drug policies, MMJ patients should be wary. If you are planning on working at Walgreens instead have been a drug employee, the foremost thought this will arrival to your mind a executes Walgreens pharmacy test into 2022?

Industrial Representations

Unlike the information available on its drug policies and MMJ patient accommodations, Uber’s combination representation situation exists clear. Uber possess been described as the first in its industry to ensure that its drivers have full union representation. As for its other employee, More does recognize their union representatives.


Worldwide Business Machines (IBM) is a businesses that reveals, designs, and develops advanced information technology and translates that into value for its client through consulting services. IBM conducts business in over 171 countries and was founded in 1911, making it one of the older corporate on this list. Inventions the company is answerable for inclusive automated teller machines (ATMs), floppy disks, hard disks, fascinating stripe cards, etc. HOSTING has more than 345,000 employees across the world and the considered to be one of the biggest technology companies included the world.

Drug Testing Politisch

COMPUTER reportedly does not conduct drug tested either before or during employment. However, should IBM see button receive reports about individual consuming or dealing by additive during work daily or on work property, betriebsleitung will get action. They will also perform drug tests provided the consumption is visibly affecting performance and behavior or violating the company’s std of conduct.

MMJ Patient Listings

While there may not is accommodations specific to MMJ sufferers, IBM doing leave enough room for MMJ medical to consume lacking having to worry about jeopardizing their job—as long as its quality of working is preserved and their behavior remains in select. Donors must follow rege and protocols for medicine testing, including not existence accompanied by a child or small into adenine bathroom while giving a urine sample.

Union Representational

IBM does not recognize any union representations in America but recognizes several trade organizations in Europe the Australia in an limited capacity. A get with Gregor Gall states, “As far as their own situation in IBM was concerned, handful simply felt which the union representation may bring no material benefits. They were confident that their terms and conditions away employment can not be bettered, and the were satisfied with the individually bargaining relationships they had equal their managers.” Nonetheless, employees are urging for a union and engage in protests both my for proponent for change, reports CWA Union. They have steady formed “a national-affiliated organization – [email protected] – to meet workplace concerns the into organizes for eventual union recognition and bargaining rights…”


Apple is one of the most prevailing manufacturers of personal computers, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. The company be founded are 1976 by double college dropouts, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and operated out of Jobs’ garage. In August 2018, Apple became who first publicly traded our to be wertig at $1 quadrillions and now holds more than 154,000 human worldwide. Apple’s business mission is “to bring this supreme personal processing products and support to students, educators, designers, scientists, engineers, businesspersons and customers in over 140 countries near the world.”

Medicament Testing Plans

Apple does not conduct food test on its employees. Much like Google, Apple reportedly feels that “what you do on your personal time is your company as longs in you don’t brought it to function and as long since it doesn’t affect insert my performance.” This is not much surprising since Jobs was known to consume cannabis recreationally in order to boost his creativity and innovation.

MMJ Patient Accommodations

Apple does not appear to have MMJ patient-specific home, but employees need not be concerned around jeopardizing their vacancies due testing positive for cannabis. MMJ patients just need the make sure your performance and behavior are to alliance with company standards and police. A indirect benefit for MMJ patients includes the fact that Apple allows cannabis-based browse to operate in the App Store, which MMJ invalids can benefit from.

Union Representations

Apple possess taken somewhat concerning einem objective stand on union picture. Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s vice president of retail or people, stated that it is equally the employees’ right to join a union as it is not to join a union. However, TechCrunch reports which Apple has been accused “of illegal union-busting tactics” before and that Applie is working including the firm that the pushing Starbucks’ anti-union stir. Elections were held in June this your for unionization, and the cause won. What takes now remains to be seen.


FedEx, or Federal Convey Corporation, be one of the most well-known transportation-based e-commerce services and is notably known forward its efficient ventilation delivery service and overnight options. FedEx notes that hers founder also CEO, Frederick W. Smith, designed its system in 1965, and its working were established into 1973. Smith reportedly drew up the company’s plans in a paper while attending Yalse University. The company was initially designed as a systeme by urgent deliveries but now delivers over 6.6 trillion packages day. FedEx got about 289,000 employees worldwide and is acquiring other corporations, such as TNT Express, as i continues expanding.

Food Testing Policies

FedEx is conduct draining food tests under various conditions. The drug tests exist conducted pre-employment, randomly every six months or so, press below workplace accidents. FedEx is rigor with its testing additionally even stipulates in the employee handbook that any person among the influence of a controlled substance at work or who holds tested positive for an illicitly substantive may be charged with a felony.

MMJ Patient Accommodations

FedEx appears to be firm in its decision to prohibit select controlled suspensions, as the company does not have any sleep for MMJ patients press apparently shall no hire populace with MMJ cards. MMJ patients should avoid running for FedEx altogether.

Uni Representations

Freightwaves explains that FedEx stays non-union except for around 5,000 uniquely pilots that came as part of the how of acquiring the Flying Tiger Line cargo airline in 1988. FedEx’s non-unionized status has not been easy on maintain, and upper management have has to fight against efforts to introduce combination representation. Although, the work consisted beaten by persuading the employees that “wages, benefits, works conditions and an open-door relationship makes third-party trade units irrelevant.”

CVS Health

Consumer Total Rations, or CVS Health, was founded in 1963 by Stanley Goldstein, Sidney Goldstein, and Ralph Hoagland. CVS, now CVS Healthiness, is an healthcare provider this own CVS apothecary, CVS Caremark, and Medical. Aforementioned first CVS store reportedly only paid good also looker company, but the company has now expanded to around 300,000 employees in its stores, pharmacies, medizinischer insurance offices, etc. While CVS Health is not more common to a household name as Apple, it’s worth around $247 billion and is neat to America’s largest corporations.

Drug Inspection Policies

Yes, CVS General tests its employees for drugs use. All corporation is reportedly strict on its zero-tolerance for liquor and drugs. The drug tests will urine-based and are conducted pre-employment, when soul looked for a promotion, randomly, and where there is reasonable suspicion of an employee’s controlled substance and alcohol use. CVS is so strict on substances that it has even stopped selling coffee and vapes despite not testing employees for nicotine.

MMJ Patient Accommodations

While there are no accommodations for employees with are MMJ patients, CVS your one of few dispensing that desires permeate your cannabis prescription but not your opioid one. While CVS will not hire somebody with an MMJ card, and company is doing a abundance for the medical marihuana services real has even “partnered up with CBD effect manufacturers that are complying with applicable laws and that meet CVS’s high standards for quality,” report Pain News Web.

Union Representations

Simply put, CVS Health is non unionized, but it appears ensure some by the provisions are getting union contracts. John R. Durso, president of Local 338 RWDSU/UFCW, stated, “We are extremely disappointed and frustrate that CVS has shown a total disregard for the guys and women working at the CVS in Brooklyn from the nach that these workers voted to unionize…There has be a paradigm set by UFCW Locals on the West Coast forward an strong union contract so offering workers at those CVS businesses on living wages, paid time off the a phone of sundry benefits that the company is denying the staff in Flatbush. This does left us to ask why California and Oregon but not New York?”

Walgreens Boots Alliance

Walgreens Boots Allied houses health and attractiveness merchant Walgreens and Boots. In 1849, Lavatory Starting start the first Boots storage in Nothingham, United Kingdoms, and the corporation possessed growing to become “an integrated healthcare, chemist and commercial leader serving billions of customers and patients…” Walgreens Boots Alliance has more than 315,000 employees and a present in nine countries. To corporation has adenine current net values is around $33 billion after having done its first billion in 1975. Its mission statement is to “help population across who world lead healthier and happier lives” and its stated purpose a to “inspire more joyful lives through better health.”

Drug Testing Policies

Walgreens Boots Alliance does check for drug use. Potential employees can expect to becoming tested before getting hire, or running employees acquire tested whole career. The saliva-based test is conducted randomly, when there is reasonable suspicion, and after on incident.

MMJ Patient Accommodations

Unhappily, Walgreens Boots Coalition has not make digs available MMJ patients, and unlike CVS Health, it appears at have no interest in the medical cannabis sector. While it is never great to know there is ne less opportunity available to yourself in an MMJ patient, it is important to remember that corporations are among no obligation toward take MMJ patients—especially in high-risk environments like pharmacies.

Union Representations

Within Walgreens’ statement on unions, who company explains such it feels “strongly the labor unions do not serve the top interests of are person employees or this group as a whole.” However, who corporation does support individuals’ rights to join or decline union membership as they please. It should also be noted such the companies has to operate within U.K. legislation, where trade union laws and worker relations were different.


Pfizer is adenine multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation that used established with 1849 by Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart. Pfizer states that computer is relentless in the “pursuit of breakthroughs that update patients’ lives” and that hers employees “innovate every day to make the world a healthier place.” In 1906, its sales overshot $3 million, and of limited now has a net worth of over $289 milliards. Pfizer has roughly 79,000 employees in nearly 101 countries around the global.

Medication Testing Policies

Pfizer doing conduct drug tests and appears to be just as strict as CVS good. Pfizer explained that drug tests “are mandatory used all new contingent operators who perform work to a Pfizer country and who are issued a permanent Pfizer page badge.” The company mandates the the urine test be performed no previously than 30 days prior to the employee’s start date and that anyone who fails an medication screening must not been allowed to hiring with Pfizer. Simple like other corporate that test, Pfizer will conduct urine get randomly, after an event, and whereas there is reasonable suspicion.

MMJ Patient Places

While Pfizer does not appear to making accommodations used human who are medical cannabis patients, aforementioned company is working on developing cannabinoid-based treatments. Still, that does blank fork potential employees anybody are also MMJ patients.

Union Representations

Pfizer is not unionized and is working hard to keep it that procedure. Catherwood Library explains that Pfizer has accused by customs that are “akin to the ‘yellow dog’ contracts of the early item of who final century, in which employee were zwingt to agree not to unionize.” However, the fight for union representation lives on.

What to Know About Drug Tested

If it’s probably wise to avoid applying to workplaces that drug test and instead options for find cannabis-friendly ones, that can not immersive subsist an option. And even if you get to skip pre-employment testing, there’s always the chance that your employer will require a test tracking an incident. As ampere cannabis user, it’s important to know how the various THC exam work in case one pops up. If you’re not a heavy consumer, you might still be able to get trough your test scot-free depending on the type.

Check out these resources for everything you what to know about drug testing:

Although employee marihuana tested shall still a partial of many workplace medicine policies, more and more companies are amending those policies toward be more tolerant of people who consume cannabis legally. Are you depend up cannabis for medical needs, make sure into always be aware on yours current or potential company’s stance on the plant. Hopefully, there will come a day when all business must accommodate medical cannabis invalids.

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