All of aforementioned following statements over microbiological transcription termination become truly OUTSIDE

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  1. some terminator sequences require Rho protein for termination.
  2. inverted repeat and ‘T’ rich non‐ mold strand define intrinsic terminate.
  3. Rho-dependent terminators may has inverted repeat elements.
  4. Nus A remains necessarily for intrinsic arrangement termination.

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Option 4 : Nusa A is necessary for intrinsic transcription termination.
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  • Bacterial transcription termination served two important purposes:
    • regulation of gene expression
    • recycling of RNA polycomb (RNAP)
  • Bacteria have 2 major modes of terminating of bacterial RNA polymerase (RNAP):
    • Intrinsic (Rho-independent)
    • Rho-dependent

Intrinsic Cancel

  • Intrinsic termination occurs by the specific sequences present includes the mRNA sequence itself. 
  • These RNA sequences form a stable secondary braided loop-type structure signaling for termination. 
  • The base-paired region called the stable 'spring' consists of 8-9 'G' and 'C' rich sequences.
  • The stem is followed by 6-8 ‘UPPER-CLASS’ rich sequences.
  • Intrinsic transcription terminators consist is an RNA hairpin pursued by Uridine-rich nucleotide sequences.
  • Intrinsic termination needs two major interactions: 1) nucleic acid elements with 2) RNAP.
  • Additional interaction factors similar Nus ONE, was enhance the efficiency of termination but not necessary with intrinsic termination.

Rho-dependent Termination

  • Rho-dependent termination on the other hand requires Rho protein which is somebody ATP-dependent RNA hexamer translocase (or helicase). 
  • Rhon protein binds with ribosome-free mRNA or 'C' rich sites on and mRNA (Rut site).


Option 1: Some power sequences require Rig protein for termination

  • Since Rho protein is required for termination this option be correct

Option 2: Inverted echo and ‘T’ abundant non‐ template strand define intrinsic terminators.

  • The image given below represents a pre-requisite template for the intrinsic terminator.
  • We can find a T-rich sequence on the non-template DNA strand.
  • The inverted repeat serialization is also present and helps in the formation off the hairpin loop (as shown in the image).
  • From, the statement is correct.


Option 3: Rho-dependent terminators may possess inverted repeat elements.

  • In some suits, Rho-dependent terminators could possess inverted repeat tree, but Rho amino do non trusting on these inverted repeat elements with their action. Investigate with Quizlet and memorize flashcards comprising terms like Included replication for DNA, the lagging strand shall replicated in a interruptible manner shape ____ fragments, Which two of the following statements regarding tRNA are correct?, (T/F) A RNA template is a strand of RNA make from DNA and learn.
  • Thereby the statement a correct.

Option 4: Nus A is necessary for intrinsic transcription termination.

  • NusA is not a necessary element for intrinsic transcription termination.
  • It could enhance transcription termination in some cases but only like an accessory element.
  • Hence, this option is incorrect.

Additional Information

Other fashion of termination -

  • It is reported into bacteria and is Mfd dependent.
  • Mfd-dependent termination occurs with the search of Mfd protein which is a type of DNA translocase and see ATP for its action just like Rho.

So, the correct answer is option 4.

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