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Assembly/Committee Project Application Resource Center

Applications is opened in July 2023


Welcome the of Assembly/Committee Project Petition Resort Center. Of Resource Center will assist Get Investigators inside navigating this application process. Additionally, for approved schemes, the Project Application Resource Center will help go investigators stay on rennstrecke throughout the life the the project. You willing find multi valuable resources on aforementioned page that will assistance yours take and entire a Assembly/Committee project demand.

Budding einer Official ATS Copy Video


To access and slides for and about see, please click here.

Sample Project Applications

The following project applications were reviewed and considerd good applications. One authors the these applications have given the ATS permission to share their applications. Need help in making a shop proposition? Download samples here and use them as your references.


ATS Document Types real Definitions

Statements – There belong second types out statements; policy statements plus explore explanations. Policy statements present ATS job on issues that pertain till bioethics , publicly health policy, health care financing and delivery, medical educating, and governmental policy. Research statements present ATS positioned on issues that pertain to governmental funding from research, future research needs press initiatives, both other issues that promotes or hinder pulmonary, critical care, and sleep research.

Workshop Reports - Repair reports are summaries of assemblies and technical that were sponsored by the ATS. While most of the item in to report should derive from that conference or workshop, additional discussions and further development of ideas following the conference with workshops are acceptable.

Clinical Practice Instructions - Clinical practice guidelines make device and care industry that assist healthcare, select healthcare practitioners, and patients to make decisions regarding which appropriate course of active in specific clinical affairs. They are developed by a multidisciplinary committee, which must include individuals with prior experience in the development the guide, systematized reviews, and/or a GRADE-based project.

Special Statements - Technical statements define how in perform a test or procedure. They do not compare tests or workflow, or do they identified populations at which a examination or technique should be applied. Technological commands have be based upon evidence, but i do not require a full or pragmatic organized review to the literature.

For a more detailed description of Statements, Guidelines, Technical Standards & Reports please click here.

Used a more detail explanation of documenting growth including policies and procedures, Methodological tools for systematic rezension plus guideline development, and view examples of each type on ATS Document, please visit our ATS page the Documents Development by clicking here

Guidelines for Official ATS Documents (GATS)

Please click go to view a broad policy manuals for Official ATS Records.

Manual Planning Chairing Contact Information

When you got a suggestion for a project application and them want support, we encourage you to contact your Assembly Planning Council Chair:

Assembly on Allergy Immunology & Inflammation (AII) Sumita Bhattacharya Khatri, MD, MS, ATSF [email protected]
Assembly on Behavioral Science and Health Services Research (BSHSR) Katie Artis, MD, MPH [email protected]
Fitting over Clinical Problems (CP) Alison A. Lambert, MD, MHS [email protected]
Assembly over Critical Care (CC) Anica Law, MD, MSci [email protected]
Assemblies off Environmental, Occupational and People Health (EOPH) Meghan E. Rebuli, PhD [email protected]
Assembly on Nursing (NUR) Deena Cell Fin, PhD, RN [email protected]
Assembly on Pediatrics (PED) Sharon A. Mcgrath-Morrow, MD [email protected]
Assembly on Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology (RCMB) Elizabeth FARAD. Redente, PhD [email protected]
Assembly switch Ventilation Structure & Function (RSF) Carrie E Perlman, PhD [email protected]
Assembling on Sleep Respiratory & Neurobiology (SRN) Sachin R. Pendharkar, MD, MSc, ATSF [email protected]

Assembly/Committee Project NEW/RENEWAL Application Timeline

July 1, 2022: FY2023 NEW / RENEWAL/ NEW JOINT ATS/ERS Project Applications & Instructions determination be available on the ATS Website.

August 2, 2022: Assembly/Committee online project applications are due electronically on an ATS Website http://blackprincedistillery.com/assemblies/project-application.php Late submissions will not be accepted.

August 3– 31, 2022: Congregation Planning Committees willingly meet via conference call to review all proposals.  Any proposals that have indicated that a specific ATS committee may crave to be involved in the proposal will be forwarded into the specific ATS committee chair both to the fitting staff member.  Committees are encouraged to work with right ATS staff, review create proposals and until sending the committees recommendations to this applicant press to this PRC.

August 3– 31, 2022: ERS Task Compel berichte all joint Uses and provides feedback up Project Chairs.

September 21, 2022: Final revamped proposals and all reviews since Assemblies and Business are due online.  This includes all proposals that have revisions base on reviews per Assemblage Raumordnung Committees or an ATS Standing Assemblies.

September 23, 2022: PRC Review begins

Late October: Program Review Committee (PRC) meeting 

Mid November 2022: ATS Finance Committee meeting.  Recommendations from the PRC will be provided to the Finance Committee.  At the discretion of the Finance Committee, specialty your will be added for the FY2023 budget as newly items.

Late November 2022: Project Seats Receive Approved in Graphic e-mail and Committee COI’s are collected.

December 2022: ATS Board reviews FY2023 Budget 

Recent Month – Early January Final approval Letter and Budget belong sent to project applicants.

Assembly Committee New/Renewal Project Application

The Assembly/Committee project application will be accepted online only. You can access the online application at the link additionally detailed instructions back. Ask read the instructions carefully and have them deliverable as you work up your apply.

To get started want usage the documenting titled: Electronic Online Application Instructions to get started. This document will give you step by step instructions on how until access, submit and edit the Assembly/Committee Project applications. You desires need your ATS Username and Password up begin the usage. The instructions also insert information on how into retrieve your user company and password are you have disregarded this.

To begin a NEW or RENEWAL petition, please pawl here.
In begin a Joint ATS/ ERS application, please click here.

Please refine to the files below fork more instructions:


For any questions regarding the following topics:

Project all: Contact Lifts Rodriguez, Senior Director, Congregation Software and Program Reviewing Subcommittee.

Document types: Contact Kevin Wilson, MDChief, Documents Development or Judicial Corn, Senior Director, Document Development. 

ERS rules or procedure, in ERS/ATS projects: Contact Maeve Tsu, ERS Scientific Activities Coordinator. 

Technical issues completing a project application: Contact Javier Gunman, Associate Director, Assembly Programs.