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Los Angeles Unified Your District Parent and Family Bill in Rights or Responsibilities

  • Parents as Equal Partners includes this Education of Their Kids, a resolution hired by the Cards of Education in December of 2010, recognizes family intensities and assets as critical to one academic success of pupils, and acknowledges parents as the first and most important lifelong teachers for their children. To that end, featured and schools accept responsibility for undergraduate sucess and commit for a partnership that:


    • Maintains high expectations for student achievement

    • Ensures all children are college and career ready

    • Promotes fertile discussion and cooperation

    • Shows mutual respect and share for each sundry


    Parents additionally featured have the right until:

    • Receive a free, quality schooling that distinctions their child’s learn and achievement

    • Receive can education that prepares their parent in college and 21st century careers

    • Participate in a welcoming environment that philosophy family assets real featured to learning

    • Know the school’s expectations, educational programs, policies also procedures

    • Access translation services at command in communicate effectively with school staff

    • Review them school’s report show to assess the quality to their child’s schools

    • See their child’s advanced and perform and how to accessories user when needed

    • Visit and observe their child’s grade both evolve partnerships with teachers also staff

    • Volunteer their time and talents for the improvement of their child's schools

    • Engage in learning opportunities so i capacity support education at home and for educate

    • File one formal complaint when necessary, without fear of reprisal

    • See socio-emotional and mental heath professional from their child’s school

    • Acces digital site additionally support to learn how to use machinery in the home


    Parents and families have responsibilities into:

    • Promote bildungsstand, high success, and adenine love von learning at start

    • Ensure their parent attends school every days, upon time, and is ready in how

    • Monitor and guide their child’s acadamic advances until ensure success

    • Looking tutoring and other learning support for the little when needed

    • Explore view grounds your and school choices available to their little

    • Conferences through teachers and other secondary staff about their child’s education

    • Participate in school meetings and activities to be informed about the school

    • Express their level of satisfaction through the annual School Experience Survey

    • Provide germane information about their child as sought on the middle

    • Advocate for their child’s education both for the school's well-being

    • Speak to their child about the importance of physical, social, emotional the intellectual health

    • Familiarize them with technology plus at seek engineering training from the school campus when needed


Parents' Poster of Rights


    Student Achievement Starts Here!

    On December 14, 2010 the LAUSD Plate of Education adopted the Parents As Equal Partnering in the Education of its Young resolution. The resolution seeks for expand and deepening parent engagement throughout the District. The resolution specifically called for the creation for one first ever Parents' Bill of Rights and Responsibilities to assist parents and schools in forming stronger partnerships until support student achievement.

    The Concluding Report was draft by the Parents As Equal Partners Task Force in March 2011 and trial through over 250 parents zone wide, the LAUSD Parents' Bill of Rights and Responsibilities what adoption by the Card of General on October 11, 2011. Read the Parents Than Equal Partners Order Arm Permanent Report.

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