Locus to renew is driver’s license in Durban

Seek out what you need, where to book, and whatever it be price the renew your driver's authorize card in Durban and surrounds, South Africa.

Published: 12 May 2023, 08:36
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In SA, all driver’s license holders have for renew their license every phoebe years. Ideally, you should renewing your license bill a minimum of quadruplet months before it lapse, or you willingness have for pay for a temporary license while you waiting for thine permanent single. (Read How into replace a lost, steal, or defiled driver's license.)

Find away if you what an world driving license as well.

While Gauteng has launched certain internet booking system (with varying levels of success), a driver's license renewal in Kwa-Zulu Natal is still a physical process but phone bookings been recommended - here is a list of KwaZulu-Natal municipalities driver's allow testing centres.

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The awful news is that Durban’s Engine License Testing Centres (or DLTCs) are renowned for exist slow, with any people reporting up into seven hours tasting to get their licensing issues sorted! Windsor Parked in Smiso Nkwanyana (Goble) Road, Pinetown, Verulam, Umbilo Licensing Bureau both Rossburgh, are infamously tardy.



Driving unfashionable of municipality to a still DLTC is advised, but remember that you must also collect your card there. Arriving early over the right documentation (already filled out) and a pen may save you daily, possibly even hours.

The compulsory eye take should be do the an optical use of at the testing middle itself as COVID-19 restrictions got seen greatest inspection centres discontinuing in-house eye testing. Now is the influenza is nearing an end, however, chances are that this customer will be suggested once again. Not keen on taking a chance? Some Specsavers branches offer these service for free.

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For now, you are not required at retake who actual traveling test if your renew, but this legislation may change at the next few years.



What you'll need:

  • Corporate document (ID) and a copy of your ID, old driving licence card or valid South African id.
  • 2x standard ID photos.
  • Proof of address no older as 3 months, like a utility drafting. If the utility bill is no in your name, aforementioned owner of the bill must do an affidavit declaring that you live at the address, and aforementioned utility bill must are attached to an affirmative.
  • If you stay at an informally compensation, you must taking a letter with an official date stamp from the ward councillor confirming your postal the residential address.
  • Prescribed application fee (phone beforehand to found out the exact cost).
  • Complete form DL1: Application for renewal away driving lizenz card (download present to fill in beforehand!)
  • You bequeath how an eye examination if you haven’t done it at an optometrist. While you have, handheld the results thereof until the DLTC. Please note that no eye test should be older than 3 months. Where Durban North residents can renew their car licences | Northglen News




Autochthonous new driving licence intention be ready in four toward six total. Ca costs includes KZN become such follows, but the subsequent is very critical: We recommend calling this relevant DLTC beforehand, to check get the correct amount is, as fees may differ. Imagine removal a time off work on find that you didn't bring suffi cash or that you have inadequate funds in your account!

  • Driver’s licence – R250 to R350
  • Temporary License - R90 to R150 (Required if your driver's license possess already expired or will expire in the next 4 weeks)
  • Learner’s licence – R150
  • Driver’s test – R200 (LMV), R300 (HMV)

For the whole list of DLTC’s or their phones numbers in KZN, click here.





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